Saath Saath (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval – Hit Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Hello, Geeta. Hello. Hello.
-Hi. My name is Satish Shah. I’m Geeta. Geetanjali Gupta.
-I know. Actually this introduction
is just a formality. We know each other since childhood. Since childhood?
-Yes. Our names aren’t out identity
but names of our parents. For example.. I’m Satish Shah.
Son of Ravilal Shah. And hence you come to
know everything about me. You’re Geetanjali Gupta.
Only daughter of Umeshchandra Gupta. And with this, I come
to know everything about you. Interesting. Do you study?
– Yes. I was in Balmukund
college till now. But there are more strikes
than studies over there. So I’ve left that and
now joined government college. What?
-Government college! It’s very good.
-I also study there. Really?
-Yes. -Thank God. I was wondering what will I
do at new place and on first day. No don’t worry. My group is very nice.
-They’re always in canteen. I’ll introduce
you to them tomorrow. My entire group is sitting there. Let me introduce you to them. Come. Hi. Listen. Meet her. She’s Geetanjali Gupta. You can call her Geeta with love. She was in other college. But
she joined our college this year. Our fathers are best friends.
They’re both old and grumpy. Neena. Avinash. Hello.
-Helena. -Hi. -Hi. Rakesh.
-Hello. Hello.
-Kiran. Hello.
-Javed. Hi.
-Avtaar. -Hello. Hi.
-And I’m Satish Shah. How long do you know Satish Since childhood. You’re very brave. We got bored in 3 years. What’s happening? And it’s a bigger crime to
collect money more than required. It’s like a moneylender’s
storehouse is.. ..stocked with entire
village food grain. Or snatching milk bottle
from a kid and saying enough. You’ve drank your share of milk. Friends, how much is human’s need? House.. clothes and it’s
a crime to stock more than needed. It’s a sin. If you consider it after a limit,
man doesn’t use money.. ..but money starts using the money. And then money rules the man. And if you pay heed
then the biggest tragedy.. ..of this world and present time.. It’s not about just one country
not just about our country.. ..or one country this is
prevalent in the entire world. The result is we
made for our need.. ..but we became the need of money. Superhit! Listen! I request all my friends.. eat burgers to
celebrate Avinash’s win. And drink tea. Listen. As he debated on the
communism structure.. you’ll get only this. If he has talked about
capitalism I would’ve.. ..treated you with
beer liquor and pilaf. But still I, a capitalist,
will pay the entire bill. Sorry. Not a capitalist but I,
his friend, will pay for it. No. No. I’ll pay the bill with the
money I got along with the trophy. Didn’t I say there won’t
be any problem of bill. When did you say so? What are you writing? Dream.
-Meaning? The dreams of people that
are not fulfilled is written by me. You seem to be in a hurry
to fulfill people’s dreams. If they’re not fulfilled,
my dream too won’t come true. What’s your dream? To eat at night.
-Meaning? If I write this article
and deliver it to newspaper.. before 5 I’ll get Rs. 50. And my stopped life will move on. Why is this train
of your life jammed? It moves occasionally.
It’s often jammed. Make list of dreams and keep
pushing this train step by step. There is no time
to think about reason. Geeta, I’ll take your leave. Or else the shop of
dream buyers will close.. ..and that could be a big tragedy. Bye. Sir, got your novel. It was great. The emotional presentations
bring tears to eyes. The pain of people
living in slums.. ..of Mumbai is heart- Rendering. But with regret we’ve to say.. ..we can’t publish it. Such novels are
nice but aren’t sold. If write some novel
on light topic.. “I may be distressed,
but not helpless.” “I am human, not ready to be sold.” Dad, why don’t you listen to them? Their some demands are legit too. No, Geeta. If we yield the union
and not the workers will win. And I don’t want the union to win. They exploit workers’ power. But this can be
explained to workers. Poor people aren’t worthy
enough to be explained. They don’t have powers to reason. Poverty eats their soul, Geeta. And this is the reason they
can’t fight their own battle. Bye, mom.
-Bye, child. No. No. Do you sleep here at night?
-No. Why? I just wanted to know. Because you’re always seen here. Nice joke. But response wasn’t so great. Is the dream fulfilled? Madam Geeta the day
this dream is fulfilled.. will shower in this city. And humans will fly in air. But it won’t happen. Because the list
of dreams won’t end. Mr. Avinash.. isn’t as bad as you think.
-I don’t call life bad. But it’s sad. Won’t you come in? No, maybe later. We’ll meet tomorrow. Bye.
-Bye. She has come. Good morning, madam.
-Good morning. Good morning, madam.
-Good morning. Good morning.
-Good morning. Madam, you were supposed
to get professor’s quarter. What happened to it? You didn’t get it.
-These days ‘Approach’ is everywhere. Everywhere. And I can’t do it. Mr. Brahmanand Reddy got it. He’d applied for
it three years ago. I had applied three years
and 3 months ago. But I don’t care.
I worry about my work. You don’t need to worry.
Just complete your course. Yes. But others don’t even do that. Did you see Mrs. Mathur? She’s on leave for 3 months. How can the course get completed? But I don’t care. And principle doesn’t
say anything to her. Who knows what
relationship others share? But I’m concerned with
my work nothing else. I don’t like gossiping. No. It’s not a gossip.
-Right. Yes.
-Now let me take the attendance. You don’t need to take attendance. Everyone attends your class. Yes, I’m no complaint against it. Everyone comes in my class. There are only 10- 12
students in other’s class. But I’ve to take attendance. Yes, take attendance. Roll number one.
-Yes, madam. -Two. -Yes, madam. Three.
-Yes, madam. Four.
-Present, madam. Four.
-Madam. Yes, madam. Yes, madam. Seventeen.
-Yes, madam. Eighteen.
-Yes, madam. Yes, madam.
-Yes, madam. 32.
-Yes, madam. 33.
-Yes. 34.
-Yes. 35.
-Yes. What now? Let’s go for boating. Let’s go for shooting. Let’s go for shooting.
-Let’s take Avinash along. Let’s go.
-Come. Listen. At least ask him. He won’t come.
-I’ll ask him. Where is she going?
– I said she’ll surely go. When did you say so? Rising price cannot
proceed too far too long. Without the sanction
of the central bank. Yes. Sir, Avinash’s uncle
is here to meet him. Uncle?
-Yes. He must be downstairs. Yes. Go. Excuse me, sir. Where is my, uncle? I fooled him and drove him away.
