SE Cupp: Trump has clear pattern when he’s under attack



  1. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote: “Chairman Adam Schiff has been lying to the American worker for years. Now he is so desperate to damage president Donald Trump that he literally made up a false version of a phone call,” McCarthy wrote. “Enough is enough. I have signed a resolution to censure Schiff in the House of Representatives.”

  2. RBG is sending smoke signals about retiring. They don't want the President appointing another justice especially that seat. Exceptional Thinking Podcast on Anchor, Goggle, Spotify, radio public

  3. Just for a joke (and maybe some fun), we're going to have some stinking s-hole country with the worst prisons and worst human-rights record drum up charges against Traitor Trump! We think extraditing him to spend some quality time in their facilities may instill better appreciation of American laws and institutions! Naturally, we reward that nation magnificently for being serious about cracking down on corruption!

  4. He is a old man with the mind of a child……. How do we make sure there's not another kid running out country


  6. Extremely Stable Genius (TM) looking now to extort China to fabricate dirt on his political opponent, blissfully heedless how he's strung himself up by the balls for them, while they hold the prospects for his reelection and any trade deal–along with American's economy and security–in the palm of their gleeful, grateful hands turning and tightening the winch he's using to elevate himself. He'll need to raise himself through the roof to pull off another election miracle, but the aperture appears a just a tad too narrow, sure to subject his sad, scaly, sagging scrotum to tremendous, excruciating pressure. Look out below, then, because Toxic Traitor Trump's tiny tote won't tolerate the terrible treatment, and it WILL be ugly, witnessing a novel form of castration!

  7. Squeeze orange, reducing to pulp. Discard waste into appropriate receptacle. Thank-you kindly for your cooperation! Together, we can keep America clean!

  8. Finally!  After repeatedly torpedoing his own boat, with plenty of assistance from his erstwhile pirate crew, the old battleship TrumPutin has sustained critical damage and is sinking fast, the rats rapidly abandoning the derelict vessel, climbing all over each other in their panicked haste, soon to join the others in Dick Nixon's locker who listened too long to the sirens, and were led astray.

  9. Albeit must disclaim am disinclined to discover…disquisitive to determine just how deep is the depth of Dear Leader Donald's debauched, dysfunctional depravity? Is there NO bottom, a black hole straight to hell? That's the sordid path Republicans are on, and if they want to go to hell, then they can go straight to hell!

  10. Trump implicating Pence in his criminal enterprise? Giuliani implicating Pompeo? Food fight! Food fight! DUCK and COVER!!! White House cleaning crew really going to have their work cut out for them.

  11. Only Stephen Colbert reluctant to take a gander at impeachment, since that would be killing the goose laying his golden eggs.

  12. It's been pretty obvious all along that Democrat leadership would rather win elections than have to employ a divisive impeachment, and now Traitor Trump himself forced the issue down the throats of the American people, leaving no other option. Geez…it's not like anyone MADE him play the stupid game, but Rope-a-Dope contestant #1 kept tightening noose around neck with firm resolve, inching down the plank, until taking that stupendous dive off the end, into the deep end of the empty swimming pool! All Pelosi did was anchor the rope to the mast of the cruise ship…something Republicans have continued so sorely neglecting when they gave him that extra heavy-duty rope with bonus snazzy tie-apparel attachment which, found so irresistible, instantly became Chief Clown's permanent fashion attire. We're hoping no need to shorten rope to allow contestant #1 another attempt, which getting it ju-u-u-st the right length took a little time. However, no rules against how many impeachment tries, so it appears Total Loser can go ahead and just knock himself right on out, if required! Might be entertaining, watching him bounce off that thick noggin of his, but we don't really need this illegitimate, incompetent, completely corrupt Apprentice boasting about his ratings!

  13. With President Nero, it was never a question of if, rather only how long it would take him to generate enough heat for his inevitable meltdown. Self-immolation was preordained, but amount of time requisite varies widely, dependent upon afflicted individual and circumstance.

  14. If not mistaken, believe it was watching 'Dusk to Dawn' — that's where Toxic Traitor Trump first got the idea of converting the White House property he mismanages into a brothel for Satan's spawn!

  15. Toxic Traitor Trump was a big bully
    Sent to the Oval he sought to sully
    A pervert that likes to expose
    The truth everyone all knows
    His sick propensity for the gully
    After punched in the nose
    With repeated hard blows
    He learns respect for laws much more fully

  16. Child-in-Chief Toxic Traitor Trump went to the poisoned well once too often, got caught by Mommy with BOTH hands in the cookie jar!  Now, after he's done paying the Piper Pelosi, there's still gonna be the very Devil to pay!  Appears as if his whole crazy, corrupt, clueless crew is going down with the MF ship; B.S. Barr, Munchkin Mnunchin, Goofy Giuliani, RossPutin, KKK McKleenan, Misfit Morgan, SmellyAnne Con-her-way, Poopy Pants Pompass Pompeo, Stephen "Mole" Miller, Captain Confused Carson, Voss Be The Problem, OG Kushner, Unrepentant Worthless Pence, etc. etc. Good riddance and Godspeed!

