In the first Tokyo Dome of the Heisei Era,
the wrestler Jyushin Thunder Liger was born. And today, in the Tokyo Dome,
the wrestler Jyushin Thunder Liger is no more. For these past 31 years…
Thank you very much for your support! Job well done. Although he will be leaving the ring
for good, he’s still in his prime. Thank you! Mr. Sano, if you can please share
your thoughts on today. Although he is retiring as Liger, He will always live on in everyone’s hearts.
From looking at his fight tonight in the ring, It’s clear that he could keep going. I will miss him but I truly appreciate this
opportunity to tag with Liger in the end. Nothing else but thanks to Liger. And Mr. Fujiwara, how did it
feel to be out there? I’ll just miss him. I wanted to support him
out there but I didn’t want to cheat. I want to congratulate him for
having such longevity in his career. What did you think when you first heard
this offer from Liger, to be his second? I actually questioned why he’d need me… How did you watch his last match? I didn’t really get to watch because I was
so worried that he might get injured. I was just worried and worried… Mr. Sano, yesterday you faced Liger, today you
teamed with him. How was that experience? When we were young,
he always stood across from me. And every time I heard his entrance music,
it fired me up. It was great to experience that once again. Today, you were his partner. He tagged you in.
That was something rare. How did you feel? How can I put this? I was so preoccupied
that I had to do something for him. But his moves were great.
So, I found myself just watching him. Can you two each give a
send-off message to Liger? Wrestlers all over the world
dream of becoming Liger. So, I believe Liger will always
live on in our hearts. Even though he won’t wrestle,
people still want to see him, right? I think he made a great decision. I hope he will always be the heart
of wrestling. Job well done. Fujiwara, if you please. Thank you. That’s all. If we’re good, we’ll end it here.
Thank you very much. Thank you. I won’t cry, because old guys
look horrible when they cry. Job well done, sir. Thank you. This was really your last match.
What’s in your heart right now? The strength of the champion, Hiromu.
Nothing I did could touch him. I don’t know how the fans saw it, but he was
on a different level than me. Way up there. So, that reminded me that I made the right
decision. The other wrestlers need to watch out. But I want them to keep lifting New Japan,
hopefully with no serious inures. Hiromu told me that he will
keep pushing this division. After this, I’ll just sit in amazement at
commentary. That’s all. It’s been 9 months since you announced your
retirement. Was this what you were hoping for? Yes, I absolutely got what I wanted.
I know that retirement makes people sad. But I don’t like that. It’s not my style.
I just wanted people to see the Liger they knew. If I could make people wonder if
I’m really leaving, that’s perfect. I’m sure you had many telling you not to retire,
but how did you take tonight’s last match? That didn’t matter once the match started.
I faced the champion. If I sucked, they’d tell me. I just wanted to show the kind of fight
that told people that I still have it. That’s what I hoped for in my retirement match. Last night you had a tag celebrating your past,
and tonight you faced the future. How were they? I’m very satisfied. I never wanted my
retirement to become a sad thing. I went right at them and they tore me apart.
Yesterday, too. So, I have no regrets. And I can rely on Hiromu
because he promised that he’d carry on this work. You can leave with no regrets? No regrets. None. We have the creator of Jyushin Thunder Liger,
Go Nagai, here with us. -Thank you very much.
-Congratulations. Thank you so much. You were amazing out there.
You stayed to true to Liger. Thank you. It’s all because of you.
Thank you so much. I met Liger 31 years ago. New Japan told me
that a masked wrestler will be born. So, I was anticipating who would be Liger,
wondering who would wear the mask. Then Liger came…
Well…Yamada, technically… I guess it’s okay to say that now. He was so motivated to be Liger. I saw great passion in him.
That made me truly happy. I immediately gave them my blessing. It was the
right choice, he proved that over these 31 years. Although there were times he won and lost,
all of his matches were so special. He established his own style which made
every pro-wrestling fan very happy. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate that I get this opportunity
to get be with a wrestler. Thank you. As the wrestler Liger, he became independent from
just your character. He’s fought over 31 years. He designed his own masks
and added many things to it. He worked hard to keep the fans entertained.
That’s all of because of his hard work. I supported him as a fan.
But I was always very happy. The character was based around a bio-armor.
How has it been watching the real thing? Truthfully, Liger’s own matches have
created his own legacy. Every match, I was so excited to see him
fight. It always brought me joy. How it is having the creator here today? Yamada was overcome by pure evil.
I wasn’t sure if I was right for Liger. But I really wanted to be a masked wrestler.
I grew up following his other works. I remember pleading to New Japan to let me do it. Nagai congratulating me on my career is a relief. Truthfully, that’s a load off my shoulders. I honestly believe I was surrounded
by good people in my career. I have pictures with Adachi, Fujiwara, Inoki,
Kotetsu Yamamoto and many of other senpais. Also, Nagai. If I didn’t have those people,
I wouldn’t be here today. Every time I put on the bio-armor, the evil
part of Yamada goes away. I appreciate that. -Thank you very much.
-Thank you very much. Soon you will take off the bio armor suit… I’ll take off the suit, but not the mask.
It’s already too late to go back to old myself. I want to stay as Liger. And Nagai approved it.
So I will stay as Jyushin Thunder Liger. But, I won’t be wearing the bio-armor.
My evil side might grow stronger. Forgive me. Is Yamada still wandering Liverpool? Stop calling me Yamada.