-Let’s go for outing. Everyone is going.
-Geeta, I’ve lots of work. I’ve to go to library after class.
-Why? Geeta.. Please, come.
-Are you coming? Let’s go. Don’t harass Avinash too much. He’s educated. He’s not like us. He has no one. He has made his own life.
He’s independent. He has even bought
the shoes he’s wearing. He’s poor,
yet he has the strength to fight. That’s what I was saying, father. And Avinash is a perfect example. He fights daily he confronts it.. He’s looking for a
world with no problems. A new world. Which.. -It seems he’s
not Avinash but Columbus. Yes. Columbus. So early in the morning.
Even college hasn’t started. Ready for struggle. You look very happy today. I was thinking about
you the whole night. This isn’t any reason to be happy. Listen. I’ve a great idea. Your life..
-Even without it. I know a lot.
-And I’m getting to know the rest. Really? What did you know? A lot. A lot? Yes, that your life is great. You strive daily for
your daily needs. -Wow! After a day long
struggle when you.. ..return home in the evening.. must be having
a feeling of achievement. Great! Feeling of
achievement every day. Really? You go out daily in search
of a new world like Columbus. You know when Columbus
died he was cut.. pieces and
distributed among people. You to Columbus’ heart. It means Columbus is still alive. Yes. Good morning.
-Good morning. Listen. What is it? You look very happy. Is India’s condition
improved or you’ve stopped.. ..thinking of your responsibility. I’m in search of
a new world these days. By the way what was
the name of Columbus’ ship? Santa Maria.
-Santa Maria. Thank you. Where are those two? I saw them going to library. I knew they’d be in library. Some day tell us
what you don’t know. Listen. Let’s attack the library. Yes! Good idea. I knew.. What is it? Library is for reading. What’s going on? Library is for reading. You’re right. Library is for reading. Didn’t I say.. ..they’ll flee. When did you say? You write poems? Wow! What a couplet! “I may be distressed,
but not helpless.” “I am a human,
not ready to be sold.” You write poems. It’s my hobby. Don’t you write romantic poetries? I want to write today.
-Will you recite it to me? Sure. “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “Life is like scorching
heat and you’re a shade.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “Life is like scorching
heat and you’re a shade.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “My heart made a wish again today.” “My heart made a wish again today.” “I reasoned with
my heart again today.” “I reasoned with
my heart again today.” “Life is like scorching
heat and you’re a shade.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “If you leave, I’ll ponder..” “If you leave, I’ll ponder..” “..what I gained and what I lost?” “..what I gained and what I lost?” “Life is like scorching
heat and you’re a shade.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “What’s beyond my reach..” “What’s beyond my reach..” “..why did fate
show me such a dream?” “..why did fate
show me such a dream?” “Life is like scorching
heat and you’re a shade.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” “When I say your face it
brought a thought in my mind.” We really enjoyed it.
-It was great! Great song!
I think you can be a great poet. Wow! -Listen to me.
-You need pen name. You can be a very good singer.
-Ghayal. -Didar. Kumar.
-Ajnabi. Akela! Wow!
-It sounds good. Shall I tell you?
-Yes. -Columbus. You did great.
There is a limit to shamelessness. You wrote again those
who run this newspaper. You’ll get me in trouble.
Is this the way to act? Is there dearth of subject
for writing articles? Write that.. ..these days there are
many pick- Pockets in buses. My wallet was stolen too yesterday. Don’t you like food? I like food.. ..but I can’t sell
my conscience to earn food. You’ve made newspaper a business. It’s not a coin minting machine. It’s a social responsibility. You’ve a duty towards society. You’ve to tell the truth to people..
-Wait. Do you know that Gol Park? Yes. Why? Give this speech there. You’ll find many people to listen. These people don’t give
anyone a chance to progress. They want to suppress the truth. But truth can’t be suppressed. There pages of lies can’t
stop the voice of truth. Truth’s voice is the loudest. This.. You’re laughing.
-No. I’m smiling looking
at your innocent face. How long will you smile? As long as this innocent
face is in front of me. Hardship of the
world will suppress it. I’ll put shade of my drape. What happened?
-When? When you held her hand. Whose hand?
-The one whose heart you stole. What are you saying?
-Hindi. I know that. But I don’t get it. Just tell us the basic.
-We’ll explain everything. What basic matter? The one we’re asking.
-What? What happened?
-When? When you held her hand? Again you started.
-Because Columbus said world is round. Look, Avinash. If you’re still
unaware, then you’re a donkey. And if you’re pretending
to be ignorant, you’re a fool. Because sooner or later,
we’ll know. If not anywhere else, here.
She’ll be seen. She’s seen. Didn’t I say she’ll.. Ok, dear. I’ll leave. I’ll also leave. Bye. I could’ve stayed, but.. I’ve to go to bank. I’m in a hurry. All the best. You may go in. How did they come? Just like you. Are you going out? No. I was checking if
this lock works or not. In college will these people.. ..spread rumours.. “Do you know?” “Do you know that a boy
and girl of this college..” You know what I mean. My goodness! Who are they? What’s their names? “I will tell you, but..
try to understand.” “It’s the limit. Whisper to me.” “Really?’ -“Yes.” “It’s true.” “A boy and a girl of college..” “..met and a passion
aroused in their hearts.” “A boy and a girl of college..” “..met and a passion
aroused in their hearts.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “That boy and this girl..
no one will believe.” “It’s hard to say
what will happen next.” “Sir asked who fought
the battle of Panipat.” “The boy thought and said,
she didn’t come today.” “Sir asked who fought
the battle of Panipat.” “The boy thought and said,
she didn’t come today.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “I heard they meet
outside college too.” “Now see what happens next.” “The girl is so crazy for the boy..” “ Hindi class she
brought English book.” “The girl is so
crazy for the boy..” “ Hindi class she
brought English book.” “Because this is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “We will say.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “Yesterday the boy and girl
came together to college. -Really?” “I asked them what’s this..
-What did they say?” “What could they say?” “The boy hesitant
and the girl felt shy.” “So sweet!” “Ever since they met,
it often happens..” “..when you call the girl,
the boys says yes sir.” “Ever since they met,
it often happens..” “..when you call the girl,
the boys says yes sir.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “A boy and a girl of college..” “..met and a passion
aroused in their hearts.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” “This is love affair.” “Don’t tell this to anyone else.” Geeta. Is Avinash your..