  17. Trump administration: Too much emoluments and corruption. Too much collusion. Too much obstruction. Too much quid pro quo. Impeach!

  18. Sure does look like Total Loser is gonna get his wish on that wall he asked Santa for Christmas! The walls of justice are finally closing in…to his detriment, and to our benefit! And may it be a merry Christmas, one without Trump and all these repulsive Republicans–a season without their treason and corruption! It would be Thanksgiving!

  19. The only way for us to have fair elections for EVERYONE in 2020 is to remove this whole criminal administration–Trump, Pence, Barr, and the rest of these corrupt cabinet clowns–putting Pelosi in charge! Surely not what Pelosi seeks or desires, but what other choice have we?

  20. People fooled by minor cosmetic changes are sadly mistaken if they think the GOP has become the party of Trump. No, what we see demonstrated starkly in abundant, plain detail is proof positive that the GOP has solidly remained the party of Nixon.

  21. Cover-up? What cover-up? The one Traitor Trump and treasonous Republicans been conducting for the last three years? Total Loser's Ukraine fiasco is merely a continuation of the debacle contained in the Mueller Report–which Republicans continue to gaslight!

  22. Aw, c'mon guys; let's be fair and objective here! Just because Toxic Trump didn't have the biggest, most enthusiastic crowds seeing him enter office doesn't mean he won't have the biggest, most enthusiastic crowds watching him leave!

  23. What? Now, the artless master of the artificial deal is putting Chinese trade deal, our economy, and our national security all up on the block for help with his sinking reelection bid? How much you think Toxic Traitor Trump could get for the Statue of Liberty?

  24. Pretty simple, really. GOP created cult to further interests of their plutocrat/oligarch masters so they could line their pockets, too stupid to realize they were only creating another beast  to serve, entrapping themselves in a dung heap of their own making. Trying to save themselves, they're willing to sacrifice America.

  25. Goofy Ghoul Giuliani offering to testify for Congress? Sounds just peachy! But hasn't he done enough damage already to his client?

  26. Wait…Russian tool NRA now offering to fund Traitor Trump's impeachment defense legal costs, as long as the President does them a FAVOR!?!?! Just when you thought maybe this whole hideous, rotten, stinking debacle couldn't get any more convoluted, corrupted, and odiferous!

  27. The supreme irony is that Republican cult dupes and their leaders are ripping this nation asunder just as surely as the Confederates did, and the basis is once again racism, greed, and ignorance. Then again, that Lincoln incarnation of the GOP died not too long after him, and Republicans have been doing this for decades, if only a bit more insidiously, more subversive and subtly.

  28. Thought it was good cop Pelosi / bad cop AOC, but Mommy Pelosi wants both impeachment, and imprisonment, too! Uh-oh, the gloves are off, and now looks like Toddler Trump's really landed himself in a pickle! Only question remains is, will he go down spastically flailing in spectacular fashion tempestuously tantrum tweeting? Vegas has even odds for Total Loser delivering mighty KO punch to himself in the early rounds. Other half of the betting money is on judges ruling a Technical Knock Out. Either way, Toxic Trump's a goner, but the grotesque stain won't come off the GOP…or nation.

  29. Republican Cult Club Rule #1: Cloak yourself in victimhood while victimizing others.
    Republican Cult Club Rule #2: Wrap yourself in the flag while betraying the Constitution and destroying the nation.

    Republican Cult Club Rule #3: When striking low blows, your two principle means of defense must be Whataboutism and Projectionism.

    Republican Cult Club Rule #4: Truth is strictly prohibited, and must be avoided at all cost. The sole exception permitted is when capable of inflicting harm upon your opponent. Otherwise, truth shall result in automatic disqualification, and/or summary rejection.

    Republican Cult Club Rule #5: Points awarded proportionate to size of lies. Bonus points awarded for accrued prevarication accumulations. Chief Justice Lucifer will settle all disputes involving points in arbitrary arbitration, whose decisions shall be binding and final for willing souls.

    Pervasive and PERVERSE! All part of the Republican cult dupes programming and indoctrination, Doc! Deferred payment plan is a HOT seller with them fools! They think they can pull one over on the Devil, having no soul left to collect!!! Oh, boy!

  30. Traitor Trump has been compromised–a Russian asset–since Day 1. The biggest national security threat to the U.S. sits in the Oval Office! Republican cult dupe morons couldn't care less!

  31. What happens if the rest of Americans eschewed proper regard and respect for the rule of law, democracy, and our Constitution, as Republicans have amply demonstrated for the past three years? No more America!

  32. Poopy Pants Pompass Pompeo thinks politicians profiteering from the public purse is a pun! Perhaps a punitive perusal of prison would persuade propriety.

  33. The unique design feature of the Toxic Traitor Trump Terrorist Organization and Criminal Enterprise is that it doesn't require accessories…the beaucoup bogus corruption is built right in, at TREMENDOUS extra cost to you!

