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Wars, persecution and mass shootings
have many believing we are heading into the last days,
if not already there. But one man is crying out for the church
to wake up and become light in the darkness. And he’s kickstarting believers to begin
healing the sick, preaching the gospel, casting out demons and
walking by the Holy Spirit. Recently I spoke with evangelist
Torben Sondergaard of Denmark about his bringing another reformation
to the church through signs and wonders. Tell us more about
“The Last Reformation”. What is it? We love Jesus and there are
many people who love Jesus, but we have a lot of traditions.
We are so bound with our traditions, and we have, actually,
many thousands years of church history where the church have been changed
again, again and again. If we take a look, the early church
was a living church with power – healing the sick, casting out demons
and preaching the gospel, being led by the Holy Spirit. All of this disappeared in the Constantine
time, under the Catholic Church. Right. But this is spreading to a global
movement. How did that happen? I had the Bible in one hand and I had
my life in another hand and I looked at it – and something was wrong. And we started to seek God more,
I fasted 40 days and started to seek God and slowly we started to experience
the life, this life, the life led by the Holy Spirit,
healing and deliverance… For example, what happened? Many stories. Just like… We heard God
speak to us – go to that person, go to that house. We came into a house
and whole household came to faith, got baptized in the bathtub, got delivered,
god healed in the living room, on the floor, and all of that, like we read
in the Book of Acts, with Peter and house of Cornelius, or the jailer in
the Book of Acts 16. So, we saw stories that looked
like the Book of Acts. And then we started to share it.
We started to share what we have learned and it just said: “Yes and Amen”
in so many people because so many people go to church
but they know there is more. There is more than just going to church
and siting there and going home. They’ve heard a lot of preaching
but they want to see it now. They want to see the life, they want
to see the power of the Holy Spirit. Torben, describe what happens to
ordinary Christians when they get this power, when they get the realization
that there is more and they actually start doing it. If we take one example, let’s say – healing.
You can read all the books in the world about healing the sick and that you can
do it as a Christians, but you would still doubt it. But when we take a believer out on the street,
find a sick person and say: Now you pray, and they do it, and the first person
get healed. – Wow! Something change because now you know it.
You know you can do it, and when you’ve done it one time
you know you can do it again, you know you can do it again, and we call it:
“kickstarting”, like a motorbike… – Sure. When you’ve been kikstarted you can keep
going. And we have seen people in church who have been in church 30, 40 years,
who have never healed the sick, never cast out a demon,
never led anyone to Christ, baptize anyone in water and Holy Spirit,
and when we take them out on the street or train them, when they do it one time,
they just take off. – Wow. And suddenly they see healing every week.
They see people come to faith every week. And you don’t need to be ordained,
you don’t need to have a church to do it. You can actually use your living room. Well, this is not been very popular
in your home country of Denmark. You’re facing persecution there.
Explain what’s happening there in Denmark. It’s happening a little more all over Europe
also, but they are changing laws. Things are happening. The freedom is
disappearing… So, they actually made it illegal
to cast out demons… In Denmark now. We experienced a massive persecution
in the beginning of January. I was on the news like… In three weeks
I was on the news 12 times… – As a bad guy?
– As a bad guy. Cause you’re casting out demons? I understand fake news now.
I understand the power of the media. It ended up with our politicians standing
in the government, talking about me, and they did a law called “The mental
violence law” and there they have added that if you cast demons out
in front of kids and handicap people that can be defined like mental violence
and go to jail for three years. Did that discourage you
in what you’ve been called to do? If we really believe that what we read in
the Bible and in the Book of Acts is for today – it’s for today when it comes to healing,
it’s for today when it comes to deliverance, it’s for today when it comes to the gospel,
but it’s also for today when it comes to persecution…
– That’s right. Jesus said: They did it to me, they’ll do it to you.
– Yeah. But, of course, it’s very hard, but I really feel… times are changing.
And I also feel – it’s time for America to wake up, because…
There is a time of grace in America right now, but that freedom can very, very fast
be taken away. Because if you asked me just three months
ago… Sorry, now I’ve been here longer, if you asked me a half year ago,
I could never, ever imagine that we will come to that point where
me and my family were packing suitcases in two days, left with eight
suitcases, and now are seeking asylum in
another country. It’s never easy to leave your home country.
But obviously, God’s hand is on you and I know God will be with you
wherever you go. – That’s His promise, right…
– Thank you. …in the Word. God bless you.
Thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you very much. So inspiring. Well, if you’d like
to take part in one of Torben’s evangelistic trips or you’d just like
to see a film about the experience, you can find the link to his ministry
on our website. That’s Subtitles by the community


  1. The Lord be with u always!! I want our family to have a kick start and a new beginning to live out the true gospel! Torben thank u for giving ur life for Jesus!!!