-No. He’s my husband. Do you mind? If you stop gossiping
and are prepared for class.. ..we might get benefitted. And if you want to do this.. ..we better sit in canteen. Better still,
I might sit with Avinash. Shut up! I say shut up. Principal, how can you imagine.. ..that after these students
will listen to me. You’ve to punish Geeta or else.. please talk to her father. Yes, I’ll say. It’s ridiculous. Operator. Child. Principal phoned from college. Yes, father.. I erred. I.. I shouldn’t have said so. I’ll apologize to her tomorrow. Who is Avinash? He studies in our college in MA. He’s a nice boy. I heard he’s poor. He earns to meet his needs. These poor boys.. ..are greedy for money. And they trap rich girls.. Mother, you shouldn’t talk
about things that you don’t know. Look, Geeta..’s not right for me
to talk to your parents about it. But.. you should talk to them. Explain to them. Mother, I want to talk to you. If it’s about Avinash,
there isn’t need. We won’t listen to you. Look, Geeta. These words sound nice.. ..that we’ll revolt
against the world. We’ll make our home
away from this world. But when faced with truth,
all the dreams get blown away. These words sound nice
within the walls of the college. But there is a
big world outside it. A big and merciless world. Today you say.. ..that you can’t live without me. After few years.. ..when you’ll narrate
this story to your friend..’ll laugh at your craze. I think.. ..we shouldn’t even meet. It’s better if we don’t meet. The thing which
we’ve to do tomorrow.. ..why not start from today? We shouldn’t meet, Geeta. We shouldn’t meet. Friends.. a young poet of our college.. ..Mr. Avinash Verma,
will recite his new poem. Mostly Avinash writes enthusiastic
poems about society.. ..but since last few
days he has started.. ..writing romantic poems too. I request you on your behalf.. recite a romantic poem. Please come, Mr. Avinash. Friends.. these times..’s very difficult
to write romantic poems. But since.. ..friends request, so.. “If you fall in love with me,
what will you get?” “If you fall in love with me,
what will you get?” “You will get blown away
by the storm of my life’s misery.” “If you fall in love with me,
what will you get?” “I live with sorrows and pain.” “It’s me that I’m still
alive in this state.” “Why should I weave dream
that will embarrass me tomorrow?” “If I get embarrassed,
you’ll feel humiliated too.” “If you fall in love with me,
what will you get?” “Not just me, there will
be many admirers of your beauty.” “There will be more
love songs in the ambience.” “Life will narrate many sagas to you.” “Why do you think that
you can’t forget me?” “If you fall in love with me,
what will you get?” “You will get blown away
by the storm of my life’s misery.” “If you fall in love with me,
what will you get?” Avinash. Tell me.. ..if your conditions
had been better.. ..would you’ve married me? If I hadn’t been a daughter
of such rich parents.. ..would you’ve married me? If you had believed.. ..that in this
house and condition.. ..I can live with you in joy.. ..would you’ve married me? It’s not just these things, Geeta. Then what is it? Why don’t you believe
that this decision of mine.. live life with you.. ..isn’t taken in haste? I’m.. ..not saying this
in rush of emotions. I.. in the past few days.. my own house.. ..saw changing faces of my parents. They seemed to be strangers to me. I feel suffocated there. Don’t worry. I won’t commit suicide. But my decision is final. The day your conditions improve.. ..the day you’re sure that.. ..I won’t regret becoming
your life partner.. can call me that day. I’ll wait. Geeta. Will you marry me? Now. Right now. No, no, no. I won’t interfere in this matter. You want me to be
Geeta’s elder sister or.. ..mother in Geeta
and Avinash’s wedding. Impossible. This is a fraud. How? Don’t you love Geeta
like your younger sister? Don’t you love her
like your daughter? And this started
because of your report. It’s not a sin as two mature
people are getting married. And what do you’ve to do? Just bless them and leave.
-How? Is this a joke? We could’ve done that. Look, you should agree. If you hadn’t reported, her
dad wouldn’t have found out. And.. And this wouldn’t have happened. Look, you too must’ve got married. Yes, but not like this. No matter how you did it,
but you got married. And if you don’t agree.. ..they might commit suicide. It’s possible. Yes. Hurry up. Or else it might happen. Now that your saying..
-Yeah! Didn’t I say that she’ll agree? When did you say? They’re coming now. Come on. Hurry.
– Let me remove my sandal. Don’t push. Greetings. -Greetings.
-Mother got late in coming here. Yes, sister wasn’t ready.
We had hard time convincing her. Mother. Sister. What’s this? Whether mother or sister.. ..she just have to give
away the girl in marriage. You take your fee. Yes. Hurry up, priest. Bring the garland. Did you bring the garland? Bring the garland.
-From where? Bring the garland.
-Bring the garland. Bring the garland. Bring the garland.
-Garland.. Bring the garland.
-Fool. I’ll get it. Hurry up. Priest, you proceed with
the wedding. Garland will be here. How can I proceed? We need garland at this point. Priest, manage right now.
We’ll get the garlands. Yes. -Just do the action
of putting garlands. Garland will be here.
-Yes, do it. Do the action.
-It’s enough. Look..
-How can.. Bring sweets. Bring sweets. Where are you going?
-To bring sweets. Ok. I got garlands. Go.
-Come soon. Yes. Garland is here. It’s entangled. Garland every other. I got it with difficulty.
-Ok. They managed with action.. Garland every other.
-Yes. Congrats! Congrats!
-Congrats, Avinash! “We are happy on others’ wedding.” “It’s hard to reason with such people.” Look, people call
it nuptial night.. ..because it’s just
a matter of convenient. Weddings take place
in the evening.. But you got married in day. So you can celebrate nuptial day. I think we should leave. Yes. We should leave. Let’s go.
-Ok. It’s late. Let’s go.
-Yes. I said let’s go. -I think
we should leave. -Why not? Come on. We’re waiting for long.
Let’s go. -Yes. -I too say so. So let’s all leave. -Shall we go?
-Yes. -Shall we go? -Shall we? Come.
-Come. Shall we?
-Yes. They left. Both of them left. Sweets.. I’ll close the window.
-Yes. Sweets Sweets. Have some sweets. Child. Father. Child, we neither want
to be strict on you nor.. ..nor do we want to
force our decision on you. We just want.. to tell us the truth. Father.. ..if it’s about Avinash
and my marriage.. ..then it’s true. Aren’t you ashamed to say this? No, mother. Not at all. It’s true, but not wrong. Child.. ..didn’t you trust us? You should’ve told us.
