Start spreading the news.

Start spreading the news!
You’ll want to be a part of this: Verizon 5G is coming to New York City.
It’s going live in New York Thursday, September 26.
In parts of uptown, downtown, midtown, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.
It’s not just 5G. It’s 5G Built Right. On the network more people rely on.
But that’s not all. We are going live at 11AM ET
to open our doors and show how Verizon uses our technology and our talent for good.
Featured segments include Build, Ryot, the Family Online Safety Institute and much more!
I gotta say, I cannot wait to see you host with the most a little bit later.
Well thank you very much.
And you can watch the live stream on, HuffPo, and our Up To Speed channels.
It’s been an exciting day here in New York. But I think that’s all for us.
Until next time, you’re up to speed.

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