The windiest place on planet Earth | Wild Weather with Richard Hammond – BBC One

I’m about to take a little walk outside
Just popping out, which is it turns out quite a chore out here I can not only hear the wind around this building
I Can feel it!
the whole place is
vibrating. oh no I’ve forgot my goggles!
This is this is do it in the wrong order
And your your eyeballs can freeze. Any exposed skin will have frostbite on it within two or three minutes.
Right, that’s my best hat. I won’t get cold with that on
this is to stop my nose falling off which would be bad because
I’d never be able to wear sunglasses again
and I want to.
Liner gloves
Obviously, I am now obliged by law
To say I’m going outside… I might be some time.
Have you noticed how cold it is indoors!?
At this point I think I should try and give you some idea of what I might be in for
with a small demonstration…
The lightest wind you can feel on your face is about five-miles-an-hour
Enough to rustle this newspaper.
15 miles-an-hour and your umbrella gives up the coast
25 miles-an-hour can cause a deckchair to set sail
Followed at 30-miles-an-hour by your garden furniture
45 and all hell starts to break loose.
Seemingly rigid structures suddenly make a break for it
And at 55-miles-an-hour even small buildings are on the move
(bye bye building)
So why am I telling you all this?
because On Mount Washington, it’s currently
65 with gusts reaching a staggering 85 miles an hour
Believe it or not I’m actually sheltered at the moment
There’s hardly any wind right here because I’m in the Lee of the building it starts about
6 feet that way, and then there’s a lot of it
And the only way to demonstrate those I’m gonna go and stand in it and for reasons best known to themselves
Brendan and Sean on Cameron said that they decided to come with me because… they’re idiots so um here we go right walking
Not windy, not windy
This is about
65 maybe 70 miles an hour with the wind, but don’t forget
This is the site one of the highest wind speed ever recorded by man
231 miles an hour!!!
How must that feel?!
I’d be gone!
(continues to almost fly away in the wind)

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