1. Only corrupt leaders, moronic Trumpists and greedy oil barons want war. Then there are the corporate-reporter establishment trust baby ignoramuses like S.E. Cupp who can't see its causes. Gosh, S.E.–you might want to read the Afghanistan papers and brush up on real news like real journalists do before you spew your slippery chunks of "elite wisdom".. No American with even half a brain is surprised Trump decided blood for oil in an election year would make a good distraction–as if we'll forget about the corrupt lawlessness that brought his just impeachment.

    I hope Pelosi sends the senate one article at a time and we just keep holding impeachment trials, one after the other, till the day we vote the jackass out and indict him for treason. At least holding Republicans hostage in a trial before the public might gum up the works in their war machine for a bit. And it'll sure make your stupid propagandizing less effective.

  2. SE you are a dopp . If intelligent was there they would have put it out a long time BEFORE doing what he did. They would have put it out then he would have tweeted bout it then an attack.

  3. Starting any war, would actually make the American people, to not vote for Trump. We are tired of wars already. We have so many other issues going on. Just drive around neighborhoods in the US.

  4. I really don't think Trump has to start a war to distract from impeachment. The impeachment process seems to be working for him. Democrats are not doing a good job in convincing people Trump needs to be impeached. They have started sounding like sore losers and bullies.

  5. Classic Republicans Tactics: If nothing else goes your way then go to War to get support of gullible Americans. Courtesy by Bush-Cheney criminal Duo.
    Don't be surprised if they create another 911 and blame Iran for that.

  6. She says it is as reckless for us now as it was for Trump then to make a claim this was a political stunt or hotcakes. Ahhh hellooo, Trump did what he said Obama would do but didn’t.

  7. S.E Cupp "It remains to be seen." Why the fuck are you on the air if you haven't thought about it and have some damn ideas? Pay me to be on the air to shrug my shoulders. I can do that.

  8. Trump has no foreign policy and this was no attack based on security concern. You people gave a 12 year old trapped in a mans body the most powerful government in the world and are shocked when this fool does things like this, send him and his GOP to the frontlines including his family to fight this war he has started for no reason. And leave other people's children alone and in peace too many average American families have lost they children, husbands and wives for stupid wars started for selfish and foolish reasons

  9. Trump has never explained any of his actions with any degree of clarity. Why is everyone willing to give him yet another mulligan on what might have a terrible consequence?

  10. Aw come on! Did Trump weigh the pros and cons of the drone strike carefully, in terms of national security ? Who can believe that ? (Apart from maga-brainwashed people). Of course he is wagging the dog !

  11. Who will the WH approve for assassination next, Hassan Nasrallah, Khaled Mashal, Ramadan Shalah, Ali Khamenei, etc?

  12. You know what's also reckless? Believing ANYTHING that comes from the Trump White House!

    And if you have half a brain even, than you should find it a bit too convenient that this happened just before everyone was getting ready to start his Impeachment trial and the fact that Trump accused Obama of planning to do the same thing years ago!

    And what makes ANYONE think that he and his people are going to tell the truth in the first place, they lie even about stupid things, like how many people were at some event Trump was in, and then they also lie about the state of the country, like employment and the stock market!

    Hell he even lied during a fucking hurricane, faked a weather map, if he would lie about something that petty, why wouldn't he lie about this?

  13. Trump always projects what he does or intends on to others. He did it with obama in 2011. Why are pundits lining up to say "Don't criticize the leader until he has told us what he knows?", when WE KNOW that he never intends to give any facts or release any witnesses to congress? It's like congress voting to give the president everything he asks for without any concessions for democratic values.

  14. Wow.
    Who is that fabulous women wearing glasses? I really liked what she shared.

    Proudly casting my vote for Trump's re-election.
    I Will Follow, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb0OsRDcXcE


  16. she is so wrong! this iranian general was fighting isis!! obama didn't need to take him out, he was not considered a danger,i think the saudis are more dangerous and here we are friends of the us!! go figure! what does she it wouls have happened if we go after a iranian general with no reason?of course is political! he is being impeach! he needs a distraction!!

