Senate Impeachment Trial Of President Trump – Day 6 | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


  1. Cnn 275 million paid out,congratulations on your fake news confirmation,please tell your viewers about your settlement of mediocrity!

  2. Other news outlets will just play the stream and let people watch what's happening at trial and NBC has their experts let you know what you're supposed to think about what's going on here.

  3. It has become clear to me throughout this trial that the President's lawyer's are professionals; the House managers are simply hacks that care little for the future of our great country.

  4. Forgive me for being dumb to this kind of stuff. But i keep hearing people say that theres no evidence theres no evidence. Are people just kind of saying that trump has possibly done something wrong? Like are there any hard facts that prove trump definitely did something wrong?

  5. If Ukraine is so innocent, how can somebody with energy experience and can't speak russian get a job at 50K a month with Burisma? Why would Burisma hire a person like that unless there had to be "connections" aka "corruption". As for Bolton the war monger, now the Dems have this sour grape to provide info and just when and where did he wrote those comments…after his firing? Perhaps, the Dems will offer a job to Bolton, who will create havoc in the world by seeking war. And why not, Wilson WWI, Roosevelt WW2, Truman Korean War, LBJ Vietnam war and more soldiers died under Obama Admin. than the Bush Admin.


  7. I honestly think the defense is sketchy. And by defense i mean the defense attorneys amd arguments. They seem kind of rookyish and shakey. Maybe they are just nervous.but thats really nit an excuse. The defense needs to argue like they own the building. Just saying.

  8. President Trumps defense done great job with facts, law and proper legal demonstration.
    Shut this sham Democrat nonsense down.
    Trumpslide 2020

  9. Trump just executed order's like all president's do. Who gives this orders is truly in charge…Forgive my English.

  10. when this in finished trump will be standing, after he wins 2020 and hopefully takes the house back, tell the democrats he doesn't need them

  11. Where I live, NBC cut the broadcast to continue their "regularly scheduled broadcast". I went from watching a Presidential Impeachment hearing to JUDGE JUDY! wtf?

  12. The lies being disseminated by the president's legal team are extremely transparent.

    Instead of defending the president of the charges against him, their strategy is to carry out his smear campaign against Vice President Biden and lend validity to the insane Ukraine/Crowdstrike conspiracy theory that our intelligence agencies have agreed originated in the Kremlin.

  13. What a big difference in proffessionlism, the Republicans Defence Team are very polished and striaght to the Facts, unlike the Demonrats who Vomited and spewed assumptions and hear say held together with blatant lies.

  14. Shokin was Part of the corruption. EU and IMF wanted Shokin out. In his time in office he never brought any corruption charges to the table. He was from the corruption. All Pam Bondi said was there was an appearance a conflict of interest and that other saw it too. Hunter Biden had been on that board since 2014 but only became an issue in August.

  15. The defense for trump Pam Bondi and others fail to say that trumps own daughter and trumps other kids are doing the same thing that their accusing Hunter Biden of doing, except trump and his kids are going beyond that by stealing money from our government and others around the world, and for having experience, Ivanka and Jared Kushner don't have any experience in working in the white house, but trump put them there, and they still are, why are they not investigating them, so if they are going to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden, trump and family are out for themselves and Russia only, trump and his family are the curruption in this and more, the defense lawyers are just distracting again and puting the blame on the Biden's and Ukraine for his own curruption, if you can't see it then your totally blind to your own meaning, I'm not letting a wannabe dictator rule my Family or me, this is the United States of America, the land of the free ( freedom ), so fight for your rights and show your kids and grandchildren that you fault for them and ready to do whatever it takes to keep them safe from everyone and everything these people that sold their souls for money and greed and trying to make them as slaves because they don't want to do things themself, they will take everything from you and starve you to death if you don't say or do whatever they want, that's why trump wants the wall so bad, to keep in like North Korea is doing, that's why trumps so buddy buddy with all the dictators, think about he's pushing our allies away and trying to stop the media from telling us what's going on, trump will throw everyone away like trash, rather you helped him or not, once he's done with using you to his own benefit, he'll do away with you, look what he's done with Cohen, Flynn, Gates, Stone, you seen for yourself and he won't stop into he gets what he wants, JUST THINK ABOUT WHAT I SAID AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, it's already started, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR FAMILY? MAKE IT COUNT, IMPEACH TRUMP 2020, LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK

  16. If Joe Biden did something illegal, then get Him, but He is not the One on trial here, All of the Biden innuendo, merely detracts attention from the true matter at hand!

