The Third 2019 Democratic Debate: Key Moments | NYT News

“Our Democratic primary
debate starts right now.”
“You’ve spent the last
two and a half years
full-time trying to sow hate
and division among us.”
“We have a white supremacist
in the White House.”
“I remember President Trump
scoffed and said
he’d like to see me making
a deal with Xi Jinping.
I’d like to see him making
a deal with Xi Jinping!”
“And he is treating our farmers
and our workers like poker chips
in one of his
bankrupt casinos.”
“And now,
President Trump,
you can go back
to watching Fox News.”
“… a huge mistake and
one of the big differences
between you and me:
I never believed what Cheney
and Bush said about Iraq.”
“You qualify for Medicaid
automatically —”
“Are you forgetting what you
said just two minutes ago?
Are you forgetting already what
you said just two minutes ago?”
“I mean, he wants to take
credit for Obama’s work,
but not have to answer
to any questions.”
“I stand with Barack Obama
all eight years.
Good, bad and indifferent.
That’s where I stand.”
“Hell yes,
we’re going to take
your AR-15, your AK-47.”
“My campaign will now give a
freedom dividend of $1,000
a month for an entire year
to 10 American families.”
“You are a vegan
since 2014.
Should more Americans
follow your diet?”
“You know, first of all,
I want to say, no.
Actually, I want to translate
that into Spanish: No.”
“My plan for health care
costs a lot of money.
It costs $740 billion.
It doesn’t cost $30 trillion.
How are we going
to pay for it?”
“In the United States
of America,
we are spending twice
as much per capita
on health care
as the Canadians
or any other major
country on Earth.”
“It’s America.”
“The problem, Senator Sanders,
with that ‘damn bill’
that you wrote and that
Senator Warren backs
is that it doesn’t trust
the American people.”
“So under my
Medicare for all plan,
people have the choice
of a private plan
or a public plan.”
“The mass shootings
are terrible,
but they get all
the headlines.
Children die every day
on streets,
in neighborhoods,
on playgrounds.”
“Year after year, I had an
F rating from the N.R.A.”
“So background checks
and gun licensing,
these are agreed to
by overwhelmingly
the majority of Americans.
I was the first person to come
out for gun licensing.”
“A system right now that
cannot tell the difference
in the threat posed by
a terrorist, a criminal
and a 12-year-old girl
is not a system that
is keeping us safer.”
“Never cage another child.
Make sure that there is
accountability and justice
for the seven lives lost under
our care and our custody.”
“I would in fact make sure
that we immediately
surge to the border
all those people who
are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That’s who we are.
We’re a nation that says,
if you want to flee
and you’re fleeing oppression,
you should come.”


  1. This is exactly why Trump will win again, the Dems have the most absurd, laughable platforms. ? Sadly, this is type of emotional pandering appeals to the liberals. They do not acknowledge facts and logic, rather, they are a bunch of brainwashed sheep who take everything our globalist owned media says as the word of God.

    For example: they oppose building a wall to stop the southern invasion, refuse to send funding to the border and then throw hissy fits and feign moral superiority due to their outrage at the overcrowding and conditions of our detention centers due to the lack of the physical barrier they have refused to build. They call a wall "barbaric". Yes, you heard that right, a f**king wall is barbaric to them. Whiny bunch of gender-confused lunatics.

    Thank God I'm a conservative, Trump 2020!!❤??

  2. Dems are counting on illegals 100,000 come in a month if you think about it the votes only difference was about 2 million so in one year if enough illegals come thru trump could lose but dems don't understand that real Americans will hit the street and overthrow the dems side guns in hand and will impeach the Democratic presidential elect because it's an unfair vote and we will not put up with that.

  3. I am absolutely disgusted i was once Democrat. I am sorry to my fellow americans who are still Democrats I truly have love for every American no matter where they sit on the political spectrum. With that being said if anyone truly believes that one of these candidates (hard to say candidates) is the face of the democratic party they are forever doomed. The only democratic candidates that actually appeal to americans that had common since were not even on the stage. By the way to all Americans i know how polls work, ive been appart of that system before and its not made up but rather rigged. Polls are very selectively placed and carried out in designated areas, based on voting demographic to favor the ultimate outcome. Just FYI

  4. And what makes me laugh is that you have these idiots in the audience that applaud for every stupid comment that comes out of these candidates pie holes.

  5. I've been hearing a lot about how Dems are shooting themselves in the foot in these debates by talking about issues that are nonstarters and not talking about the really important issues like the Supreme Court, Donald Trump, and saving Obamacare but isn't that on the people who have been asking the questions??? I mean, so many of the questions that have been asked of the candidates so far have been utterly asinine. It's a little hard to talk about the issues that are important when the questioners never bring up the those issues to begin with!