  17. We have t seen the intelligence yet because their was no intel gathering from the begining. Thus was a knee jerk decision made by someone who is in desperation mode about his future political asperations. He's facing impeachment hearings, his polls number are tanking, most Americans believe he's committed crimes relative to the Ukraine scandle and awaiting in the wings if he is impeached or fails to be reelected is the Southern District of New York.
    Countless sexual assault and rape allegations, Immoluments violations, bulging out of control deficits in the trillions, war looming s bring troops to war without consulting Congressional leaders nor his Joint Chiefs. While Iraqis are demanding that the US military leave the country due to the assassination of the Iranian General.
    The Iraqis are upset because this General was the one person who coordinated Iraqi defense forces to helping drive ISIS out of Iraq. Furthermore, Iraqis don't want the US presence in their country any more. They want to reestablish their Islamic religious traditions.

  18. Oooh SE..Yes Soleimani was a murder, But until we definitive evidence there was imminent danger to Americans..I'm going with my gut and it says, that fat sweaty lying dotard in the oval #DonaldTrump and #MikePompeo with those baby possum teeth are Lying, it wont be the first time!
    Liars always need proof bc there Liars.
    This was distraction from the #impeachmenttrial
    A irrational arrogant move, something he could talk big about to his Maro largo guest.
    #DonaldTrump has yet to address the American people. Guess you gotta go to his Twitter page …smgdh
    #Removetrump asap

  19. It doesn’t matter. Donald John Trump is and will be the President of the United States of America. There will be no War . We are serious now and they don’t want no part of us. We will destroy them in a day or two that is if we want to take our time. Iran know that they are massing with the wrong person now. Not the week Democratic’s. Iran will not be around much longer if they do something stupid.

  20. Donald Dipshit is an unqualified, incompetent, inexperienced POTUS….he is Putin's Puppet, a draft-dodging coward, a Russian asset and whipping boy…..pathetic…..

  21. The POTUS CHUMP is a 73 year old BOY who's menacing in the White House. And yeah, HE IS A PATHETIC HYPOCRITE…

  22. So S.E. D-Cup thinks it is reckless to think that Bozo planned this attack to help his political standing…..when this brainless traitorous idiot shows some kind of proof, then i'll believe the Republiscums and their lies….all he has done while in office is help himself financially, politically, and personally…….

  23. We have a war criminal as POTUS, a reckless disgusting excuse for a man…This same POTUS just pardoned another war criminal, Edward Gallagher the"brave" Navy seal…This man stabbed to death a teenage ISIS fighter in custody for no other reason than the fact that he's a wacko…Even his Seal team described him as an embarrassment to the Navy, but then again one criminal pardoning another happens all the time in the usual banana republics…Now all the other banana republics are complaining that we are starting to embarrass them with the Trump cult …

  24. It is called credibility, S.E. D-Cupp…..and Bozo has NONE…..nor do any of the other Republiscum lying traitors….

  25. Bullshit…he totally made this decision to distract away from impeachment…they are dancing around it..I have no issue with saying that was in fact the sole motivation.

  26. CNN you are stupid this was the the right decision I support our troops my son in the army Trump 2020 Hispanics for Trump

  27. Every accusation, lie and derogatory word trump says about someone else is the truth hes saying about himself!

  28. the diff. between obama and trump is we were attacked and americans died and you people dont care your real gems and brother there s iq must be in single digits

  29. Well Dem foreign policy is give country pallet of money for killing Americans and destroying Americans embassy

  30. It's not enough to say "he was a bad guy". America works and aids bad guys all the time. What about MBS? Does he deserve the same faith? What trump did was foolish, reckless and instantly made America less safe. not safer.

  31. SE says that people should not jump to conclusions, she is right. On the other hand though, history has taught us that when the government look like they are talking from a script, beware! When trump keeps saying things that amount to war crimes, BEWARE! When his defenders are telling obvious "alternative facts", BEWARE!

  32. Can I ask the question why would the American citizens vote any president in who wage war against anyone aren't we as humans op for peace around the world. And stop beating the war drums what will this kind of message send out to the rest of the world the American's likes war.

