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-In this week’s edition of search engine news we’re going to look at Google’s recent updates to exact match keywords
and what it could mean for your business advertising on Google Ads. We also have staying with Google Ads a new ad format future tryouts
for shopping campaigns to hopefully boost your engagement. Finally, following on from last week where we talked about
indexing on the mobile web we’re looking at Google’s
recent announcements underlying why it’s really important to use HTML as the primary language for your pages. This is search engine news and all of that is coming up right now. [music] Hey there guys,
Darren Taylor of the My job is to teach you
all about search engine marketing. If that’s like your street you should
consider subscribing to my channel today. Today’s edition of search engine news we’re looking very closely
at some updates Google have made to Google Ads. I’m going to start off
with the very first topic which is the recent updates
to exact match keywords. Yes, I know, again,
Google have done it again. Now, we have less control again
over our exact match keywords in our Google Ads accounts. What this recent update does is it uses a machine learning to
understand the identified search terms and match them to your
exact match keyword based on Google’s learning process and its machine learning
looking at the intent of keywords. As you’ll notice in the example,
Yosemite National Park as an exact match keyword
isn’t actually getting exact match traffic with these three types
of matching of searches. You’ll see actually the traffic
quality you can get compared to an exact match search
is actually quite broad. This is not exact match. I can definitely see a lot of
advertisers getting annoyed at this. I know, for example,
I’m annoyed at this because again it’s just another example
of Google taking control away from advertisers and trying to cover it up as improving user experience. Now, let’s be fair, let’s look
at what Google have said about this. Google have actually said
that is to help advertisers who haven’t expanded
their keyword list enough discover new phrases
and show for important phrases that they probably want to show for on the Google Ad search results page. In a way, Google is saying
that it’s a good thing they’ve done but let’s be honest,
this is a genuine land grab again from Google taking control away,
improving revenue on their parts and it’s just annoying. Now, I know there’s a lot
of very clever people out there who have written scripts
to make sure exact match stays exact. The last update to be honest
isn’t as bad as this one. This one’s a lot worse. I think I will definitely be
utilizing some of those scripts as well. The scripts you’ll find them
in the description below. It’s definitely credited for
the people who wrote them as well Thank you so much for the guys
who have written these scripts. You’re a lot smarter than me. Next up, we have an
update on shopping ads. Now, Google have improved
showcase shopping ads now. You can actually use video
to promote your products which is pretty cool. Previously, showcase ads
could only contain images. Moving up to video now is going to give a much better user experience
for the person searching. It means advertisers
have more options as well to promote their products,
they can get really creative with the ideas to really boost up
their click-through rates. In fact, Google have
actually said that the top ad in the showcase search
results gets a 3.6 time higher click-through rate than the adverts. We know these adverts are powerful anyway but now we’ve enhanced it with video it’s going to be really,
really powerful for advertisers with a product to sell.
Google have said the video format for showcase ads is already available
for people already running that format. Go ahead, start recording video, make videos of your products and get the advantage of a higher click-through rate
by doing so as well. This next story is a very minor one but at the end of the day it’s worth discussing because Google actually
rolled back a change based off the back of complaints,
which is quite rare to be fair. This change is all around
the new Chrome update. When Chrome updated Google took away the www. from the address bar
whenever you typed the website in. You just saw the domain name on its own without the pre-requisite of the www. Now, apparently this annoyed a lot of people. It made them feel unsure
about where they were on the web and there were
a lot of complaints off the back of it. Guess what? Google have actually rolled back the changes and they say
so in this recent post “However you can’t say that the complaints ” “were unfounded because
most of the complaints revolved ” “around seeing the pre-requisite
M dot for mobile websites” ” that people still use the M prefix
for mobile versions of their site.” You couldn’t see that because Google got rid of that option by doing the update. In addition to that,
you can’t see the full address therefore, phishing
attempts become a lot easier because you can’t see the pre-requisite part of the domain in the browser. For that reason, Google
have brought back the changes which to me makes perfect sense. Next up, we have a minor change to Google My Business
which is quite a good one for an advertiser who’s strapped for time because now you can go
into your Google My Business Listing see your reviews on your sites and then you can actually go through and edit them directly from
the Google search results page instead of logging in to your
dashboard on Google My Business. Yes, I know it’s a minor change but it’s definitely good for the advertiser because it saves a lot
of time instead of logging into your dashboard and going through manually every single review. You can actually just go on there now and write responses to reviews which is really going
to help people be engaged with your business more if you can respond to more reviews especially bad ones. I’ve made many videos about bad reviews in the past and what to do. I’ve linked that up in the description below and how to get more good reviews for your Google My Business page. Finally, the last update
follows on from last week where we saw that
Google announced passively that having a JavaScript heavy site is going to cause issues with
indexing on the mobile web. Now, in this week’s episode, Google have I guess passively announced
that having a website that’s not pure HTML means
it will be indexed a lot slower. Therefore, if you have a site that or pages that are pure HTML then
that will get indexed a lot quicker because Google has
a two-pass indexing system. If your page is fully HTML, then the first pass will catch everything and you don’t even have to wait for the second pass
for Google to understand the page. If you have a site that’s not pure HTML and it’s got a lot of other scripts in there then what will happen
is Google will give a second pass. What Google have said is there’s
no time frame for the second pass. Guys, if you want to be indexed on Google ASAP especially, if you have new content or update and you really want to
make sure that the search results reflect your current website,
be sure to make sure your website uses HTML heavy and it’s more HTML focused as opposed to other languages because Google sees it as a distraction and it won’t index your site as quickly as it could,
especially, in time-sensitive industries where you’re publishing articles. It’s really important to
do this because if you don’t your competitors do it, then all of a sudden you aren’t as visible as them
for time-sensitive content pieces. That completes the search engine
news update for this week. If you like this video,
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annoying than the last one or whether you’re still
annoyed at Google like I am. Just vent yourself
in the comment section below. More important than that,
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