  2. I have doubt whether Sunday or Saturday is Sabbath. Last Saturday I went to underground church(non-denominational or not catholic). They say,"Heavenly Father and Mother" in prayer. These make me more confused and doubtful. Please brother reply me.

  3. God bless you Torben! Looking forward to get kickstarted soon in Dallas, TX! If you want to get kickstarted you can find disciples closest to you go to & contact them, God bless!

  4. We give glory to God! For his grace, for his forgiveness, for his justice and his love, for his salvation, for Jesus and for the Holy Spirit! God bless you Torben.

  5. I agree with Torben and we must make sure we have a personal ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ because Jesus warned many will say Lord Lord did we not cast out devils and heal the sick? and Jesus sayed depart from me workers of Enquity i never knew y you.I believe the latter rain is going to be so strong that even the unsaved who believe in Jesus going to work miracles in Jesus It is one thing to believe but another thing to accept Jesus as Lord and saviour.

  6. This is a total lie ! There is no such new Danish law as said here. Torben Sondergaard fled Denmark because he wanted to avoid police investigation about abuse of a young girl, the leg amputation of a person he healed, the financial fraud and the laws he broke. Do you journalist job instead of spreading false information !

  7. Hvor er det fedt at se en studievært der ikke har en forudbestemt mening og tros-forskrækkelse.

    Gud velsigne Jer Torben 🙏👍🏼❤️

  8. What torben is talking about has been happening now but basically om the missionary fields reports by missionaries in African and latin american where people are expose to santeria and witch doctors and other eastern religious sects

  9. God bless you TLR worldwide. Welcome to the United States ! We love you and pray for your ministry.

  10. I love this man. He opened to my eyes. I e been on their list for about 2yrs waiting have someone come to Phoenix Arizona.

  11. Thank you Torben. Just shared on Facebook. Thank you for mentoring my kickstart leaders. Praying for more Holy Spirit anointing blessings upon you and your family. Thank you for your Holy Spirit inspired teachings

  12. Yay Torben!!! I am heading to Todd Whites new school LCU to do Just what you are talking about!! Let's Spread Jesus to this world!!

  13. It works i have been healed from Scoliosis and i had one leg shorter then the other and it grew out just because a believer believed in the bible

  14. This is the exact revelation I had when I encountered Jesus Christ in His Word(Acts).
    Why are the churches all round the globe full of tradition/religion???
    Thanks bro T.

  15. God is using the persecution Torben endured by the Danish, for his glory! Many I hearing the truth Torben is sharing and it is spreading speedily through out the world because of it. Hallelujah!

  16. Hi Torben, love your work mate and am stirred by your faith.Have you got any documented healings with before/after medical evidence to the healings? This is always a question that is asked and I would love to have some firm evidence to proide.