He’s lost in Liverpool. That’s all from us.
Anything else to ask him? More questions? I want to ask you about tonight’s match.
Today you and Sano faced Hiromu and Ryu Lee, What did this match mean to you?
What did you think? I was told by my senpais like Sano and Kobayashi,
if you keep fighting like this, you’ll die in the ring. Now, when I see their matches, that’s what
I think. I think they will die like that. So, I wanted to face them, the leaders of today,
as the previous leader. I think that became old vs new.
It showed the future of the junior division. So, the future of New Japan juniors
will be very bright. I have nothing else to tell them. I just hope
that I’ll watch their matches with enthusiasm. Also, Shinya Hashimoto in heaven…
I want to tell him that I’m done wrestling. His son, Daichi, is here today.
I had to mention that. Many wrestlers were there for me. Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman, Pegasus… I think those wrestlers are
congratulating me, too. You were the pride of the juniors,
but you also faced heavyweights, like Hashimoto. I think you always tried to bring up the
excitement of juniors challenging heavyweights, Can you tell us how you see the current junior
division, and give them a message? There’s two divisions in New Japan,
heavy and junior. But as long as they want to compete,
it will all keep growing. Although we are companions, at the
same time, everyone’s your rival. I didn’t want to lose to a heavy. And Hashimoto
said he doesn’t want to lose to a junior. That kind of competition is what
New Japan’s fights are about. So, I have nothing to worry about. I know
I’m bragging, but New Japan is absolutely awesome. That’s what I truly think, as a fan. So, keep delivering amazing matches to fans,
but please be careful. So, I really don’t have anything else
to tell them. Thank you. What match stands out when looking
back on your 31 years? Facing Great Muta, Shinya Hashimoto, and Minoru Suzuki.
It’s impossible for me to forget those matches. I have great memories.
I want to thank them all. You mentioned injuries, the worst you
had was breaking your ankle, right? That was a major injury. And you missed a long time due to
a brain tumor and appendicitis. Shut up! That’s none of your business. But including your time before you put on a mask,
you were able to finish your 35 years, safely. I think it’s ideal for wrestlers to retire not
because of major injury or getting old. Fujiwara told me that I’m lucky that I get
to retire while I’m very healthy and can walk. I want to thank my mother for making me
this tough. She came to watch, from Hiroshima. She’s not in great condition, but she came
to see my last match. I really want to thank her. Tomorrow you are having a retirement ceremony,
is there anything you will do for the fans? I want to tell fans thank you. Today, I didn’t want
to talk so much in the ring, because it’s a big show. Honestly, New Japan is working very hard to
make me cry, but I won’t. I want to end happily. Thank you, to fans. I want to finish my career
as if I were a comedian. That’s how it should be. So, no bio-armor tomorrow? I haven’t decided yet. But I think fans want
to see me in the bio-armor rather than in a suit. So, I want to greet them in my costume and cape. But at the same time, I’m feeling conflicted because
I won’t be a pro-wrestler anymore, tomorrow. Thank you. We’re looking forward to it. Thank you. Then we’ll end it here.
Thank you very much. Liger is not the kind of wall that I
could break though. That’s the truth. It doesn’t matter if I won or lost.
It’s not about trying to surpass him. I’m not even thinking that I want to
surpass him, anymore. The era of juniors he created,
I will get past. But I couldn’t surpass him and
can’t anymore. That’s the truth. So, I will do something different,
entirely of my own. However, I do want to say…
I respect you. That doesn’t say enough. I don’t know what else to say…
I’ve always loved you, and I always will. I wish I could surpass you.
But I’ll have to take a different path. I said before it’s an honor to be in this match.
彼の引退試合の相手の一人になれて光栄だ He’s a legend loved by wrestlers world-wide.
彼は世界中のレスラーたちに愛されてるレジェンドだ Others wish they were in the spot we were in today.
多くのレスラーが今日 俺とヒロムを羨んでいるだろう I’m very pleased that we had a great match.
彼と素晴らしい試合ができ 嬉しく思う I’m glad to make my Tokyo Dome debut this way.
遂に東京ドームでデビューを飾れてすごく幸せだ Any questions? What did you say to Liger in the ring? What did I say to him? I forgot.
It was something that came from my heart. You said you wanted to move beyond Liger.
How can you do that, exactly? I don’t know about that. That’s up to
the people. But for me, I have no idea. I don’t think that’s for me to think about. I really don’t have a clue. I wish I knew
how to. But I really don’t know. People say today’s match was
a passing of the torch- That’s it! You want this title?
ベルトが欲しいだろ? A rematch?
リマッチしたい? Of course.
もちろんだ I’ll say this now, in front of everyone…
今みんなが見てる前で言ってやる… Hiromu, I’ve been waiting-
ヒロム お前を待ってた Shut-up! It’s decided, Ryu Lee will the
next challenger! That’s it! Hiromu is back.
遂にヒロムが帰ってきた Even seeing him upset makes me happy.
あいつの怒ってる姿でさえ 幸せに感じるよ I’m glad to see him return to the ring.
彼がまたリングで闘ってる姿を見れるなんて I want to show what only we can do.
俺たちにしかできない試合を見せたい That’s what the fans have been waiting for.
世界が熱望しているカードだ He’s back, and I’m very happy about that.
またあいつと試合ができる 幸せだ I will take that belt from him.
あいつからベルトを奪ってやる I had it, but I really wanted to take it from him.
俺はあいつからベルトを奪りたかった He and I know that we’re connected.
俺たちは運命共同体だ Hiromu, we’re reflections of each other.
互いにとってまるで合わせ鏡のような存在だ I’ve also joined INGOBERNABLES with RUSH and Kenny King.
俺とケニー・キングはインゴベルナブレスに加入した Watch what we do.
俺たちの活躍を注目してくれ Last year was good. I became an IWGP champion.
去年はIWGP王者にもなって良い一年だった Now I’m an ROH champion.
ROHのTV王者にもなった Every year I progress more and more.
でも毎年もっと上を目指していきたい I keep representing my people and family.
メキシコやムニョス一族の素晴らしさを見せていきたい And now I come to you as an INGOBERNABLE.
インゴベルナブレスの代表として頑張りたい Hiromu, I love you, kitty.
ヒロム 可愛い子猫ちゃん I’m glad that you’re back.
帰ってきてくれて嬉しい Thank you and Happy New Year.
みんなありがとう そして良い一年を Sorry…


