The Evolution of ULTRA MAGNUS in Television & Film (1986-2013) | Transformers

We now return to the Transformers and use the power of the matrix To light our darkest hour Until that day until all Arigato lemagas monitor, please Oh Antonio Kia together metrics We meet again I’m Ultra Magnus the Autobots local commander here now. I want you to see this How come you missed me, this is be my way of doing things I fight the way soldiers should talk You let them escape are you cowards or traitors hey watch your mouth pal either way you’re going down Ultra Magnus sir Welcome to earth commander as you know I scan some typical earth vehicles sir, so we won’t attract attention to ourselves good work, Sentinel Prime transform Oh, yeah, no one’s gonna watch that This is no place for a one-handed auto bot I’ll take one bom hand over one good. Eye any day Movement two contacts at point eight four Approached with caution,Pretacons!

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