1. My local news station was acquired by Sinclair in the merger that John Oliver covered on his show, since then the news coverage has definitely favored Trump. They ran a nonsense story about a retired police dog TWICE but completely ignored the March For Our Lives event in my town where 500+ people marched! They don't cover any of the protests or stories that are critical of Trump.

  2. So CNN is going to be the difference?? Gimme a break.
    CNN is the biggest fake news of them all. They just make crap up!
    Kettle calls the pot black

  3. I am a Sinclair employee. It was a bad idea for corporate to feed the most recent mandatory script to it's stations. Whoever wrote it should have known that "fake news" is an extremely loaded word that instantly creates division. I recommend the audience to not fall into the hysteria of all this start banning Sinclair stations or sending hate mail to meteorologists, anchors and producers. This is an opportunity for the talent and writers to grab the reigns more, to refuse highly charged and instantly politically dividing content and commentary. It's inevitable that any news station needs to cover stories about all political sides and it doesn't make sense to start banning Trump material. I say encourage the employees of Sinclair. This is not new news. Other broadcast groups like Raycom, Nexstar, Meredith, Morris, American, and Hearst were part of the cookie cutter scrips when the "i scream you scream you know the rest", mike myers says yeah baby, the economy took the spring out of the easter bunny's step" scripts were regurgitated by all it's stations. Sinclair took a right angle from this most recent commentary but every broadcast group sends out it's mandatory scripts. At least the corporate world knows we are watching.

  4. The video title say Sinclair fires back but the whole video is CNN's leftist narrative that this is a pro Trump message. Without that spin no one would say the message was either left or right.

  5. National companies like NBC, CBS, PBS, ABC all do the same thing against Trump, finally someone comes out for Trump and all the leftist and never trumper's are screaming??? Funny, it is something the we have said about leftists. Perhaps this is balancing the rhetoric.

  6. Trusted news brands in world markets? Hahahaha The pro socialist globalist NWO puppet news criticizes real news networks? Hahaha! Brian is a clown, who sold his soul to the devil for money and fame.

  7. Sinclair and Trump are going backwards instead of forwards for the better future. This is Not the 1800's. Bring back togetherness, trust, faith and humanity.

  8. Blame Bill Clinton for signing the Telecommunications Act in 1996 which allowed for monopolies in the industry and deregulation. He opened the door for this!!

  9. CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS all have a democratic liberal or progressive editorial slant they are just smarter about it then Sinclair and FOX are.

  10. Wow…..Sinclair should be criticized, but CNN is one to talk. Fuck CNN. Everyone knows CNN does the same bs

  11. What part of
    Robust economy
    Kim jong un brought to his knees
    Secured border
    Defeated issis
    Reduced racial tension
    Lower taxes
    Higher employment
    Dont u libs like?

  12. Corporate Media makes me sick wether it's from the left or the right. Let me give you a taste of what a real Trump supporting American believes. I support Trump because people are individuals and not their group identities, p.c. culture flies in the face of that. The world is not fair and all of us are oppressed by the nature of life itself, but just because you are oppressed doesn't make one group or another your oppressor this is where Karl Marx got it horribly wrong. Donald Trump stands out as a buffer from the culturally suicidal policies put forth by the Overton window being slid so far to the left it's almost off the scales. Borders are needed and the left is a good place to look if you want to define them, but there needs to be a dialogue between the left and the right in order to maintain balance between the two extremes. If we slide too far to the right creativity dies and soon society falls with it. If we slide too far to the left there is no order and therefore no society. So I very much want to have a laissez-faire capitalist system with some form of order and a system of welfare that doesn't drain the life out of those who contribute or receive it. Our current system falls way short of that goal and we need to get back on course to work towards it.

  13. When you hear Mister Stelter childlike voice doesn't it make you cringe? Can some humanitarian doctor one send him a perscription for a 4 milligram Androderm patch?

  14. How was this a pro Trump agenda . This is the mainstream media attacking The Independent news organizations

  15. I would rather see this than CNN riding the fake Russia story. They are so anti-trump, they are an extension of the Deamoncrats.

  16. Get that pron star off the air, and get they guy back on that said he had sex with Obama in the taxi cab. Expose his man-wife.

  17. Like the James Devore diversity memo dustup at Google, this Sinclair statement is being completely distorted by a biased subjective spin.  I defy anyone who actually reads the statement to find anything objectionable in the organizations desire and commitment to objective journalism.  How is it different from CNN's "apple vs banana" campaign?

  18. Have any of you people actually heard the entire PSA? Probably not! It's a mission statement. Sinclair stations are simply aiming to tell the truth. Something CNN cannot attest to, despite their rhetoric.

  19. Didnt all of the local ads end by encouraging the viewers to contact the local station if they ever felt they were getting fake news from them? Isn't that a GOOD thing?

  20. This Sinclair thing easy to spot. What's really dangerous is the pervasive propaganda themes and messages in all media, including entertainment, that are not nearly this obvious. The best propaganda is not recognized as propaganda.


  22. Deadspin didn't make the video Andrew W did. Deadspin nade the video 1 week ago. Andrew W made it 2 weeks ago. Andrew W's video has 2,000,000 views while deadspin's copy has only 300,000.