We would’ve taken care. Father, to marry Avinash.. ..I didn’t need to care for him,
but to understand him. And I’ve understand him. And if we don’t
accept this marriage.. It doesn’t matter
if you accept or not. What had to happen has happened. Yes, daughter. What had to happen has happened. Bring Avinash home
tomorrow evening. Get up. Get up. You’re sleeping
for so late. Hurry up. You’re here?
So early in the morning. Come on. You’re being summoned.
-What? Father has called you.
-Why? You stole his daughter. They found it.
-And I told him the rest. Then why did he call me? So that you can bring
your belonging home. Really? Then let’s go. First get ready. Ok. Father, he’s Avinash. Hello, sir.
-Congratulation on your wedding, son. Thank you. Come. Father, shall I get tea? No, you sit. Tea will be here. Son.. ..what do you do? In short.. name is Avinash Verma.
I’m a student of MA. I write for newspaper and.. ..I manage with that income. What will you do with Geeta I was alone first,
now we’ll both will manage. Son, I don’t want to advice you. But I’m more experienced. You need money to live. And for that..
regular work is needed. Now.. ..we’re old. If.. handle my business.. ..then you can learn
a lot pretty quickly. No, sir. If I had to handle business.. father too has a lot. Meaning? My father is a landlord. Where?
-In village. And you’re here? I left home. Why? It was matter of
conflicts of ideas. I think it’s a crime to
keep more money than needed. But my father doesn’t. And you left home? Yes, sir. Since childhood,
I’ve seen wrong use of money. Ever since I became aware.. ..I understood these
rich people from very close. My father too is very rich. He too used all those
tricks to earn money.. ..which a rich man uses. I opposed him. My mother too supported me, but.. had no effect on my father. Our conflicts kept increasing. And after mother’s death,
I had to leave the house. Since then I’ve been searching
for the paths of my life. And.. Today I’m in front of you. This is our lives, sir. Let us live it. Trust us. Ok, son. It’s your life.
You can do whatever you want. Bless you. Daughter.. ..this sari that you’re wearing.. worth 1800 rupees. The day you buy such a sari
with your husband’s earning.. ..tell us. We’ll celebrate. Hot tea. Get up. Take this. Where are you going?
-I’ve work. What work? All the household chores. Then think that.. ..half of your work is done.
-How? As today is Sunday.. ..I’m on leave. So I’ll do your half chores.
-Really? So your half day is saved. Then your first half day.. ..will be spent with me. If I listen to you, nothing
will get done in this house. “If someone wants
to see our abode..” “..he should ask for
our point of view.” “If someone wants
to see our abode..” “..he should ask for
our point of view.” “This is our abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “Neither under the roof of sky..” “Nor in the brightness
of moonlight..” “Nor the path of flower..” “..are for it.” “But this abode is unique,
close to ground.” “This house of bricks,
is home of our desires.” “This is our abode.
This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “If not moonlight..” “..there is light of love.” “The hearts have
been filled with glee.” “There is nothing to worry.” “There won’t be any
gloom in our house.” “This is a house of
our love and affection.” “This is our abode.
This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “There is aroma of loyalty.” “There are colors of love.” “This home is your dream.” “This home is my desire.” “There isn’t hurdles
on wishes and determination.” “This is a house of
our courage and dedication.” “If someone wants
to see our abode..” “..he should ask for
our point of view.” “If someone wants
to see our abode..” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” Give me now. He gives me miss call. It was good we settled
his accounts. It got too late. That’s fine.
But how did you get the money? I took a tuition. You didn’t tell me. This isn’t a new to
be published in newspaper. Let’s go. Bus is here. Good morning, sir.
-Good morning. Good morning, sir.
-Good morning. Avinash, you weren’t
in class this morning. Sir, I took a tuition. I’ll miss the morning class. But I’ll catch up, sir. No problem. Fine. Today you take tuition
and miss one lecture. Tomorrow your needs
will increase and..’ll take another
part time job and.. ..miss more lectures. This way if you bow to needs,
you can’t do MA. In six months you’ll quit studies. Don’t do this. Make a budget. Without budget,
things won’t come on track. Sir, budget is made
when income is regular. Here.. I accept that we don’t
have regular income.. ..but we’ll get one day. Then if we make budget
our expenses will be decided. And accordingly we’ll earn. How? We’ll go out together
to do manual labour. No. You just need
to complete your PHD. Then there won’t be any dearth. Till then I’ll earn for our living. Your earning? Yes. Sacred Heart School
needs a teacher for fourth grade. Interview is tomorrow. I’ll start the job
on getting selected. You didn’t tell me. This isn’t a news
to publish in newspaper. Avinash, you’re here. You came for interview. No. Geeta has come. Geeta? For interview? Ok. How was it?
-Fine. Geeta, I don’t like it. Yes, yellow blouse
with blue sari.. really. I’m not talking about that. Then? This.. You’ll work and I’ll live on you. Want gram? Do you get it? It’s not about you.. ..but since you read
books that a man should earn.. ..male ego is coming in between. No, but.. You too will give up studies. Who said so? It’s a matter of six months. If you complete your MA. I’ll start my studies
on your PHD scholarship. I won’t work later. Once you start earning.. ..then I’ll sit home and enjoy. Bus is here. Now it’s no big deal to teach kids. It’s like a snap of fingers. Strange! I can’t even
snap fingers in the morning. Won’t you say anything. No. It’s first day of my job.
Wish me good luck. Yes. All the best. Thank you. Aren’t you getting scared? Why? No, I’m scared. Who told you to work? No.. nobody said so.. And there is no need to be scared. Did I say anything? No. No. No. Good luck. Good morning, teacher. Good morning. Please sit down. Thank you, teacher. Teacher,
can you please draw for us? Ok. Teacher, what’s this? This is a window. Are you mad? -Did I give
this work to you for this reason? This article has
to been printed tonight. And this is what you wrote. You think only workers are right. If anyone reads your article.. ..he’ll pick up stone
to pelt businessmen. It won’t work. Rewrite it. This is fine. Why don’t you get it?
Write what I tell you. I won’t. Then go to hell. I’m going out of hell! Leave it.
What if the article got rejected? What would you’ve got
if it had been published? Actually.. -Leave all that. I say listen to me. Join me. You just have to publish books.
Forget these articles. And it will earn
a great sum for you. No. We don’t want this. We’re happy with our small earning. Listen to her. Sir, you called me.