  17. Money?
    I believe that Peter did the right thing when everybody pulled all their money together and they become a community and they loved each other and they were not trying to be Rockstars….today it is all about our family? To hell with all strangers!.. there are no more Good Samaritans… I've often wondered if the Good Samaritan was a black man??.. because White people would have just walked by and left the guy to die???.. when they tried to deify Jesus Christ's mother he scolded all of them and Jesus said, who is my mother , who is my brother ??..he was trying to tell the Knuckleheads that strangers are important in our walk with him and today it's all about going to war and killing people….you are a hero if you are rich or you kill in war?. ..The opposite of the teaching of Christ!!..
    This is wrong thinking and unjust !!
    Our Bible tells men of God to walk through a town ,speak the gospel and never ask for money!!
    Why??.. God and his people are not beggars!!
    We never play the game…It does say if they offer food or coin?..take it!..My experience is, they never offer!…If I lead …that means I am your servant..Jesus served many and he died broke and abandoned ,!!..
    God in the flesh washed people's feet!.. the disciples did not understand and they fought him on this issue and Jesus said you will do this thing. .
    If you are the real deal and you're teaching people on YouTube or Google, I suggest you second-guess yourself if you are charging money for the Bible lessons… because "I" did not say you cannot ask for money, but my Holy Bible says never ask for money, because , you make God a beggar!..Try to start a second you – tube site for the poor and give all your d.v.d.s,books and Bibles away for free and you will get God's attention ,!.. you will be blessed with God's peace, not money.. Paul never charged for his street preaching?..How did he do this??.He was a worker.. A tent maker !!..I got 4 hundred songs in every country in the world, every Island and the North and South Pole,because care … with very little money and most of it was just hard sweaty work and I'm blessed that have little to do with money . .I will Lay brick in the heat this week.. 67 years old and content . I cannot explain it to you , but I know that God does not need money and God does not need hospitals… if we would've stayed true with what Peter and Paul did??..How many people could we lay hands on and watch them be healed! You have lost your faith!.. The people that Paul and Peter healed we're not even born again Christians? they were lost souls ..We could lay hands on the sick and they would recover!!..When I write a Jesus song , I put it up for $1.29 until the Copyright comes back..and that takes several months..
    When I walk the streets I do not charge money for telling people about Jesus, because the gospel is free and you can grieve the Holy Spirit when you charge money for the gospel and you can be mad at me, but I am just the messenger with these words that says … do not ask for money!… are straight from the Holy Bible…. if somebody offers to give you something .. take it…
    a sound parable in a confused world ! By, Old Jake…

  18. USA needs a prophet of Jesus like you, serves as a vessel…
    final call to America before SAN ANDREAS will occur…

  19. Hello everyone. I’m from NYC and have lived in Baltimore, MD for two years now. (Yes, it’s the city that was a recent target of our president.) The city is astoundingly corrupt and I want to help and heal people so bad, to give them what Jesus gave me. I have reached out to two people in the city who have attended Torben’s talk in Denmark, before his family had to flee. Here’s hoping it goes well!

  20. We ARE in the last days! Let's, several thousand of us, pray to bind and cast out the demons in the "lawmakers" in Denmark, who made it Illegal to cast out demons! Wha'dya say???!!!

  21. Thank you, Torben for your example as a disciple of Jesus and believing in the complete counsel of the Bible. I love that most of the people commenting here are encouraged by your obedience and evangelistic work.

  22. Torben you doing a great job! And you encourage me also as an evengalist to do more work on the streets! Thanks my brother! God bless you

  23. The last will be the first ! God is giving us the time we need , so lets go and do God`s will in Jesus name , amen . Torben is beautiful !

  24. "Nada A Perder" watch this movie on NETFLIX great similarities with your story Torben.
    Keep on hanging in there! Blessings my friend.

  25. And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit- Acts 2:38

  26. Greetings precious brother Torben. My name is Igor, I am from Ukraine. I really want to ask you and your team to come to Ukraine and hold a kickstart here, Luke 10 school and open the center of Jesus. In Ukraine, there are many disciples of Jesus, even if they are not on the TLR map. Please come here, we really need the real gospel !!! God's blessings to you and your family. My email address is [email protected]

  27. Its true what brother torben says the church has a big hold on new converts the pastors and ministers. Are the only ones who are allowed tl baptized pray for the sick , they dont want ordinary saints to get excited about doing ministry they want us to go to church pay tithes and offerings sit and listen to them preach i feel if the saint has been in church for at least 3 years he knows enough to go pray or witness to unbelievers lead them to christ and baptized them lead into the baptis of tbe spirit cast out the devils and evangelized

  28. Denmark government is full of darkness. They are 'killing'( now chasing) their prophets instead of protecting them because these people make any country thick. Now, they will regret when this man becomes very big in the things of the spirit in the US and the world later. Imagine chasing away someone who is helping to heal the sick,cast out demons,etc in a country. The government is working for Satan ignorantly.

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