  6. biden " those seeking asylum need to be heard"
    90% turn out to be fake claims
    and they need to apply at the first country they get to if the problem is they are in danger
    not truck through dangerous areas of mexico to get here for economic reasons

  7. So embarrassing. Not one of these clowns look or act like leaders. Communists, socialists, globalists, pedophiles, etc. Pie in the sky. Tax and spend. Thank you for another 4 years! #Kag2020 #walkaway #draintheswamp #libtardssuck

  8. Poor poor failing New York Times. That has a nice ring to it. I hope Kavanaughs's lawyers sue you out of existence. Trash newspaper

  9. Everyone of these candidates that took the NY times Kavanaugh propaganda hit piece in conjunction with the FBLIE ( Thanks Comey and McCabe) Should drop out now. If you are so messed up you are willing to give the political death penalty based on nothing, no evidence, you dont deserve to be in any office at the federal level.

  10. So, your going to delete all your lies about Brett Kavanaugh !
    This time you guys have outdone yourselves with all the misleading biased “reporting”
    Good luck in court!

  11. If I absolutely had to pick a Democrat, I would pick Bernie because he's so radical Congress would not cooperate with him. He wouldn't get anything done.

  12. So civilized……Every four or eight years we Americans see all these argumentative lawyer leaders bad month, jab, insult, charater aasainate, and lie in front of us.

    They yank our emotions up and down and give us the total illusions that we can participate in this grand experiment of democracy.

    Good job…..Wish I could survive my next month while hoping for a Star to shine on all of us, the perpetual dreamers.

  13. Cory Booker is vegan? That makes him kinda cool!
    Also, is this video just ridiculing all the candidates? This is more like a "funny moments", not "key moments".


  14. Breaking news: the podiums at the Dem debate will be replaced with treadmills connected to electric motors to power the convention center and be the first debate with a negative carbon foot print.

    In other news Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have been rushed to the hospital.

  15. After the Kavanaugh debacle I hope the NYT gets sued out of existence and the editors are forced to work in a S. American salt mine!

  16. This just shows how dumb americans really are. Its like watching stupid people have a childish fight to impress other stupid people and if you have nothing just call everyone racist or stab at them personally.
    You dummies.

  17. I wonder if you can win election just by calling people racist or broke.
    The world is laughing at america because of this and use are so cut off.

  18. It’s the Hillary vs Trump Debate all over again, not getting straight to their policies, straight to talking crap about Trump. I Love how Yang doesn’t get as much time as the other candidates and uses his time to link his website so he can fully explain his policies on there, since he didn’t get any time, pure genius! ??????

  19. For a debate they certainly couldn't keep their mouth shut about trump instead of real solutions to anything their solution is "i give you money now vote" they couldn't fix a lightbulb if it could get them elected

  20. To the staff of the NYT. Make Suicide Great Again. You are horrible people who hate yourselves and humanity. End your life so those around you have a better quality of life.

  21. Welcome America, Take a look at your Communist or Socialist dictators wanna bees. The party of destruction and despair.

  22. If these people don't have victims to vote for them, they don't have anyone, and that's where they know they have to keep you, too…. as a poor victim that needs them.

  23. **ALERT**
    Americans have done it again. They are simply terrible people that need to accept change.

    (Replace ‘Americans’ with any other country. Is it now less acceptable?)

    Trump 2020 ??

  24. Beto is a ignorant fool bro "White Supremist in the white house" im black if that were true id be shipped to africa or burned on a cross or worse.

  25. GUN CONTROL: Put assault rifles in a different category, like hand guns are in a different category from hunting rifles i.e., shotguns and bolt action rifles, but make the wait and background checks more difficult for assault rifles than a hand gun which is the longest wait at this time i believe.

  26. Trump is not a white supremacist. Beto is a NOBODY who lost in Texas and is endorsed by the Hollywood liberal elite. He is nobody, drop out Beto. Kamala is just a bag of race bating bullsh*t and you can smell it from a mile a way.

  27. NYT almost made Joe Biden look like he was not a Republican, well played, Citizens want to pay twice as much as Canada because we have a choice =]

  28. Is anyone going to address why the DNC brought Mexico (Telemundo) in to facilitate the debate and ask questions? I thought this was a debate for the country of America, not Mexico.

  29. How many times were Trump and Racism used? Doesnt seem like they have any substance other than using hate to stir up the pot. Doesnt seem like anyone cares for freedom of speech anymore as long as they call them racists

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