  33. Am I trippen or is S E Cupps really hot? This a bad hair day tho, maybe it's the giant Elton specs. Top heavy, pouty… It's sumn.

  34. Trump was in cahoots with Israel on this political assasination. Shills first, Congress an Muricah second. Not b n mean.

  35. I think it is funny that the topic of foreign policy is heading to center stage and Biden has the most experience out of all canidates as this must be driving King Dotard going absolutely crazy with this knowing King Dotard has given the orders to bomb the Iranian general in his wreckless and very stupid decision putting millions of lives at stake. I don't laugh at all of this war that is dangerous for all but I am laughing at the idea that it must have king Dotard's mind going absolutely nuts after attacking Biden all this time. I do not like Biden nor will I be voting for him however I do believe that he is innocent of what king Dotard claims with knowing everything in what king Dotard claims about others has proven to be a reflection of what he does himself or similar. I noticed this also with JR. King Dotard as well in his new book called "triggered" as well. But in regards to this war going on, everyone needs to keep safe, observant of their suroundings at all times while out.

    Be prepared to defend yourself & family if you reside in a high risk area. In regards to king Dotard, It is my opinion, He needs to provide verifiable evidence that America was indeed threatned beyond a reasonable doubt immediately and if he fails in a short period of time before things get any worse, he needs to step down and or get removed from office since millions of lives from around the world is at a great risk with the national security and Constitution once again being violated all while commiting a International war crime by threatning targets of Iranian historical value to their country. With breaking International law, that should be held against him to justify his removal if needed since he violated foreign policy in the process which all world leaders must obey and respect in all their decisions.

    Since king Dotard commited a International law crime, he should be held responsible in a arrest after he leaves office and if this situation proves to be for his Political interest while not notifying Congress before he gave these orders causing this war, he should be charged with Treason as well. Overthrowing the American Congress with not notifying them while using war that risk millions of lives for political gain is still overthrowing the Government which is defined in the definition of treason. With Pompao and Lindsey Graham being involved makes it worse. I have no idea who else was involved with Trump's decision on killing the Iranian general besides those three but there may be more.

  36. S.E position just shows how flawed the media is in speaking truth to power. Ignorance is bliss and s.e and a lot of Americans choose to be willfully ignorant.

  37. It's like Trump has a full house and u guys have a horrible hand …your candidates are three stooges level fools lmao so you are trying so hard to save face …when you know u WILL lose 😂


  39. War is good for killing people and makes Americans feels better. It’s political pornography. Poor people will die.

  40. For the record the money that was sent to Iran actually had zero to do with hostages but started as another issue before that and it was money owed by the US to Iran.
    Btw, not a big fan of Time Magazine but this is one of the better written articles on this.


  41. "Monday morning quarterbacking" based on the clown in chief's history, is perfectly OK in my book. Because in a few weeks when the truth really comes out through FOIA requests, it will be prove to be true anyway.

  42. Hey SE, we don't need to see the intelligence from the intelligence community because we see the non intelligence of our clown in chief.

  43. Given DonT's history of lying, and the backing of his cohorts, it's hard to believe anything which comes out of the White House. In fact, this is probably a political move.

  44. News flash for the propagandists at CNN: Iran desires war, Trump desires to protect American interest. Your personal detestation of Trump has allowed your judgement to be grossly impaired!

  45. “Wag the dog.” A distraction, to have Americans look away from the sham of the GOP fixing Trump’s Impeachment. The Republic has FALLEN in a COUP, organised by GOP members who face jail time if Trump is removed. And by the crime family that would all go to jail, the moment Trump lost his presidential, “protected status.” They HAVE TO RIG 2020’s, “elections,” with Russia’s help. It’s that or JAIL. So they have taken away your Democracy, to save a bunch of crooked, incompetent, evil idiots. Their only concern is that Americans might RISE UP, which is why the go to Iran distraction, AGAIN. WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING THE END OF THE REPUBLIC, AMERICA??? . . . Smh

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