Scientist Speaks Out About Coronavirus Origin: Exclusive | NBC Nightly News


  1. If you are curious about the origins of the virus, educate yourself @

    It's a shame Dr.'s keep stating the virus came from bats sold at the seafood market. Please STOP the spread of misinformation. At a minimum state that you don't know where it came from. There is more evidence that it came from somewhere outside of the seafood market such as a place where bats were being kept… It is a fact that NO bats were sold at the seafood market so it blows my mind to hear Dr.s continuously regurgitate the narrative that it came from the seafood market. Sure, subject matter expert in virology and a researcher… but NOT an investigator. It would do them good to apply their research skills to the origins of the virus.

  2. Of course it came from bats….how else did the chinese manage to turn it into a weapon. Also that scientist must not watch U.S. media….otherwise she would know that she is way overdressed for coronavirus. You don't need a mask in America…..or testing……or common sense.

  3. She said "Its NOT Air Bourne" But I beg to differ, according to Dr john Campbell it IS Air can HANG in the air and move over time and distance . (Like air conditioning ) I don't think they would be disinfecting the streets for fun.

  4. Here we go. Internet researchers know more than everyone else. All of you are creating the hysteria. I read this, i read that, i know more than you, don't trust anything they say, trust me i know,blah blah blah. What's wrong with all you people. Can you not look at the big picture? Are you not realizing how big the world actually is? You have all gave into fear. Fear is what has driven us apart. Fear of other races, fear of the unknown. We cannot live in fear. This is how wars start.

  5. first generation of this virus was found in us. in china、iran 、japan,only two or three types of this virus were found,while in us,there are five types of this virus . and it has five types all. so you tell me where is the source?

  6. This is kind of a joke. The next thing the Chinese will start eating are people which will start the zombie apocalypse. Spooky lol

  7. w
    This is made for programming. We DO NOT KNOW it came from bats. However, no mentioning of the 28 new viruses announced in science found in glacier melt!

  8. Deadly riots and protest breaking out all over China in the news……….

    Mysterious coronavirus suddenly appears……..

    Streets are empty,no more riots !!!

    2+2. DOES equal 4!!!

  9. Are you f**** kidding me.
    People died reporting that the Chinese government man made the virus.
    There's a bunch of videos of people saying that the virus is man-made.
    The whistleblower who died said the virus was man made.
    is anybody going to get this information right cuz this is really getting f**** pathetic.

    we have all these world leaders and all these social medias giving us false information and not knowing what to do.

    This is how planets die.
    Everyone's too scared to speak up or take action

  10. This is Donald Trump's pandemic. The Chinese food supply has been decimated by Donald Trump's reckless trade war. China is no longer buying food from US farmers obviously leaving China trying to feed its population. Bats are now on the menu. So the handling and consumption of bats spread the disease to humans and now here we are. Remember Trump saying "trade wars are easy to win…" Every economist told the American public that nobody has ever won a trade war. Now with an interruption to thew world food supply because of Trump, here we are. People will find a way to eat, and the people of the Wuhan Provence taught us that they will even risk disease to get protein to fill an empty stomach.

    Donald Trump has also decimated the United States ability to combat the spread of the disease. He promised it during the 2016 campaign to "reduce the size of the administrative state"….that included the federal Center's for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health. We no longer have the internal infrastructure and money available to combat disease outbreaks.

    Donald Trump AND the Republican Congress and Senate repealed the individual mandate for health insurance further destabilizing the insurance markets causing 5 million citizens to lose their health insurance coverage. And rural hospitals are closing at an accelerated rate thanks to Trump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

    When is America going to learn that you cannot tax cut and starve the federal government into prosperity?

  11. Could not have been a bat as it has four gene splices in the upper middle section of it. It came from a biological laboratory.

  12. What about this lab that's in the vicinity of the meat market, and researchers at the lab selling research animals for meat? Do you think that might be a factor?