-Yes. Sit. I was thinking.. I heard your article got rejected. Yes, sir.
This isn’t the first time. They’ll never publish the truth. And you won’t write lies. Don’t you want a newspaper
that will publish truth? Yes, sir.
But this will never happen. Why not? It will happen. And very soon. What?
-Yes. And that’s why I called you. I’m about to get retired. Only few months are left. And provident fund
and other accounts.. ..will make a huge amount. I’ve no liabilities. I think of starting
a small newspaper. That will present the
truth about every issues. Sir, what can be better than this? Avinash. These old bones don’t
have the same strength to work. Sir, you don’t need to work.
You just guide me. We’re here to do the work. Not other guys.. ..but I trust you a lot. Yes, sir. I’ll do it. Look, sir. Under your guidance this newspaper
will have a good circulation. That’s all. This is what I wanted
you to say, son. I’ll start all the formalities. Why you, sir?
Tell me what I’ve to do. You study now.
I’ll call you when the work starts. Ok, sir. Mrs. Verma. Can I take one more tuition? It’s get too late to reach home. Then it will get night. Think over. But you’ve
to go to Versova every day. But you’ll get lots of money. How much? More than us. Ok. Give me their address. I’ll contact them today.
-You can go now. Ok. How did you get so late, Geeta? I got a tuition in Versova. We’ll get good money. What’s the need to do so much work? You know the prices of vegetables. You were the only one to agree. I could’ve never agreed. A man will become like an owl. You’ll work at night
and sleep during the day. Then when will you meet Geeta.
-On Sundays. What can we do if I
don’t get a job at daytime. I’ll work at night. What..
-Do it. Work at night. Last night you came late.
You didn’t even eat food. Heat food and eat it. I’ll come late after tuition. You were sleeping soundly.
So didn’t wake you up. I didn’t disturb your sleep.
I head the food and ate it. I’ll get late like
this for more days. I’ll return late tomorrow. I’ve to do overtime. Today there is a
function in our school. If possible come there. I’ve kept Rs. 200. Ok. I’ve paid the
premium fund this year. I’m going early. I’ll come late in the evening. I’m going. Why are you quiet? No. You didn’t think of a child. I forgot it. Look, Avinash.. ..if you think.. ..we can’t afford a child.. ..then.. ..never mind. No, Geeta. To bring the souvenir
of our love in this world.. ..I’ve to become so capable. Mr. Avinash Verma. I’ve read the reports properly. Regarding Mrs. Verma. She can’t work. She can’t work. She’s very weak. She needs rest. And she wants good diet. And some tonics
that I’ll prescribe. You should buy them. And listen..
on every alternate day.. send her to
dispensary for injection. I know, Mr. Avinash.
It’s very expensive for you. But for mother and child,
this is important. You did the right
thing by coming here. I was telling you to join me.
But you came late. No.. I liked your offer.. ..of printing press. I’ve to publish books. It’s about my interest. That’s why I was telling you. Then start working from tomorrow. I’ve to go to Mantralaya now. You too come with me. We’ll got Mantralaya
and meet Jagat Murari.. apply for quota of papers. Does Geeta know about it?
-Not yet. She’ll be happy to now. I don’t say it’s wrong to work. After all everyone
works for living. Then..
-But your studies.. I’m not quitting studies. And it’s a matter of few days.
I’ll continue work too. That’s not it. But I don’t think
whatever work you.. at Satish’s place will be good.
-Why? After all he’s a
businessman’s blood. You too are. Then why don’t you.. Come on! Some are wise. He too is very wise. And don’t worry.
I’ve to publish only books. Satish, we should’ve
a fixed annual program. So that we can plan systematically. First.. ..we should print books
of other languages besides Hindi. People will enjoy reading it. Besides that we’ve
many classical books. Shakuntala, Mirchikatikam.
Plenty of books. Their editions haven’t
been published for years. And we don’t need anyone’s
permission to publish them. There won’t be a problem. This will give our youngsters
good book to read.. ..along with it moral build up.. Friend, you’ve made a
program to close this press. First of all, we should try.. make our press popular. People should get used
to reading our books. And so we want to
publish such novels.. know.. popular with people. For example, our.. romantic novels. College boys and girls
enjoy reading them. And circulating libraries.. ..too buy lots of copies. Then detective novels. Kids do read them, but.. ..old and retired people
have interest in them too. Then.. ..more books like them. Ok. If you say, we’ll do it. It’s my job. I’ve to do it. Geeta. Look what I got for you. Sari. -Yes. Strange job you got!
You got money soon. If a man works,
he’ll earn money too. Why do you regret? I don’t regret. I’m very happy. Then wear it quickly. I’ll
take you to a good restaurant and.. And? First do this. I’ll tell you later. What will you eat? Don’t ask me.
Did you ever ask me at home? I eat whatever you serve. The home is mine,
but this restaurant isn’t mine. Ok, I’ll order. Waiter. Thank you. What is it? Why do have a meaningful
smile on your face? No, Geeta. I’m seeing that
you’re getting miser day by day. Why? Whatever you ordered.. ..seemed to be chosen
by as cost less. No. I didn’t do it on purpose but.. ..why did you think about it? Whatever you were ordering,
I was checking the price. Since when do you
start thinking of price? Very bad. I think in Satish Shah’s
company you became materialistic. Not materialistic.. ..but more realistic than before. Geeta, the poverty in
which lived for so many days.. ..didn’t seem to have
anything wrong even today. But there was a weakness. Now.. I’m not interested
in being very rich. But a man’s life.. ..shouldn’t be ugly. You know. Now.. you came to
my life with such beauty. So it’s my duty too to
create beauty for you too. And just watch, I’ll surely do it. Definitely. Why don’t you eat? Avinash, it’s too much. You know before you joined
a book was published.. ..of Kamalnath. You must’ve seen it.
-I read it. It has good sale.
-Yes. Now he writes to
double his royalty. He thinks he owns everything. Just one book is published,
and he thinks he’s a big shot. Don’t be so worried. Refuse him. Don’t publish his next book. There is no dearth
of writers in this country. If you throw one stone,
it will hit couple of writers. No problem. Refuse him.
-All right. Excuse me. Is this Mr. Avinash’s house?
-Yes. I’m Amrish Gupta. I’m Neena Gupta’s elder brother. Neena Gupta..
-I know her. Please come in. Sit. How is Neena? -Fine. She got married 3 months ago. Really?
-Yes. The in- Law’s family is nice.
