‘The Five’ reacts to Trump impeachment report fallout


  1. Some day all of this will come back to bite the Demonrats in the A$$. And sooner than later, the Democrat party will be extinct, like the Whig party.

  2. Hilarious with blackface Trudeau. He Never answers any questions he doesn't like. Ever. Trump MADE him answer!!! Was so great

  3. The guy on the far right is utterly clueless, this is about undoing an election, or 3 years of chasing impeachment. This is about acts done by POTUS that constitute an abuse of power, the house are required as per their obligations to uphold the constitution to look into these allegations and conduct impeachment enquiries.

  4. It is not obstruction of secret meetings of the intelligence agency that Impeachment was NEVER intended to initiate. An oxymoron. Intelligence and Adam shift

  5. I actually like that they have an opposing opinion on this show…but there HAS to be someone more clever than Juan, c'mon. He's fooling himself or he's playing a character.

    Here's what's going to happen: the impeachment will end up in the Senate, if it doesn't fizzle out before then. Once it's in the Senate, they get to summon their own witnesses, including the Bidens…the dems and establishment criminals are boxed in a corner of their own doing. Why interfere with their MALARKY when they're actively destroying themselves? xD

  6. I think his brother was born….well, that’s gossip. This is world economic political science. There’s a storm coming, I see billows of smoke emanating from Denmark, or is it Melania’s long lost cousin (lost in traffic) Hedda? asking-for-a-friend. Gabbler.

  7. The only deranged person is Trump-but he will be impeached its unpatriotic to strong arm aid to Ukraine and ask foreign country to investigate US citizen and obstruct justice

  8. GREG always makes total sense. Juan is all based on emotion and appearance’s.
    President Trump is break’n the china over there in London.
    Today was simply amazing to watch. Trump used the World Stage to expose and embarrass the bums back home……and he was right about it.
    The USA is becoming a World fascination. Every Country loves Donald Trump and secretly want him to win. “Go get’m President Trump. You are our VOICE”.
    The EU needs to pay their bills and stop listing for an EU Army. Why does the EU need an army? Hmmm?
    ….so Germany can rise again perhaps, and be the bossy boss again and invade Country’s with their bossiness?
    I thought the EU was about no Armies or militant anything.
    I’m telling you, the EU is going another European War just the first two.


  9. Wow! Fox news is really really good at spinning propaganda!! Their listeners really are brainwashed!! Scary to be an American these days! Go schiff!

  10. Hate is a strong word. I dont like using it, but its safe to say I hate Mr J williams. He's a sad lost annoying, Unpatriotic,idiotic foolish little man. The truth and facts are overwhelming. It ult-left socialist Corrupt Democratic party and there globalist world controling "Neo" ideology must be erradicated from the face of the planet. Trumps Genie is out of the bottle. Trump has done nothing but seek the truth and uncover the true corruption. Teh Biden, Obama, Clinton crime syndicate. All roads lead back to Obama. The most corrupt of all. The truth will be out soon.

  11. I just hope Trump gets impeached before christmas and i really wanna know if he will go to jail or not. 🙏

    Also he's tax return investigation will be interesting. and also, i wanna see everyone who's supporting him reaction to this impeachment or re-election whatever ends up being the result.

    I honestly don't hate him but i don't like him either, i just think he's really dumb,… like literally dumb, dumb and kinda racist. other than that i have no problem with him. i wish him the best. 🙏

  12. Why is Juan still on this show? He's a born/bred & paid for Democrat. I don't understand how he even believes the crap that comes out of his mouth. I'm sure glad that Greg et al are there to bring intelligence to this show, otherwise it wouldn't be worth listening to. It's bad enough the View is still on the air……I loved the way he handled Trudeau…..he's another 'Juan'. Macron is a brain dead individual……Trump is the only politician that knows what the hell he was elected for. The others are just there to shake hands and other things!

  13. Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, CNN, & MSNBC pushing too much HATE & no crime dividing America. Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media is promoting it!

  14. They could have been ordering lunch on those phone calls! All this has done is enforce the fact that democrats have no credibility!

  15. Greg Buttfeild says @ 2:12 'you started this process three years ago'… yea, that's because Trump started out his Presidency paying off pornstars and violating campaign finance laws. Trump was breaking the law long before he ran for pres, while being pres, and he will after being pres. All you elite mutherfukers might be ok with a criminal in the white house but us 'regular' citizens do care. So get off your high horses and get back to reality. The laws in this good ole USA apply to everyone…stupid fukin assholes!!!

  16. Trump is good for ratings. So what, the Biden family business included some tax millions from Ukraine and a billion or so from China a diamond ring and a free golf photo shoot but no crimes or misdemeanors. Move along…

  17. So CNN is biased; Why isn't fox? Looks like you must see both channels with an open mind to truly get a complete picture. Not an easy task by the way we humans beigns are wired.

    At least you must look for foreign news comments about the subject where the media doesn't need to cater to a side from where their revenues come.

  18. The democrats are onboard a ship which will sink into a still more endless quagmire of unfair accusations against president Trump in a critical world situation. Why are all the women talking on CNN and other channels Trump haters? Shiff is a very bipartisan questioner giving only orchestrated questions to chosen " witnesses " who only have to answer yes or no. This is all insane!!!

    Jimmy Carter
    He has shown himself a good man to this day. He is honest. He helps others through Habitat for Humanity.
    He loves his wife and kids.
    He is a good man.
    He has earned my respect and I wish him a good long life.