  13. COVID19 where it really came from??? Contagious through blood, urine , feces and othe body fuids that came in contact with the infected human being or animal.. and it spread through coughing, blood/urine contact ( open wound, blood transfusion). Say it is also airborne because the cough has bodily fluids as moist inhaled from air. So it’s in the circulation and others have miraculously recovered with antibiotics as claimed? And the virologist suggests the need of vaccination globally? What if its a biochemical warfare? If anybody has recovered they can now develop genetic immunity from its virulence be it from the blood or synthetic warfare. If synthetic warfare and some have recovered what humans may become in the future are like those aliens in flesh and appearance, cravings and behavior.
    Earth so old, rich in history of humankind.
    Life is not a matter of power, intelligence and making money always for future anticipation…we need to consider to preserve US .. hate and pride destroy US .. It is not the wealth that destroys us but our attitude towards wealth. To be decillionaire is good, number is infinite except the life that we live is short.
    Despite our many objectives, to improve human life is what we want to fulfill. But it’s the other way around … dehumanizing. Hate spread and terminates… who survives ? The ones who go to other planets to escape war and deseases. No they can not We are flesh and flesh can not thrive to live forever… “ What Ever” “ come what may” we dont say these instead “ We can make a better world without biological warfare, without missiles, without desease spread, without drugs, without political desputes and corruption. The earth so wide to till for food.. no more fabrics for extravagant clothing and plastics too much. Just little things no to too much …too much fertilizers, too much disinfectant, too much chemicals/ synthetics … too much of everything is dangerous. Life is good in moderation.

  14. More mainstream misinformation. So sad for the general public. Do your research people. Although bats do you carry a strain of the coronavirus, covid 19 has a different RNA. Ironic don't you think that directly across the street from the Wuhan wet market where this supposedly started, is an infectious disease facility..20 miles away is a level 4 weapons research facility…let that sink in.

  15. No bats are not the source. Everyone did not eat there at the same time. So :/
    It is a bio weapon. We are NOT stupid

  16. Welcome to the New World Order. Filthy rich sociopaths are running this world system for now, and there is nothing they can't manufacture.
    Unjust Wars, Mystery Viruses, False flag operations like 911, Weather Modification, Chemical Trails in the sky, (Nano Particles sprayed from unmarked Jets over YOUR town – almost every day). And if you don't believe that, keep your eyes on the sky and you will see for yourself.

  17. Welcome to the New World Order. Filthy rich sociopaths are running this
    world system for now, and there is nothing they can't manufacture.
    Unjust Wars, Mystery Viruses, False flag operations like 911, Weather
    Modification, Chemical Trails in the sky, (Nano Particles sprayed from
    unmarked Jets over YOUR town – almost every day). And if you don't
    believe that, keep your eyes on the sky and you will see for yourself.

  18. Injecting these bats with the virus and releasing them into China. Nicely done America, this is how nuclear war starts.

  19. Time to shut those markets China. But we all know they'll be back open soon and people will be eating all he weird crap again.

  20. So gross I can't believe they let bats ect near there food source this could have been saved if they limit there resources and cleanliness better china should know better than that now everyone has to pay for this mistake

  21. Contagion germ theory as bunk pseudoscience quackery

    Terrain theory natural hygienism orthopathy life sciences health systems as accurate science

    Allopathism as a barbaric harmful practice

  22. OK so they have been eating bats for hundreds of years in China and all the sudden one bat caused this outbreak. Are they sure it did not come from the Wuhan bio weapons lab, or is that question off limits?

  23. Okay, so It start with a fever so if we get the fever medicine but a drop of water. Next if we can translate cough drops into water and add it, that will cure the simstoms of the virus, Since some people think it’s coming from dogs, we can experiment on a dead dog. Back to the “cure” some people also think it came from animals that China eat, (the whole contenet) if we can find away to take away that meat with some sort, mix it, I am not clever but I am just a 10 year old girl, thinking about the planet.(not the conclusion) If You Have a Family member that is sick, you should stay about 3 feet away.

    – Allison Torres the 10 year girl, who tried.

  24. I wish people would stop making China the hero because actually they caused this Global pandemic they had these cases in December and they should have shut down the city's been and they didn't because they wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year January 25th 2020 so they let Chinese people who work in the cities go home to visit their parents and children as they do every year and they allowed multi millions of people in their country who also were there for the Chinese New Year and then they let them leave and they want all over the world that's why this virus has all over the world let's talk about the truth China's not the hero they should have shut down their celebration for the Chinese New Year in China and they should have locked down the country no one in and no one out they should have not let their own Chinese people go home to the rural areas for the Chinese New Year and they didn't they let the celebration for the Chinese New Year go on knowing that there was a new killer virus that they had no vaccine for that they knew little about that they knew was very contagious they let it go for over a month before they alerted the world like they should have and that's why it's all over the world check there's someone that went to China or a neighboring country that came back with that coronavirus or they were in contact with someone who came back from China it all spread from China like a spider web all over the world but it originated in China probably because they eat animals in the open market rats bats snakes raccoons wild dogs filthy animals that are in deep disease infested they sell them and open markets and people eat them that's why they're getting these viruses that are commonly only in animals because they're eating animals with viruses you don't have to be a scientist to figure that out. the WHL was notified that a man had died in China that was 61 years old of this new Corona virus and yet they did not alert the rest of the countries in the world either so China the government of China and the leadership at wh drop the ball they did not alert all the other countries in the world where they could issue travel bans they let it go and they let it go for over a month so they actually had a big part in this virus spreading all over the world.