She’s happy. She gave me your address. Ok. You want tea?
-No. Just a glass of water.. Ok. Avinash will return in the evening. Yes. He often gets late. Neena told me that he
works in a publishing house. Yes. Give me. I went to tour villages in Bihar.
-Yes. I’ve roamed a lot. I saw the villages and
lives from close quarters. You can’t imagine the poverty here. I’ve written a novel on their lives.
-Really? I hope Mr. Avinash will like it.
-Yes. Sure. I would’ve met him, but I’m
returning to Kanpur this evening. Ok.
-Can I give any message to Neena? Tell her,
she should’ve informed us.. ..we would’ve broken up her marriage.
-I’ll surely do so. This is the novel.
-Ok. If Mr. Avinash gets time.. He’ll surely read it.
I’ll read it first. Sure. Ok, bye. Ok. -Give my regards to Mr. Avinash. I’ll meet after
returning from Kanpur. Ok, bye. What will Neena say
if I don’t serve you tea? I won’t tell this to Neena. You kept reading
till late last night. Was the novel s good? It’s was very good, Avinash.
You should read it. It a nice description about
poverty and villages in Bihar. You should publish it.
-No one will read it. -Why? These days people want
excitement and romance. And we should give what they want. Now who has time for
poverty in villages of Bihar.. No use. I’ll go. I’m getting late. I’ve an idea, friend. Why don’t we end this
royalty problem? -How? We won’t let one writer
to become popular. We’ll create a fictitious name. We’ll tell 8- 10 small
writers to write for that name. We’ll give them small fixed amount. Then there won’t
be problem of royalty. Because the named
author has no existence. Genius. You’re absolutely correct.
Hundred percent correct. Geeta. Geeta. Geeta, where are you? Since you married,
we’ve no news of you. How is Avinash?
-How are you? I’m fine. What are you doing here? Our lives are going great. Do you know her father
agreed to our marriage? And my daughter agreed too. We’re getting married
in two months. Congrats.
-I applied for job in blue star. Yes. – I got appointment
letter from there. And I’ve bought a small house too. But it’s so small that I
applied for flats in housing board. I’ll get it.. -After all owned
house is better than rented ones. I know. -We did so
much shopping for wedding. Geeta, I bought such
a nice sari today.. Yes, it’s nice. I heard you’re working.
– I used to. But I quit now. Why?
-Kiran, let’s go now. Buses get too crowded at this time.
We should leave. Yes. I told mom
to be back by 6. -Ok. Ok. -Listen. What are you
doing on Sunday? -Sunday? Nothing.
-Then why don’t you come home. Come home. -Why? -Definitely. Come home for lunch.
-Right now if you say so? -Not now. Ok, we’ll come on Sunday.
Don’t tell Avinash. -Ok. Don’t tell Avinash.
-Bye. -Bye. I met Rakesh and
Kiran in the market. Really?
-They came for shopping. They’re getting married. They seemed to be very happy. I invited them home on Sunday. What was the need, Geeta? The house is in shambles. I thought you’d
be happy to meet them. I’m happy, but.. Now that you’ve called them.. Friend, there is a big
problem of accommodation. It’s so small that.. ..if anyone comes home,
I feel ashamed. There are two alternatives. Either book a flat
in co- Operative society.. ..or keep feeling ashamed. Your first suggestion is great. But I need money for that too. You don’t have to give all at once. Listen. Take a loan from company. It’ll get deducted
from your salary. And then that latest book’s.. ..2 percent royalty
will be yours too. It’ll be arranged. When will they give possession? Within 6 months. Then should I talk to Patel?
-Sure. Look, Avinash.. ..I promised you that.. ..I’ll give possession
within 6 months. I’m doing it. Now tell me.. this city can
you find an agent.. ..who will give possession
within 6 months as per his promise. I’m thankful to you. But tell me, when will you shift? Patel, my wife is in hospital. She gave birth to a son,
so I was thinking.. You’re very lucky.
-Thank you. Then I was thinking
of shifting to.. ..this new house from hospital. I think it’ll be within
8- 10 days. -Fine. Take your keys. You can shift whenever you want.
-Thank you. I’ll give this good
news to my wife today. How is Junior? I’ll give him sponge bath.
-Ok. Did you think of any name for him? Yes.
-What? Columbus’ son. Good. Geeta, the flat is very nice. Furniture isn’t so bad. It’s very airy. It’ll be so great to
take our son directly.. our new house from hospital. New.. ..and better house. Shall I put flowers in vase? Geeta, is the breakfast ready? I’m bringing it. He gets up late then shouts. Geeta. Geeta. I’m late today. Very late. I didn’t get you late.
-I’ve two appointments today. Jagat Murari will be waiting there. Geeta, I’m going. Take your bag. -Bag. Yes, Mr. Jagat Murari. How are you? We were ready to meet you. But you cancelled the appointment. Never mind.
We’ll come whenever you say. Yes. Yes. Avinash went to Kashmir last week. So he couldn’t meet you. He brought a shawl from
there for sister-in-law. It’s very beautiful. Avinash has bought a new flat. Yes, I’ll tell him. Mr. Jagat Murari
is congratulating you. Mr. Murari, he says no
use congratulating from afar. Come home for dinner some day. That will be real congratulation. Yes. Come today. Ok. We’ll meet in the evening. I’ll send the car. Yes. Why did you call him home? Listen.
We’ve to give him some money. We can’t pay money in office. So he isn’t giving us appointment. When he comes for dinner,
we’ll pay him. And what about that shawl? We get many in Kashmir Emporium. I’ll phone Geeta and tell her. So friends,
what was I saying? Yes.. I was saying.. ..story of file is very strange. If its closed,
then it stays closed.. And if its open, it stays open. Do you know Satish Bhatnagar,
the writer? His file got stuck in secretariat. He tried a lot. When it was in vain,
he created commotion. He came to me.
I said I’ll get your file out. And then I got that file out. And I passed that file.. ..then he made a
building with that file. Mr. Shankar Mangalam.. ..had been jailed if
he hadn’t got the file. I stopped it. And sir.. ..I closed it so clearly
that nobody ever saw this file. It’s 11 pm talking to you.. ..and we didn’t realize it. Look, it’s such a coincidence,
sister-in-law..’s been so many
days since we got married.. ..but she still waits for me. And before going to
bed every night she says.. ..narrate the sage of file. I’ll take your leave. Ok?
-Yes. Avinash. Just a minute. Please. It’s been days since
I met sister-in-law. Don’t meet her.
