The Grand Tour: The Official Trailer

Clarkson: Is your door broken? May: No I’m
broken. Can you hold the door for me?
Clarkson: Have you seriously broken your arm? May: Well it’s fractured.
Hammond: Which arm have you broken?
Clarkson: Hello
Hammond: Is there
an event on? Is it always this busy?
May: Wow, Roger Moore isn’t here.
Clarkson: Looking good is more important than looking
May: When are you going
to do that then?
Hammond: This could be so expensive.
May: We’re going on a road trip
in very exotic cars
Clarkson: Grand Touring
Clarkson: Come on
Clarkson: Oh Sh** May: That’s to release
Hammond: How does it look to him?
May: That’s to release it you muppet.
Clarkson We’ve only had one
minor fire.
Clarkson: it’s like that Tom Cruise movie.
Hammond: Cocktail?
Clarkson: Watch
this sunshine.
Clarkson: it’s quite normal.


  1. WHY I didn't hear about it???? Best trio was back to the business. I was miss those f…g psychos ;-))). How can I watch full show? I was read about something points, but I don't understand everything. I must be client of amazon?

  2. I see this trailer and the trailer of season two more than 100 times…each. They're amazing

  3. Top Gear now sucks, in MY opinion the new presenters aren't a good fit, it was a bloke's show, now there's a female presenter, Women have their own shows,The Grand Tour is the last vestige of Manliness.

  4. Am I the only one who still watches this just for clarkson first laugh that sounds like a engine starting up?? 😂😂😂

  5. I just saw the KONGOS live this week and had no idea 'Come with Me Now' was their song! The audience just lit up when they started this one!

  6. “which arm have you broken?” Not even a few seconds in, and already a dick joke. They’re definitely the same people. 😂

  7. what could possibly go wrong while having a budget of millions of dollars per episode sounds like my kinda thing. 🙂 want season 3 faster. can't wait.

  8. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you would tell your kid at the toy store he can buy everything he wants, just to see what happens… Well, same concept, bigger scale

  9. Coming back to watch this video again after two years and it still puts the biggest smile on my face. Never stop, the three of you.

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  11. and now it's finished, honestly the last season is amazing, if you haven't seen it I suggest you do, I remember when I first watched this trailer and thinking we've got 3 seasons, it's loads, and now it's finished.

    not watched one full episode of top gear since these left,
    bring on the next chapter I say

  12. Hey, for the people who didn't watch i suggest watching it, the season 3 is absolutely a masterpiece, i enjoyed it so much especially the before-last episode, it was one of the best thing i've watched in my life

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