  17. Pam Bondi looked like she slept in her Mar A Lago party clothes. Trump could not get prestigious Washington Lawyers to defend him so he had to turn to Legal Zoom.

  18. To bad Nancy closed the impeachment investigation . If they wanted Bolton they should have gotten a special council like every other impeachment instead of acting like nazi and doing investigations in secret.

  19. NBC, your bias is showing.. Didnt any of you ever write a book? Didnt your publisher ever try to make good on their advance by pumping the book? How Naive!…Why are the BEST "bombshells" coming from a corript indicted Russian sleezeball (Parnas) and a neo-com trying to sell a book (Bolton)? Its a book pump and you know it. But your flapping jaw reporters are playing their parts in this contrived passion play.

    I call bullsh**. Oh, and I think the president's lawyers are doing an amazing job exposing this VERY partisan impeachment attempt as Schiff and Nadler attempt for the 837494th time to remove their political opponent. No bipartisan support in the house. THAT was Ken Starr's argument. That we cannot make impeachment a tool of partisan attack to wield as a club against our political opponents over policy disagreements. God, the news is dumb today.

  20. Trump rally here in Jersey Libturd Land.
    Been lineing up since Saturday…
    This morning almost a mile long.
    200,000 Record number of tickets requested for a 7,000 seat arena!!!

    TRUMP 2020 BABBY!

  21. I would like to think this is a broadcast of news and reporting the facts of this Impeachment tribunal. Under their license with the FCC, I believe this type of broadcast meets the standard of the FCC COMPLAINT that the actions of this network over this Constitutional Crisis that is INJURIOUS TO EVERY AMERICAN UNDER THE FCC COMPLAINT DEPT RESOLUTION.. "Breach, March Step, Bomb shell , Attacking the Bidens, Changing Dates Intheir reporting in blatantly misreported dates on documents presented to carry forth the Democrat narrative, 440 times Democrats mentioned the name Biden in their evidence but this news channel continues to inform the public that direct evidence is Distractive Tactics, Bolton Book revelations bombshell that has to be examined when Democrats refused to subpoena Bolton earlier when they knew this is an instance of Presidential Privilege, Restrictions on the Press being penned up and followed by Capitol police although they continue to break this rule making the report that the press is being obstructed. There are so many instances of inflaming the listening public as if to encourage the panic they purport. Any pro bono lawyers wanting to set up a class action type assistance in dealing with the FCC.

  22. ?? WE MUST TAKE THE HOUSE AND HOLD THE SENATE!! IF WE LOSE THE HOUSE AND SENATE …. RE-ELECTION WILL MEAN NOTHING!!!!   MAGA 2020 ??Democrats are afraid that the American Voters might interfere in the American 2020 elections again.  >>>>Vote Save America <<<<<??

  23. Is it just me or does it seem like the democrats are trying to overthrow the government by overriding the law? to me, that looks like treason. And they are the ones that need to be in
    Impeachment Trial all that had pens in hand, wow this is vary bad.

  24. It is NORMAL for the democrats to "change the rules – in their favor", make up new standards and run kangaroo courts, move the goal post repeatedly, alter and falsify documents, accuse their chosen adversary of something they themselves have done, and cry foul and undermine all existing protocol whenever they don't get their way. Why should this impeachment be any different. This is as serious as it gets.

    If you do not agree with the democratic position then you are a Russian asset. Again the twisted and false logic of the Democratic Party demand everyone in this country to succumb to cognitive dissonance. We all know that the Democratic Party, as it was, has been replaced by this moral relativistic , globalist Marxist cabal. It needs to be EXPOSED for the thieves of resources and the pubic time that they have presented themselves to be. And THIS "movement" is worldwide; not just in the USA.
    This war is not Democrat vs Republican . This coup, this war, is between the Globalist Marxist cabal and the very existence of the United States of America as we know it to be. "We control the horizontal, we control the vertical, we control the narrative, what we want you to know and what we don’t want you to know. We control what you know and we conceal what we don’t want you to know. 
    Distract , deceive , divide. WE ARE THE MEDIA. You WILL think like us or pay the financial consequences. " said as credo by any HYDRA enforcement officer.