  34. The general perception is that racist, regressive Republicans are betraying the rule of law, Constitution, democracy, and America for ignorant tribalistic politics.

  35. GOP = Gullible Old People / Grifters Only Profit As if anyone else responsible for GOP suicide besides Gullible Old People!?! Republican cult dupes need to grow a pair, develop values, learn to think for themselves, and start taking some personal responsibility!

  36. Total Loser trying to turn the White House into Trump Casino with all the emoluments…thought it was the Santa Clause!

  37. Total Loser mendacity races to over 12,000 lies, rapidly accelerating at unprecedented rate, dignity and integrity of Oval Office left in the dust to rot, any remaining credibility completely shot. New Orwellian the Republican state of the Union! Unreal!

  38. Traitor Trump turning sacred, dignified White House into Infowars loony bin, pushing SIXTEEN different wacky conspiracies in under three years. Putin's puppet pie just earning his Russian salary, sowing confusion, dividing, weakening America!

  39. The only fuel needed for Republican cult dupe fools is delusions willingly obtained from illusions electorally maintained!

  40. Merriam-Webster updating their dictionary to include new definition for 'Republican.' "A hypocritical regressive racist obstructionist who doesn't need a reason when treason is in season."

  41. Mite Massacre Moscow McCoverup better wear his raincoat when going out in public…cause that traitor's gonna get pissed on!

  42. Trump and Barr have teamed together for a complete makeover of DOJ. It is now Devoted to Obstruction of Justice!

  43. Most criminal, incompetent, divisive, corrupt, unpatriotic Presidential administration in U.S. history. No joke! The big joke is Republicans pretending nothing wrong.

  44. Hey , remember  Solyndra , the California-based solar company that went bankrupt after receiving $535 million in federal loan guarantees from the Obama administration ?  That's $535 million . Over half a BILLION tax payer dollars gone . Just gone ?

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  47. Did you guys know that SE stands for "shoulders extraordinaire" and that this broad used to play inside linebacker for the Bucs?

    You learn something new every day.

  48. Hey cnn, what about the trump supporter who was brutally beaten in NYC? How is that not news? You know when 15 to 18 young people attack and beat a man of color for wearing a trump hat? Yet that will never be reported. @ZUUM And why you still suck cnn.

  49. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 impeach deez nuts!!

    LATINOS FOR TRUMP 2020! Will make 45% of the vote! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 KAG!


  50. Fake fake news fake news everybody trump is gonna win i know stop attacking him its all a show by cnn trump is a good man trust me dont believe me theres no proof of wrong doing stop believing this cnn propaganda period…

  51. LMAO! Look at all the undereducated, misinformed sycophants attempting to defend their Fuhrer! You poor simple minded people are so small. Don the Con has you right where he wants you. IN THE DARK!

  52. BIDEN

    So what’s missing in his statement? 1) He doesn’t admit that his son was being investigated by the State Prosecutor that he got fired by offering to withhold our money. 2) he states that the targeted prosecutor was corrupt when he was NOT(documents from his son’s lawyers sent to the new prosecutor reveal that the corruption insinuation was a lie) and the fired prosecutor has now provided an affidavit to back that up AND is willing to testify before Congress to that fact.
    3) he says current Admin is not holding anything back to leverage the continued Ukraine corruption investigation .. hmmm isn’t that what they accuse Trump of doing ?!

  53. Look at this new shiny thing and stop talking to the Republicans about the difficult to defend law breaking by me! Ridicule my “infinite wisdom” or talk about me pulling troops instead. Totally legal things that republicans can safely criticize, but. Don’t have to be embarrassed about.

  54. There's no evidence to really be fabricating such a narrative. Majority Dem's are way too eager for impeachment and aren't even hearing out their own minority leaders to chill out with all of this "Gotcha!" BS.

  55. "Road to Impeachment" ??? Pure BS. This road is filled with potholes and will end in the embarrassment of ALL Anti-Trump Liberal SCUMBAGS. Let's make this perfectly clear. This Grandstanding of impeachment talk by Corrupt Liberal Political SCUMBAGS, REPROBATES, HYPOCRITES, LIARS, FRAUDS and THUGS of the Corrupt Democratic Socialist Party of HATE, DIVISION, CRIME, SHAME, DISGRACE and DEATH will face the Backlash of the GODD People of America. We've had it with Disgusting Democratic Socialist Party DEGENERATES like Schiff and his band of Cohorts harassing our President with Phony and Fake allegations of crimes committed. This Schiff JACKHOLE is a Despicable LIAR who is a total Disgrace to our government. We call for his Removal from Congress.

    May the Mighty Hand of GOD Strike Down ALL Corrupt Liberal Political SCUMBAGS, REPROBATES, HYPOCRITES, LIARS, FRAUDS and THUGS. Enough is enough!!!



    MAGA! KAG!


  56. I remember when she used to pretend to be a republican conservative…
    Just another cheap Whore..
    Masquerading as a journalist

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