The road that links China and Pakistan | A Journey across India & Pakistan – BBC

I’m traveling along the Karakoram Highway
It’s an 800 mile stretch of road that goes all the way to China. It’s one of the highest paved roads on Earth
Built by Pakistan and China, it’s a major trade route helping to generate 11 billion pounds of trade a year between the two countries
We don’t Karakoram Highway a few days now. This last stretch has just been really smooth and developed and safe and it’s this
Assist friendship and this relationship that the chinese have got with Pakistanis. It feels like something’s happening. That’s the thing fears that something’s happening
In return the Karakoram Highway gives China direct road access to quad the report on Pakistan’s coast
where traffic from Chinese commercial and Naval vessels is growing and
For Pakistan, it’s opened up remote areas like attabad leg to tourism
She waived Captain’s are both taking visitors on the lake yeah the ones that
Schway tells me the Lake was formed after a massive landslide at Abad Village in 2010 killing 20 people
It blocked the flow of the hunza river slowly forming this lake over seven months
Just little bits. You can see evidence of people’s houses
Chance of Townley Logan Kagura be aware there are gotta be American with the criminal to Kaito decoding a oversight
the original Karakoram Highway also disappeared with the Village underwater
To restore this vital trade link and bypass the Lake China and Pakistan
built a series of bridges and Tunnels costing over 200 million pounds
Marie De plume is glad that the subsidy amala czechoslovakia. I’m hardly a tiny phoenix is a bridge of landslides or Dr.
Kevin Poole America really only kind of indicated these dose of that
The China Connection is big the two countries have now signed a forty six billion pound series of construction deals
That should rapidly Modernize Pakistani infrastructure and strengthen the economy
How did you see the future of Pakistan GC a burst of trade with China and a person trait of the world live in?
Chinese okay muhammara leave Papa Chak Omkar
Inshallah both turkey calamari, Pakistan


  1. It's Indian Land illegally occupied by Pakistan….. China get out from POK. One day India will take this land back.

  2. Pakistan is a beggar.. It is bankrupt and everyone except China will stop lending them money.. Eventually, Pakistan will become a Chinese colony.. China will do business and Pakistan will serve as slaves and security guards for the Chinese..

  3. Pakistan is A international beggar
    And China is devil county
    China going to occupy all Pakistan
    Go to hell China and Pakistan
    And BBC also

  4. You never seen Dragon another one face. Ask Chinese Muslim ?? . After some years, China will claim all your territory….

  5. Love from india, peace is beautiful, i hope pakistan will soon leave the way of terrorism, and i hope china will value the freedom of expression of people. If we want can live a better life. As an indian and as Hindu,i want everyone's prosperity. Anyway again love from india for the both countries.

  6. BBC is telling lies. No trade can travel 3000km on trucks and succeed. These BBC reporters are showing the good parts. It has to go over 15000 feet Himalayan passes. Those are the big negatives for it.

  7. This is Gilgit-Baltistan i.e. part of PoK ( Pak occupied Kashmir ). Legally, its part of India
    Nevertheless, Good road infrastructure work ?? And, of course great scenery

  8. CHINA is using Pakistan…..!!!
    Chinese are not good ….!!!
    Muslims are not safe in China….this is reality…. wake up Pakistan…..!!!
    But they don't show this to Pakistan…bcz of trade

  9. What is the status of Gilgit Baltistan,it is neither a state of Pakistan nor their people be given rights to vote as a Pakistani.A state less occupied land even in this 21st century. So far I know you became independent in Nov'1947 then why you have again come under the yoke of Pakistan. See Bangladesh has become independent after you and still a sovereign country.

  10. pakistan selling opium and children to england since 1946 tax free. the Urdu word for canadian paedophile TRUDEAU

  11. Shit this has been illegally captured by china and pakistan. Now they both have to answer to india. Otherwise there will be a war for both. India will never ever allow the. See what will happen soon. There will no pakistan hereafter.

  12. Neighbors should work together for peace and mutual prosperity. Chinese has no problems working with people of different faith as long as you respect each other way of life.

  13. As per India Independence Act passed by British Parliament Pakistan and China never had a common border. Period. King of Kashmir acceded to India whole of Jammu and Kashmir including Gilgit-Baltistan but British army officers commanding those areas during India Independence instigated a revolt by Muslim soldiers and killed the King's Hindu, Sikh soldiers, and sent telegram to Jinnah leader of Pakistan to take over. British Parliament recently passed a resolution that Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to India. Simple words it is called Pakistan occupied Kashmir bordering China, where people are suppressed and exploited, who protest against the China CPEC project as it benefits not them but other Punjabi Pakistanis.

  14. Wow.. stunning ?
    Why pakistan promote tourism to boost economy and people to people contact ?
    Would like to visit every inch of pakistan from saragarhi to glacier , baloochistan to Khyber paas. Read a lot about trade route , geography , Indus valley civilization etc etc.
    Hey Pakistanis tell me , where do you want to visit in India ?

  15. Innocent boat sailor, he dsnt know very soon it will b the part of China as China will take over whole Pakistan against its investment and Interests

  16. It's stunning and a trip worth your time but definitely one of the scariest places I've been to because it is at a huge height and at some points of the road if you look down you get that mini heart attack that you will not make it past this road.

  17. What is going to happen is the Chinese will kick your butt since you will not be able to repay the debt eventually surrendering your land to them

  18. Are Pakistani gadho ,,, !!! pok pa kabja krna ka liye tum bhuka nanga logo ko do char roti ka tukda Kya daal diye chaina na ,, tum chutiyo na India ka POK ko daaao pa lega Diya ,, ye sab kuch Pakistan or pura Pakistani logo ki unpadta (uneducated ) haa ,, Jai hind

  19. This is Indian territory soon to be controlled by India. Cpec is illegal and India will do everything in its power to reclaim it's land.

  20. I wish this interview would have been taken by the Indian media to spread peace among the people of both countries. People in both countries r really good, only politicians are bad………. I wish people understand..

  21. China is doing a great job, bt they are doing it fr themselves , they understand better, u give u get, that's what China is doing its investing a trillion $ in 68 country it's there investment to earn more profit people ll understand it later

  22. We ??ns are really happy that ?? is falling in ??'s debt-trap because that automatically means less money for ?? with which to carry out terrorism.

  23. By CPEC , China has revived the old 19 th Century Imperialist Russia 's plans to acquire warm water ports of present day Pakistan -Russo Phobia )
    . British did not allow this . They garrisoned Ambala , Jullundur, Rawalpindi, Peshawar etc . They built a railway line right up-to the borders of Afghanistan – Landi Kotal ( Peshawar ).
    The British co-operated with the rising Imperial Japanese to devastate Russia ( Russo- Jap War of 1904-05 )
    British did not let the Russians cross the Hindu Kush.
    But China , now , is connected to the Arabian Sea and further to the Indian Ocean.

  24. Kashmir is truly heaven on Earth. Would love to visit Pakistan someday. If I get a visa n conflict cools down.
    Love from India ❤️

  25. The real terrorist in the planet is Fake and hatred news by the Media .
    Congrats Pakistan China from Incredible India❤

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  27. Land is our pakistan but all infrastructure roads built and owned by china…..thats the big bad for pakistan… by day pakistan became slave of china……

  28. The truth is…. Pakistan don't have border with china. This highway is passing through POK ( pak occupied Kashmir). Its a part of India??. India have border with Afghanistan. But it is not there. Cuz the area is under Pakistan now. This is not good. Cuz China constructing the high way through POK without the permission of India. Shame on you guys.

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