    When the public decides to dismantle the resources of press and broadcast that have fueled this coup by ceasing to financially support them , the light will be seen and the lies vs truth will be laid open for all to see. Turn off your TV. Stop buying worthless newspapers. Learn what is the message of Saul Alyinsy and how propaganda works.

    With all the crazy things that happen; somethings have not changed at all.
    The objective is not about being "correct" questing for truth, improving the operations and checks and balance for government, reality or in making sense at all. What the objective is …is to destruct our current existing form of government in the name of something better, more moral ( in a moral relativism point of context) , and disarming the office of president of the USA while having nothing to replace it with. It's part of a long term plan almost 100 years old. It is a plan of infiltration into school systems, colleges, communications and media, and government among other important social constructs. That plan has been very successful . We see what it looks like as being alarming and baffling and disorganized. But that is the PLAN. Many of us have become complacent in our older age and the voice of this PLAN is very strong and echoed in the moral relativistic schooled youth, the ones that will take over eventually. Looks chaotic doesn't it? This PLAN seems to be working.

    They refer to themselves as Democrats. The "Democratic Party" has already been replaced in philosophy. The "Democratic Party" has already been dismantled. This means it is not really the Democratic Party any more except in name. This is not conjecture or conspiracy. The name "democrat" will not go away so fast. It is more like using the old name as a disguise. (Or like food or beverage products changing the formula and keeping the name) Recognizing this willing destruction to our constitution whilst saying they are upholding our constitution is essential. So at this point in time the historically Democratic Party has been totally dissolved and fragmented. What remains are larger fragments of what can be branded as hydra /cultural Marxists . Sometimes known as the deep state or the epistemological relativistic. The plan to destroy the empire from within exits both as Islamic jihad and as part of cultural Marxism. Concurrently they are temporary allies.
    Hydra has infiltrated our governments. They do not call themselves hydra. They do not identify as deep state. They do not call themselves cultural Marxists; they often do identify as Democrats.

    They have already infiltrated media, schools, colleges, government and other social institutions. This is not conjecture. It's not a theory. THE PLAN IS WORKING. Its not a lie if they can make you believe it. Hold up a mirror when they accuse and point their finger.
    Looking in the mirror are those that point their finger. See the mirror..!? Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, rules for radicals, Georgia Stones, Cultural Marxism, petrodollar, biased censorship, news as entertainment, hypocrisy, double-standards, new speak, hate speech , speech hate, destruction of the bill of rights, bankrupt the country, Critical theory, the Frankfurt school of thought, political correctness, 1984 revisited, sociopath, tyranny, constant lying and negate propaganda, more propaganda, divide and conquer, tearing down with no replacement, Islam on the move .. Jihad , devils invited into governments, ….. What do all these ideals have in common? You had better find out.
    This list of techniques goes on. The outcomes remain the same. It is worldwide not localized. If you are not part of the solution….you are the problem. You had better find out about the ring that binds these ideals and logical fallacies.
    Cultural Marxism explained in short :
    One cannot call all democrats out on this but hey, it's not only them as a party. Others too are part of this philosophy (rhinos for example) Taken to calling this adversary "Hydra" helps one identify (pin a unified name on it so to speak) this activity with a classic model (at this mode fictionally based as defined in contemporary literature and film) but it sure makes identifying the problem and the adversaries much easier. Who would have thought that ignoring the rise in political correctness would lead us to this current day theater of the absurd? Explanation of some social ideals

    Medium / Message

    54:25 communist infiltration

  25. Trump is politically toxic….are you listening to these socalled lawyers ….a homeless man would have done better….??????????

  26. I skip the parts where MSM tells me what to think but the only thing I can conclude on my own is that this swamp is deep and wide and still needs drained. GO TRUMP!

  27. All Big 3 networks ABC, CBS, NBC blacked out Trump defense lawyer Pam Bondi's presentation this afternoon of Ukraine corruption related to Joe Biden, son Hunter Biden & Burisma. In contrast, Big 3 carried Schiff's p.m. presentations live, preempting regular programming


  29. People are losing their homes. And teeth rent is so high people or living in cars and stealing homes to live due to this wicked as people. even working people can not get home and get a loan for a house to forget it. We all are born on this earth and have just as much right to live in a home and have land like they do dam it. Anyone that do not agree is the problem and needs to be gone off the earth.