  20. Had to come here to learn the truth. R/politics is posting pure propaganda. It's such a joke of a subreddit full of almost nothing but the extreme left. They seriously think this impeachment hearing is showing proof for impeachment. That subreddit is about as factual as CNN. I'm just so over these democrats ruining our country.

  21. If apple for example was worker owned like Bernie wants then each worker would ear a minimum of 403k per year. Bernie fights for workers.

  22. Very simple.

    Dumb sh*t repubs voters have not argued the EVIDENCE only seeking to abuse the Democrats and the process. This does not surprise me as most most repub. voters cant understand sentences of more than 4 words.

    Repub law makes are like turkeys voting for Christmas. Why do the RIGHT thing and IMPEACH Trump and lose their seat on the GRAVY TRAIN?…..I get it as CORRUPTION and SELF INTEREST are rife!

  23. You guys need a real democrat instead of Juan who waters down his real Dimocrat thoughts to keep his job to show up once in a while so you can just tear into the true stupidity of Dimocratic dumb spew.

  24. im glad we continue to be divided, we dont deserve the tranquility we strive for nor the peace. you have to make amends with people you have wronged in the past.

  25. What's CRAZY is an American president saying the Republicans are blah and the Democrats are X, infront of Nato, Bob Dole would Not be proud..

  26. Who is this on 4:12 i think she is the reporter that expressed herself saying Melania used a "BUNCH OF PATRIOTIC" ornaments pretty tacky reporter you would think she would have a better vocabulary than most and i am a deplorable.

  27. Could you take Trump back please he’s already stinking up the U.K., how do you cope with this imbecile being your president??

  28. Trumps character assessment of Adam Schiff is classic deflection of his own faults, failings and behaviour. Also the behaviour of a narcissist. Very revealing.

  29. interesting: for the "democrats" any attempt to defend oneself is … Obstruction of Justice.
    They hit you, hit you and hit you … until you hit back. 
    Then they cry to their media: "See, I knew it. I acted out of … preamptive selfdefense."

  30. Did you see Trump rambling like an idiot at the Summit?
    Embarrassing half of the USA, while the other half cheers on what a great “man” he is, open your eyes, listen to the words, if you can follow, you both are idiots.

  31. I suggest that in the interests of transparency that Trump release selected transcripts from Obama and Clinton calls.

  32. These 3 suit gays gets balloons to join Democrats patriotism march for remission/remittance to Jewish KING EL ÈLYON.
    These demean MY HOLY OF HOLIES.

  33. Every time Trump says someone else is unpatriotic……, someone else is a liar……., someone else is deranged….. (i'm speechless). I can imagine an investigation investigating a criminal regardless of the criminal being very popular and having a pretty 3rd mail order bride. Trump is not above the law. Why won't he act like an adult?

  34. So glad to see the President getting taken down. We really are going to make America great again. 😁
    Impeach AND Remove the trash in the White House 2020 🇺🇸👍

  35. So guys and girls… what will be next in your opinion after Ukraina? What Country they will choose? 😀 This impeachment just prove only 1 thing…. Democrats are obsessed with Trump.

  36. On both ends from the get go they start to get rid of the President the search for something started now they want the President out of the race an actually they are still searching it is not only a split in the country also it's starting to split there own party really democratic

  37. So the impeachment report is pretty damning. Clear evidence of Trump’s crimes. Also that IG report that Fox has been harping on about seems to clear the FBI of any real wrongdoing.

    Amazing how Fox stills pushes the false narrative, but I suppose they gave up being real news quite a while back.

  38. Who is still believing this malarkey? Foxes guarding the hen house results in dead hens. Jesse, shut up your embarrassing America. Money, it's always money with you guys. Unifying NATO by offering France ISIS fighters. Propaganda hacks for Russia. You are all jerks.

  39. Juan, Juan, Juan. You are so predictable. All I have to do is think of the stupidest bald face lie based on all the evidence, and I know exactly what you’re going to say.

  40. Since forever it's been said, Democrats always stick together no matter what. Republicans have always been fractured. Hmmm . Seems times are changing and things have switched. Good job POTUS. The chastening of the Dems is a joy to watch!

  41. I have a hard time taking anyone seriously, that wears their belt buckle across their chest!! Then again, we are talking Nadler the "blow hard"!!! If the BELT FITS!!

  42. “Crawl out through the fallout, into my loving arms” is the song lyrics I think of. Come here daddy thiccums!

  43. GREG wants to be so much like HAND JOB HANNITY it's kinda even more disgusting to watch than watching HAND JOB HANNITY himself !!

  44. The Dumpster is finished FACE IT and we are getting his FINANCIAL RECORDS !! JUDGE APPROVED ! if he doesn't spend the rest of his MISERABLE RACIST LIFE in prison …it will be a miracle 👍

  45. Trump looks really worried about 5Ggrid.Dont worry Donald we will be fine .Instead of tuning in with Nature we can tune in the grid soon.

  46. I 100% agree with Mr President Funny the first black president used banana republic methods to hold onto power Ie use all government agencies to manufacture and invent crimes to remove and intimidate supporters.

  47. It's almost impossible to reverse the Demonrats clown car while it's hurtling downhill towards the cliff.
    Anyone who votes for criminal and lying Demonrats, in any election, are totally stupid. I'll NEVER vote for criminals.

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