She’s become very grumpy. Look, charm of marriage
lasts only for a few years. And I.. -This.. This is for sweets for kids. It has.. ..really sweets.. No. I mean..
the other type of sweets. That.. It wasn’t needed. Come. I’ll.. -Anyway. It was needed. What did you give to
secretary in the envelope? You know these guys. They must’ve given some money. Don’t evade the topic. Why don’t you say you bribed him? I didn’t give him. It was company’s work.
The company did it. But it was given through you. It was given in your house. You can’t escape this blame. I work. And I do what I’m
told for this work. I didn’t make this world, Geeta. I just live here. And to live in this,
I accept all the conditions. What is there in these ideologies? Nothing. You’re getting
worried for no reason. Hello, Avinash here. Son, I’m Geeta’s father. Daddy.. it’s your dad. Son, you forgot us. Yesterday I found out that
you bought a new flat and.. ..and Geeta gave
birth to a child too. No, dad. Actually we
were going to inform you. Never mind, son. I.. I phoned because.. I wanted to ask,
if you don’t mind.. ..then can we come
to see the child. No, dad. What’s there to mind? On the contrary,
we were going to come to you. Whenever you say. Then come this evening.
What’s the delay? Ok. We’ll come this evening. Shall we? Ok, we’ll come in the evening. Yes, dad.
-Ok, I’ll wait for you. Ok, bye. Thank you. -We’ve to
meet your dad this evening. Be ready. If you stay with me for some days.. ..I could teach you
how to raise the child. Never mind, mother.
I’ll learn slowly and slowly. It won’t work out. You’re right that this isn’t
time to start business and relax. These are days of competition. Severe competition. Now look at publishing. There is so many in the market. It seems everyone
is publishing books. They’re after less
price and poor material. Now you must be
busy with him all day. Yes.. What name did you think of him? You’re right. Columbus. No! This isn’t any name. I’ll think of a good name for him. What should we do? Either
enter business with all strength.. ..or stop living. Why should he stop living? We’ve high hopes from you.
You’ve to progress a lot. Dad, anything is possible
with your blessings. If a man works hard
with dedication.. ..and a bit of cheating,
anything is possible. Shanta, feed the baby
before putting him to bed. Yes, madam. Today it felt nice
to meet your father. Very nice. After so many I met elders.. ..then I realized
it’s so important.. have blessings of elders. We had left them. But he met with so love. He showed generosity. Great people. He’s very happy with our progress. Dad told me so. Your dad is great man. He started from nothing
and got everything. Self made man. His life too passed
through hardships. Do you know.. Did you fall asleep? Shanta. It’s too much. I got fed up and told Bhandari.. ..that your commission
is assured, but.. ..first let us get
the official orders. Geeta, please make him quiet.
He’s creating a din. He’ll get quiet. Shanta, fix the room. Our Jagat Murari
was better than him. Pay money and get
your work done. -This.. They take money
and make us run too. And this isn’t such a big order.
Bride this and that. Ultimately we’ll be
paying from our pockets. It’s happening everywhere. We’ve to bribe so much.. ..that margin of
profit gets dwindled. Friend, publishing
business is in USA. It’s has great market. I read in Times a day before.. ..that pornography
books like Playboy.. -Yes. They’ve turnover of not
millions but billions, Satish. And just imagine
the margin of profit. Sky is the limit. Listen.. ..if you want to earn
some money in life.. ..or are you happy with this flat. What’s wrong with it? Listen. In this country.. ..whether other books
get sold or not.. ..but these books will sell. They won’t be sold,
but they’re already getting sold. But in small quantities. I swear,
the profit will be 8 to 10 times. Yes. I’m telling the truth. No, friend.
There can be case of obscenity. How will there be a case? Books won’t have
names of our printing.. or publishing house.
There won’t be any case. If storehouse is raided.. ..we’ll be locked
up along with the books. Storehouse won’t have books. Don’t worry about it.
Think of profit. Now.. it’s a business
of 300 percent margin. But we’ve to make
dealers agree too. We can’t do anything till
we don’t have the entire chain. I’ll handle that. Don’t worry. I’ll meet Bhandari. I’ll come to office at 12.30. Bye. -Ok, talk to dealers today..
-Yes. Ok. Bye, Geeta. I’ll bathe. Shanta. Take him. What were you talking
to Satish about? Nothing. About business. Which business is this? How many businesses do you do? What do you mean? I’m very clear, Avinash. First you worked for Satish. Then you got trapped
in helpless of that job. Then you learnt tactics
of that business. You accepted all the ways
of that business and lied to me. Then slowly and slowly,
things became clear.. ..and your new form is out. Which new form? That you stopped thinking
of anything besides money. Avinash, I never thought
you’d stoop so low. My dad runs cloth mill. In Nylon clothes he uses
cotton thread. He cheats. The grocer adulterates
food grains. He’s fraud and cheat. They all should be punished.
And punishment is fixed for them. But you.. You’re adulterating
the culture of this country. You’re misguiding
the coming generation. You’re worst than criminals. You.. are sick. You’ve ailment of money. You’re a sick person. I’m a sick person. A bloody sick person. Because I’ve ailment to earn money. For me, for you and for our son. This sham of morality sounds nice. But it has only hopelessness.. ..and frustration. And I know it. A man spends half his
lives in queues for buses. His wife gets sick
in queues for rations. Both of them die
before their times. I too talked a lot about
such ideologies, Geeta. And what you’re
saying are my words. The comfort in which
you live has been bought.. ..from the business
you call corrupt. And this flat is bought with the
money that you call black money. Got it? You did great by bringing
only few saris from your house. But you couldn’t imagine that we.. ..had no money to buy new clothes. This is beyond your comprehension. If you don’t like this life,
why don’t you leave it? We can’t live by
blaming each other? Sir.. you.. Come, Avinash. I was waiting for you. Sit. Sir.. ..why did you take the trouble,
sir? You should’ve called me. How could I? I had no news of you. You said you’ll come,
but you disappeared. Sir, I got so busy in work that.. ..I couldn’t get time. But you’ve to take out time now. Everything is arranged. In 3- 4 months we
can start our newspaper. I got provident fund money. And arrangement for
publishing is done. Now, son.. ..these old bones
can go running more. You come and handle everything. Sir, I do want to.. ..but the work here.. The work has increased so much.. ..that it’s impossible
to take time out. This.. what are you saying? I did this trusting you..