  1. A simple thank you feels like it’s barely enough. Guys like this ARE professional wrestling. He will be immortalized forever, and rightfully so.

  2. Thank you Liger
    Love that he was recognized by fans at america and japan itself
    May his legacy lives on and must i say suzuki vs liger was the match that was the most outstanding one.
    And the match that tyler breeze would truly treasure as he was the only one that gets to face a japanese legend

  3. ジュシンサンダーライガー、素晴らしい思い出をありがとう if I offend anyone I apologize if it translated wrong

  4. Thank you Liger for EVERYTHING that you've done for the sport of wrestling. You left behind a legacy that'll NEVER be duplicated ever again. You will forever be known as a legend, not just in Japanese fans but wrestling fans all over the world. There will always be one, and ONLY ONE, Jyushin Thunder Liger!!!!!!
    Thank you so much <3

  5. Eddie,Chris benoit
    Legends that are still remembered,Can't imagine how will it play out if they were still alive
    Benoit vs Liger at tokyo dome 5th jan that would be a classic 5 star match in the history books itself
    Liger and eddie vs Hiromu and dragon lee in 4th jan

  6. #ThankYouLiger tus contribuciones a la lucha libre son increíbles , te extrañaremos y nunca te olvidaremos LEYENDA 👏👏👏👏

  7. Jushin thunder liger is one of the most spectacular cruiserweight athletes in the history of the game. Former wcw cruiserweight champion, iwgp junior for the 8 time. Appearance in tna, cmll and wwe nxt. Liger is my favorite of my life that i draw by myself. You never know that both jushin liger and rey mysterio are both real lucha king of mysterious of professional wrestling.

  8. Though his boots are now hung up, his fighting spirit will be passed on to the younger generation. May they carry the torch for New Japan, and wrestling in general like Liger has for 31 years. #ThankYouLiger

  9. The greatest and most influential junior heavyweight in the history of Japanese wrestling. Well deserved.

    Arigato gozaimasu, Liger-san!

  10. I was lucky enough to be in attendance for Liger's final match and the whole stadium felt really emotional. It was like people didn't want to stop clapping because as soon as the music was over, that was it, no more Liger. A true legend of wrestling bowed out with dignity and grace.

  11. My favorite moment match was Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. The late "Flying" Brian Pillman back in 1990 on Christmas Day at the Omni in Japan when he defeated him for the WCW Light Heavyweight title. Then on the first WCW's "SUPERBRAWL", Pillman gained the title back from Liger on that night on January of 1991. Great memories from Jushin "Thunder" Liger. And on the first WCW MONDAY NIGHT NITRO, they fought again, and no title is on the line! #ThankyouLiger!

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