Shane McMahon fines Kevin Owens $100,000: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 13, 2019

>>Last Sunday night, I was in the ring with someone who
calls himself the best in the world.>>Boo!>>And while I can assure you that that
is as far from reality as it can be->>[APPLAUSE]>>SummerSlam will still go down as a night I will remember forever for
a lot of reasons. One of them is that my entire family,
my wife, my kids, and my parents were sitting ringside
watching me, and they got to share that experience with me, they got-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>They got to share this arena, sold out, packed with people rocking, begging
to see me kick Shane McMahon’s ass.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And the best part is that’s
exactly what I did.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>In fact, Shane’s ass isn’t the only thing I kicked. [LAUGH] But as great as that kick felt,
what I’ll remember most Is hitting Shane McMahon with that
stunner in the middle of this ring, in the middle of this arena.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Because of you, I will remember that moment for
the rest of my life.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We’re supposed to be going toe to toe,
and you pull something like that? Is that what makes you a man?>>A man?
Well, I’ll say that, if I’m gonna be lectured about
being a man, it’s not gonna be from someone who used to be part of
something called the Mean Street Posse.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shane, being a man just means
shutting your stupid face.>>You know what, Kevin? You’re not a man, you’re a low life. And more importantly,
you will always be known as a cheater.>>Boo!>>You cheated, Kevin. Elias was so traumatized,
I gave him the night off, and the 24/7 Title is suspended for tonight.>>Boo!>>You were hitting Elias,
okay, with malice. You came after him, you attacked him. But what was Elias wearing? That’s right,
an actual WWE referee jersey. You can never,
ever go after an official, okay? You can never intentionally do that,
so Kevin, in order, and this is part of my management job,
I’ve been thinking about this. What needs to happen to
ensure that everyone is safe specifically the officials? So Kevin, I’m here to tell you that, well, in US dollars Kevin,
you will now be fined 100,000.>>What? Are you kidding me? $100,000? You’re fining me $100,000 for
doing that to Elias? Man, what a joke, you know what?>>You’re an official.>>Hey, you know what? A 100 grand might be nothing to you,
to me, it’s my family’s future. It’s my kids’ college,
it’s a down payment on a house. You know what? You talk, no, no, no, hold on. You talk about being a man? If you’re the man you say you are,
you’re gonna reconsider this, because you know it’s crap.>>Nope [SOUND].>>Boo!>>[INAUDIBLE] all right, I gotta go.>>Hey, hey.>>Are you serious?>>Listen to me. Listen, I am not a competitor right now,
I am here in official capacity, you understand? So if you wanna take a swing at me, if you
really wanna pop me, well, guess what? You think $100,000 is a lot? You wanna hit me, then I will sue you and
I will take every single dime from you, I’ll put your family in peril. Is that what you want, Kevin? I didn’t think so. Hey man, it had to be done.>>100 grand?>>100,000,
you put your hands on an official, Kevin. We have to set an example here, okay? You have to set an example.>>You know what? Let’s just make it 105.>>Trying to fight me? Hey, wait, Hey! [SOUND] [SOUND]


  1. He's not a real official as usual Shane Stacks the deck and he's the actual cheater cuz he sends his goon squad out

  2. We all know in reality he didn’t get fined. Wrestlers from all decades attacked officials and nothing happened. Such a load of crock

  3. If I was in Kevin shoes I would sue the wwe back and I would of punched Shane if he crosses the line and talks bad about any ones family

  4. I just wish KO would stop using the stunner as his finisher. It looks weak af. His pop up powerbomb is way better than his stunners. They feel much more impactful.

  5. Becky lynch was not fined to attack lacy Evans why now tell wwe even though she was an official wwe refree in that match then fine Becky too

  6. That is the craziest thing Shane McMahon just mad cuz Kevin Owens beat him and he had to find Kevin Owens $100,000 for nothing

  7. Shane Micgirl…when you die will go to hell with your abuse power and money. When we die, we will not get it all with us.
    They work hard for their family.

  8. I want shane to stay on tv, i liked him since as a kid. so its cool to see more of him. but he should take off for a few montsh and come back!

  9. Gotta leave it to Kevin to save Shane from losing himself in his thoughts. The crowd noticed Shane took a long time to say what he wanted to say, and Kevin noticed they were losing the fans during that segment.

  10. Now i believe its time to get interference by the Board of Directors
    And Shane should be given warning and even fined for using his powers unethically.

    SHANE — You are really a disgraceful human being.
    A perfect SOB & Perfect AssH*le …

  11. Kevin Owens is already a star, he doesn’t need KOTR, he’ll probably be apart of some booking where he just quits to put someone over, and remember, he started this rivalry in the first place because other new talents weren’t getting tv time

  12. I think it's funny that shane calls kevin a cheater,but the only reason shane has won all of his matches is McIntyre and elias,Elias got involved in a match he shouldnt have,and he got what was owed….too bad he wouldnt have apron powerbombed shane tho

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