Sen. Kennedy accused of being Russian asset after defending Trump



  1. JOIN THE “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  Communist Putin’s Russian Security Services promote propaganda (Undermining Democracies Worldwide)through President Trump, Trump Administration, Fox News Commentators, Republican Party.  Let’s empower ourselves Americans by stepping up with our “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  All of them need to go home to Communist Putin’s Russia today! “GET OUT NOW”!

  2. The only use for the MSM is to know what 'they' want us to believe, so that we will know the truth is somewhere else. Peace, love and appreciation.

  3. Senator John Kennedy is a Russian asset because he is promoting Russian conspiracy theories. Nice spin FOX keep up the good work you do gaslighting Followers of Trump.

  4. Everyone I talk to about this, and has read about it understands that Trump is being railroaded by a kangaroo court. I live in Vietnam. Folks all over the world see through the propaganda. It's not just a local issue. Media has become toxic.

  5. Senator Foghorn Leghorn showed how much it must suck to be that dumb and now here's this shill driving the point home.

  6. If he's repeating Russian talking points then what do you call that? Our intelligence says its not true … Sounds like an agent to me

  7. The state run media, and the democrats, especially Hillary have to stay on offense. There was Russian COLLUSION in 2016,and Hillary and the FBI, and the democrats were the colluders! And let's not forget Hillary's biggest contributor, Ukraine! 200,plus million, and 198 million dollars from Russia,! If you're a liberal, you don't CARE. If you CARE about America, democratic or republican ,you Should! Mr.kennedy CARES !

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