-I accept, sir. But we’ve bought a new flat. And with that expenses
have increased. Actually the matter isn’t so. Actually, I got so busy
and involved in this work that..’s very hard to quit. It’s not possible, sir. Fine, son. I had great hopes with you. Anyway, it’s your life. Who am I to interfere? But.. You were my support. No, sir. That..
-No need to say anything else. Every man has the right
to chose his own path. Anyway every young
man walks with ideologies. But this happens in the end. But you were different from them,
Avinash. Whenever you get time, do visit me. You’ll always find me there. Ok, so Rakesh is in Delhi.
-Do you see this chain? It’s gold.
-Really? You’re here.
-Yes. Avinash, professor
Chaudhary came to meet you. Did you meet him?
-Yes. I told him to come inside,
but he didn’t. Yes. When did you
return from Kanpur? Yesterday. He had to come for tour.
I came along. Bank pays all the expenses. He works in bank. And.. -And money deducted
for provident fund.. paid three folds
after retirement. We know everything. And he went to Dubai. Wow! You must’ve
made lots of money. Yes. In Dubai there
is one great thing. Money grows on trees there. Just go and pluck them. Really?
-Yes. Friends, let’s organize
a get-together. Yes.
-Let’s meet at Avinash’s house. Done.
-Why my house? Because a baby has
come in your house. Satish told us everything. And the baby can’t
come to office. -Yes. We’ll come to see him. Ok, come to my house. Didn’t I say he’ll be happy? When.. Geeta. Geeta. Geeta, something
great happened today. When I went to office
everyone was there. Neena returned from Kanpur.
-Javed returned from Dubai. Kiran and Bedi.. It seems you didn’t
forget morning’s tiff. I just said it as a joke. You shouldn’t mind it. No. You were right. We can’t live like
this blaming each other. That.. I didn’t mean that. I was.. It’s happened years ago.. ..when I fell in love with you. I loved your thoughts. I decided to walk with you. I even stepped out. The path was difficult,
but there was no regret. Difficulties were bound to come. We had decided to live like this. Then suddenly you took a turn. The land on the other
side of that turn was unknown. That land seemed strange. I used to stare at it,
but I never understood it. I tried to ask you. I even asked you. But.. were obsessed
with moving ahead. You always evaded my question. I kept walking with you.. ..thinking even
I don’t understand..’d know. Then.. ..I felt I was slapped. The way you gave bribe. And.. today.. You’re right. If you don’t call this living,
we shouldn’t live like this. But my belief is still firm.. ..I want to live
that life even today. I won’t let my son be raised
in this wrong environment. So.. ..I’m leaving this house. Geeta. What are you saying? The right thing. I’ve take my own decisions. And my today’s decision
is as firm as before. Do you know what you’re saying. Yes. Geeta, don’t be mad. Listen to me. Whatever I did.. ..was for you, Geeta. I couldn’t see the sadness
and distress on your face. And you can see the
suffocation I feel from within. Geeta, you’re angry right now.
You don’t understand anything. I understand everything. And I’ve not strength
to understand more. You understand nothing.
Nobody acts like this. You.. You can’t leave
me after blaming me. You want to leave when
everything is going fine. We got this happy days
after so difficulties. I don’t want your joy..
-Why not? When two companions walk together.. Two strangers can’t walk together. Geeta, you can’t go. I’m going. Where will you go? Not to my dad’s house.
-Then where will you go? Anywhere, but I won’t stay here. But.. but our friends are coming.
They.. What will they say? This is the only
thought in your mind. No. I didn’t mean it, but.. You didn’t mean anything, Avinash. Nothing you say can
change my decision. I’m not telling you
to change your decision. I.. I’m just saying these friends.. ..saw our love bloom. And today they’ll
come with same hope. At least for them, Geeta.. ..for the memories
of our good old days.. ..stay for tonight. Look, you can leave tomorrow
morning if you want. And.. they want
to see the baby too. What will you do if you get one? Give him to me. Don’t cry. Take him. Take him away.
Feed him and bring him back. Geeta, you must’ve memorized
many lullabies by now. No. Avinash, you wrote only songs.. ..not lullabies. She knows many lullabies.
She sang last night. The baby slept,
but I lost my sleep. Teach me too. Then I’ll sing too. He keeps sleeping. Looking at your face,
anyone will go to sleep. You sing a lullaby. Me? If not a lullaby, sing a song. Good or bad..
-Nice one.. -Even without tunes.. Sing for us. Please. Sing. “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” “We came so close
that we got separated.” “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” “We came so close
that we got separated.” “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” “It’s not true that
there is no joy in life.” “But this life isn’t worth living.” “It’s not true that
there is no joy in life.” “But this life isn’t worth living.” “Why did we agree to its decision?” “We came so close
that we got separated.” “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” “When I got you,
I felt I’ve lost you.” “I cry for this heart
and this heart sobs for me.” “When I got you,
I felt I’ve lost you.” “I cry for this heart
and this heart sobs for me.” “Why did dreams get shattered?” “We came so close
that we got separated.” “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” “We came so close
that we got separated.” “Why did we get helpless
on the path of life?” Shanta. Take the baby down. Geeta. You’re going? Yes. Ok. Tell Shanta.. ..that there isn’t gas in kitchen. Call the gas company. And get your clothes from laundry. Receipt is on the table. And.. when you go to office today.. I’m not going to office today. I’ll never go to office now. Last night I keep thinking.. ..why all of this happened. And why is this happening? Where did I err? Where did I disappoint you? Maybe you did what was necessary. And then.. ..who am I to blame me? Whether you blame me or not.. ..but I’ve realized it’s my fault. And I know what that fault is. So I’ll quit this job today.. ..and join professor
Chaudhary’s newspaper. Are you.. ..doing this only for me? For myself too. And for those truth.. ..which we loved together. Don’t go, Geeta. I won’t go. Never. Geeta. Yes, Avinash.
I’ll never leave you now. “If someone wants
to see our abode..” “..he should ask
for our point of view.” “This is our abode.
This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.” “This is a beautiful abode.”


  1. Zaroorat se zyaada paisa kya hota hai.. .. Ye insaan ko samajhnay ki saqt zaroorat hai. Ek waqt aisa hota hai jab insaan paisay ko apnay liye chalata hai. Ek ek rupya soch soch kar qarch karta hai. Phir zaroorat se zyaada paisa insaan ko chalaata hai aur paisay ki pooja karnay lagta hai.

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