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TOP 10 Tainted International Cricketers
Recently, Indian leg spinner Amit Mishra was
arrested for assaulting a woman. He is not
the first cricketer to find himself on the
wrong side of the law. Here are the top 10
tainted cricketers, who played international
Amit Mishra
Recently, Indian cricketer Amit Mishra was
accused of assaulting a woman in a hotel room.
The Legspinner was arrested on 27th of October
2015 and was released on bail moments after.
Police took him into custody after questioning
and have also said there was sufficient evidence
against him.
Shane Warne
In 2003, at the peak of his form, Shane Warne
was embroiled in a career-threatening controversy.
At that point, a South African woman claimed
that she got raunchy telephone messages from
There were no denials from him and the cricket
board at the time of the accusation.
Rubel Hossain
Bangladesh fast bowler Rubel Hossain’s actor-girlfriend
accused him of rape just before CWC-2015.
The woman said Rubel had broken the promise
of marriage while they were having an intimate
Rubel was arrested before the start of the
World cup in Australia, but was granted bail
to play the CWC.
Makhaya Ntini
South African pacer Makhaya Ntini, was accused
of rape by a woman in East London in 1998.
But inability to prove Ntini’s guilt beyond
reasonable doubt meant his six-year jail term
was overturned.
Ntini’s supporters had danced and celebrated
outside the court after charges were quashed.
Luke Pomersbach
Australian batsman Luke Pomersbach was arrested
during the IPL-2012 for molestation and assault.
He was accused of physically assaulting his
fiancee and an American woman in a hotel during
a party.
Pomersbach claimed innocence and was later
granted interim bail by a city court.
Vinod Kambli
In August 2015, an FIR was filed against former
Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli and his wife.
Their domestic help had accused the couple
of physical assault, when she asked for her
Kambli denied the allegations, saying the
maid did not have any identification documents.
Ryan Hinds
West Indian cricketer Ryan Hinds was accused
of raping a 28-year-old woman in 2012.
The Caribbean all-rounder was arrested and
later released on bail and dropped of charges.
Hinds got the much needed relief when the
woman said she would not be presenting evidence
in court.
Chris Lewis
In 2008, former British cricketer Chris Lewis
was arrested on suspicion of cocaine smuggling.
He was arrested at Gatwick Airport on suspicion
of smuggling 3.37 kilograms of liquid cocaine.
He was found guilty and sentenced to 13 years
in prison, but was released in 2015 after
serving 6 years.
Terry Jenner
In 1988 former Australian cricketer Terry
Jenner was sentenced in an embezzlement case.
He was sentenced to six and a half years,
however, was released after 18 months.
Jenner was sent to prison after stealing funds
from his employer in order to repay gambling
Leslie Hylton
West Indian fast bowler Leslie Hylton was
charged for murdering his wife.
During his trial, Hylton claimed he had been
trying to shoot himself but missed.
In 1955, Hylton was hanged for the murder
and is the only test cricketer to have been

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