  23. Do you really think that CNN isn't guilty of shit like this? DID YOU SEE the last election? You can argue Sinclair's bias towards trump but they're only one side of the same fucking coin here. CNN's owned by a conglomerate like Sinclair, and they own way more. Do you honestly believe that your chosen news source doesn't do the same shit? Are you blind if so? Do you really give a shit as long as someone pets your ego? Do you even care about what's true and what's not? DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE to question yourself instead of parroting what others have told you? If you want to fight against this shit you have to realize that if there's a concerted effort like this, that they're competing with another concerted effort. CNN is running this story because they themselves are guilty of shit like this and are trying to act like a moral victor. Question everything.

  24. Show me examples of them lying or poor reporting or anything that constitutes this scandal. You're telling us what to think about what they've done, but what did they say or do that was so messed up? It's not that weird to run one script for two hundred broadcasts. Is this actually a scandal or are we simply seeing how the hotdog is made?

  25. The war between the left and right has been orchestrated & manipulated into being by the top 1% + media conglomerates.

  26. "i scream, you scream… you know the rest" (2012)
    "mike myers says 'yeah baby'" (2013)
    "economic factors may take some spring out of the easter bunny's step this year" (2014)
    YEARS BEFORE Trump even ran for office. but Trump is the one who's 'orchestrating' the media brainwashing, huh? We're not as dumb as you look, CNN – sorry.


  28. I know this a video bout sinclair, but just watching this "report" from one of the more respected news outlets makes me realize how incredibly underdeveloped American journalism is..

  29. There is no firing back after this Bitch!

    They want us to respect these reporters as journalists, yet they just read a script from the higher ups!

    If it’s a mainstream network, it’s all propaganda!

  30. Some of these comments just show how ignorant people are. It makes zero difference if Sinclair is for or against Trump, Obama, Clinton or whoever. The fact that all of those repeated the exact same message should be a major concern to those who want the truth about any story. It's not about Trump morons but please continue drinking your Kool-Aid and enjoy the matrix, your kids and grandkids will thank you one day (sarcasm)

  31. NWO right there but I guess this is fake news right conservative ? Them republican already in action for the next election lmao

  32. Interesting because no one has been asked to lie… so basically the ones upset about the promo are upset because they are being asked to do their job which report facts not opinions. The irony here is quite amusing. Lol

  33. uhmm lets see they are all literally saying the same thing word to word at almost the same time by mentioning they are cnn afliates you caused people to trust you less congrats

  34. This same thing happens on CNN when they uses the same phrases … What CNN does is attack Media that's getting more popular than them. CNN ratings is very low.

  35. It's wild how cultlike Trump haters are.Totally blind….demonic….seething and rabid….lonely.And they ALL watch MSM…every…last…one…of…them.

  36. jesus, so everyone saw the horrible effects a corporation owning such a huge part of the media can have and they're making it about politics and/or sides? this isn't about politics, it's about free will

  37. The hundreds of "A Sinclair® station" are truly a lazy, textbook-embodiment of propaganda.

    I loved how that somewhat like the case with "T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M news alerts" by a station [as adult-rated late-night comedian Mr Oliver said] being aired in a wee hours, FOX®-affiliate in Madison, WI ("FOX® 57") refused to produce that pre-scripted capsule whatsoever, let alone air it. More Elbow to such rebels! ?????? ????????

    People concerned about this should watch that PBS®' ‘NewsHour’ exposé as well.

  38. ALL media does this… They are actors, reading from a script…Someone first has to write what they say…

  39. Although I don't like the "forced reporting", most of the reporting on MSM turned out to be fake news. .. Where are the Russians? Every single day you would hear the Russians this, the Russians that. All waste of time meanwhile humanitarian crisis happening in many places around the world.

  40. Jan was bullying a kid in the playground. Jan made every day about how wrong and ugly the kid was was. But then the adults came out and all said the same thing. They said Jan was bullying and using bias against the kid. But jokes on them, they were all the kid's supporters just repeating the same propaganda. Some of the adults were actually on Jan's side. So Jan boycotted some advertisers and now the playground is better than ever… (???? That's how this story reads to an outsider.)


    for those who have no idea what I am saying, watch this (John Oliver exposed this on 3 July 2017):

  42. Fake news calls out fake news from the people putting out fake news that calls out the currant fake news and then calls the other fake news channel the real fake news even though they where just bought by the fake news that everyone knows is the original fake news despite the fact that everyone knows it is the real fake news that is being faked!

  43. Most of you have no idea how you're being led, by the nose, down rabbit holes everyday by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX, the news media in the US is sooo corrupt by the likes of Soros and other power players around the world that EVERYONE is being played, Sinclair is the only one exposed by all the others, for now…..they ALL will be exposed soon!!! ….Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see!!

  44. WVTV and WCGV/WVTV-DT2, although owned by Sinclair, aren't affected by the Trump-like agenda because they don't even operate news departments. WXLV and WMYV aren't affected either because, even if they air newscasts, those newscasts are produced by Spectrum after those stations cancelled their newscasts. Every Sinclair station that does not air newscasts in the English language, which includes the Univision and Azteca affiliates of Sinclair, aren't affected.

  45. The CIA Coined the Term Conspiracy Theorist In 1967

    That all changed in the 1960s.

    Specifically, in April 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories” … and recommended methods for discrediting such theories.  The dispatch was marked “psych” –  short for “psychological operations” or disinformation –  and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit.

    The dispatch was produced in responses to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976.

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