  25. From Singapore.This Production piece of NBC News is a Fake. We never seen this place and that woman before in our life. Don't know where this lab or who she is.

  26. Going to Revelation 13 16-18?


    – It weakened the global economy (Financial reset?);

    – Established the end of an ancient culture, based on traditional Chinese medicine and a cuisine based on the consumption of fresh wild animals;

    – Implemented, in China, the consumption of processed processed meat, mainly from Brazil;

    – It is destroying small Chinese companies, which employ 80% of the population;

    – Because of this, an international protocol for quarantines was created and imposed on the Nations (which will provide a loophole for the implementation of Martial Laws);

    – The largest biotechnological vaccination (with nanochips, which may alter our DNA) will be organized en masse in history, against a virus;

    – A global digital currency will be established, as they will claim that physical money may contaminate people;

    – A large part of the world population will die of illness or hunger;

    – The majority of men infected with the virus will become infertile, collaborating, also, for the reduction of the human race;
    – …

    February 2020 / Adar, 5780

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  28. Wildlife has been source of food and medicine fo thousands of years…Corona virus only now?
    It's a biowarfare deliberately mutated for use against HK protests!

  29. Joker: What are you doing?
    Batman: giving you a Corona
    Joker: why thank you bat- cough cough
    Batman: -Virus!

  30. US has the oldest (all 5 groupsABCDE) single RNA strains of the virus ,why Wuhan had only the third generation of the 5 groups (C), US, France ,Japan, Taiwan, Austrialia, China shenzhen shared the same origin not related to Wuhan. Tell me was virus from the fish market of Wuhan?

  31. so its mean that this virus is kind of like we got from domesticating animals back millennia's ago. the same viruses that wipe out the americas before it was named americas. so we need to find a solution to lived with that strain of virus.

    if it is really it is then we are in total mess.

  32. Some medical historians and epidemiologists alike have theorized that the 1918 pandemic began in (Asia) citing a lethal outbreak of this pulmonary disease in China was the forerunner of that hellish most deadly pandemic from the past. Others have speculated the virus was spread by chinese or vietnamese (same people) slave laborers crossing into the united states illegally just like today… So all those whom wickedly suport open borders will end up killing off millions in the end here in the U.S.

  33. They will have a vaccine in 6 months and everyone will forget about this. But for now I’m not coming out of my basement till then.

  34. Hi try to use turmeric powder or capsules in ur daily food it's really a good source to avoid getting infected. Turmeric used to cure lot of diseases. I feel so sharing my views.

  35. Bats are closely related to primates/humans which has a connection I think. But as for the supervirus its either human modified or market bats contracted the original virus from another mammal and it mutated. But if it has a 5 hour life outside mammals body.. Can fleas or mites pass it to humans from infected animals within that 5 hour window?

  36. Why isn't the US government shutting down our borders also like other countries are who care about their people. All this is is a money grab for the u. S. Government so that the big Pharma the FDA and the hospitals can capitalize. Once again this is corruption.

  37. Ok… No one's talking about the fact that she said she's 90% sure it came from bats… Uhm.. What about the 10%… What's taking up that, she must have second thoughts.. Right?

  38. Its spreading quickly because the r naught is higher than seasonal flu. One on 1.3, the other over 2. Yeesh do SOME research.

  39. this is a really misleading news story. This guy explains the African Swine fever and this video gives a brief description of what happens to humans who get the virus. The descriptions are identical as to how the virus kills its host. And on top of everything 2019 in China, was The Year of the Pig. The bat theory does not fly, it appears African Swine Fever has made the transition to humans.

  40. So much misinformation and flat out LIES from the POS mainstream media. Please look into this yourself by searching for information outside of the mainstream.

  41. A wise president would take pains to arm citizens with the facts. A wise president would tell people to take precautions and prepare for possible disruptions in the daily routines of life. In other words, a wise president would say exactly what officials from the CDC said at that Wednesday press conference, right before Trump told everyone the exact opposite.

    A wise president would also not gut the agencies tasked to deal with precisely this type of situation, but that horse is also out of the barn and far down the road.

    It is a grim irony that Trump’s usual practice of whistling past the graveyard may come to cost him more politically than the outbreak itself if his own actions have exposed the country to greater peril, which seems more certain by the hour.

    Mike Pence will be no help in this, and as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, a lot of people are probably going to get hurt because of it. Slapping a muzzle on government scientists, as the administration did Thursday, is a frighteningly poor second step. Tapping Pence to lead this effort was the first.

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