  30. DemonRATs….They will be eliminated….anyone playing the game will NOT get a pass. Q……SHEEP NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Every American should watch on you tube star Spangled Banner like you’ve never seen before,a history lesson on how the song derived

  32. A lot of people are only happy he’s getting impeached because they don’t like him, that shouldn’t be the reason, you shouldn’t want the president to break the law.

  33. The Republicans should stop covering up and get to the answer in the question they don't have any proof but they feel like the president is being treated badly but he is a bad president and he don't care about the Republicans you don't respect them he don't respect the Democrats I don't even think he care about his life the man need to go see a site a psych patient a doctor

  34. You know what’s crazy if this happened in another country American and the government are so quick to ask for uprising president trump make it clear he won’t show he taxes grab women by …. , …… hole country wall that Mexico will pay for LOL is like me putting a fence on my house and ask my neighbor to pay for it and now your completing I’m not in too politic but let’s be clear we all have pay for it those who voted and those who didn’t. He warn us from get-go . Good luck

  35. trump supporters will believe what he says so don't waste your time on them just smile give them a hung and say it will be alright now..but trump would be impeached so quick if they called any witnesses and anybody with commensense knows it ?

  36. Just thought I'd look at your comments NBC. Looks like about a 3rd are woke and not happy with your coverage. It's hard to tell on another 3rd as their comments do not appear to form a complete thought. Looks like you are hanging onto at least a 3rd (only a little over 200 comments total at this point) That third is very obviously ignorant of law and legal procedures. They remain good at emotional name calling however even though incapable of speaking or writing in any form resembling a sentence.
    You are welcome to your 3rd NBC. There are some people you're just better off not having on your team and most of us are learning to just ignore those types along with your station if we want actual legit coverage – of anything.
    It's a shame MSM is even bankrupting the satellite companies!

  37. Patrick Philbin the USA is lucky to have a brilliant lawyer like you explaining and upholding the Constitution to the Senate. One day President Trump will be gone, so will this generation of Democrat leaders. What is critical is that the separation of powers and the intention of the Constitution is upheld for future generations. Well done!!!

  38. Why don't yall let the Americans vote on it cus yall know that yall will lose and yall are just mad bc Trump will not give yall money to fill up you pocket

  39. keep up your good work… your turning the people in droves! The people were never as stupid as your arrogant position assumed

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  41. You people live in a complete lie and deception because when 9/11 was an inside job and George W Bush Jr didn't get impeached or arrested what does any of this crap matter anyway!

  42. The writing on the Schiff house walls. Come on people defend against what the Democrats are selling it’s not about Americans.

  43. What good is this whole impeachment crap really? That Liar and Criminal '45' is threatening and paying off so many people to lie for him! All the G0Pers do is get on the stand and lie just like him with: " the president has done nothing that's an impeachable offense", …. And that's a huge LIE! There's plenty of evidence PROVING that he DID! It's all a Joke! He most likely will walk again! And that's Sickening!

  44. Mr. MADISON thought it indispensable that some provision should be made for defending the Community agst. the incapacity, negligence or perfidy of the chief Magistrate. The limitation of the period of his service, was not a sufficient security. He might lose his capacity after his appointment. He might pervert his administration into a scheme of peculation or oppression. He might betray his trust to foreign powers. The case of the Executive Magistracy was very distinguishable, from that of the Legislature or of any other public body, holding offices of limited duration. It could not be presumed that all or even a majority of the members of an Assembly would either lose their capacity for discharging, or be bribed to betray, their trust. Besides the restraints of their personal integrity & honor, the difficulty of acting in concert for purposes of corruption was a security to the public. And if one or a few members only should be seduced, the soundness of the remaining members, would maintain the integrity and fidelity of the body. In the case of the Executive Magistracy which was to be administered by a single man, loss of capacity or corruption was more within the compass of probable events, and either of them might be fatal to the Republic.

  45. Great news. Americans think…..You want to impeach a President exposing corruption. You got to be dumb. Once again is Donald J Trump corrupted???????

  46. Once again, the liberal press cannot predict #TRUMP2020 .. they say postpone SoU Address?? Why should he? The #demoKKKrats have been trying to impeach him since 2016.

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