The bizarre relationship between Australia and Manchester | Live At The Apollo – BBC

My favourite thing
when I was in Australia… This is brilliant,
this will blow your mind. Does anybody here know what
the collective noun in Australia is for sheets, pillowcases, bedding? Anyone know what they call it? Manchester.
That’s right. Manchester. I didn’t know, I’m from Manchester
and I didn’t know. Basically what happened was about
150 years ago we, in Manchester, invented cotton, and erm… ..sent it round the world. It’s easier than
explaining slavery, that bit. We, um… We sent it round the world,
it arrived in Australia, Sydney, in a big box with “Manchester” on, and the Australians would go,
“What’s that?” And they would go,
“It’s Manchester.” They have Manchester shops! What goes on in there?! Some bloke like Bez going,
“D’ya want some Vimto?” They sell sheets and pillowcases
and bedding – it’s amazing. They have Manchester departments
in their department stores. That’s how I discovered it.
I was just browsing in one one day and overheard an announcement
on the Tannoy that went, “Would somebody from Manchester… “..please report
to customer services?” I was like, “Oh, my gosh.” “How fortuitous.” “I am literally on
the other side of the world.” Then I thought, naturally,
“I wonder what they want?” Maybe I’m going to go over and they’re going to say,
“Settle an argument… “What’s the best junction
off the 56 for the airport?”


  1. Whoever is reading this have a blessed day and night To you and your wonderful family. Never give up and don't let people Bring you down. By the way, I am a youtuber, who is trying to reach 2K before March. Thanks & have a great 2020!!!!

  2. Umm. Not particularly funny, just displaying his ignorance of his own hometown. Manchester used to be an exporter of cotton textile to Australia – out major source, hence a very obvious etymological link.

  3. Another Manchester Australia fact- Although The Bee Gees were born in the Isle of Man, they moved to Chorlton, Manchester and later moved to Queensland Australia- it is said that this wasn't necessarily under entirely benign circumstances as they had been known to be troublemakers sometime in Manchester.

  4. Research has shown that
    Laughing for 2 minutes is just as healthy as a 20 minute jog
    So now I'll be sitting in the park laughing at all the joggers

  5. Not surprising. See the pervasive impact English culture made on all other English speaking countries? You did that. And you know what? England? Thank you. Thank you very much. I think I'll go have an English muffin in gratitude. Sincerely, an American.

  6. It's a bit ironic that during a routine about Australians using Manchester as a collective noun for a particular type of goods he uses "Tannoy" as a collective noun for any PA system. (It's a particular brand name) Well I'm off to do the hoovering now.

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