Trump blames Iran for US Embassy attack in Iraq, vows to hold regime ‘fully responsible’


  1. How much benefit we made by being in Iraq ?! We spend trillions there . Now if we r making a lot benefit we shout stay in Iraq and fight if not that I'm sure our benefit in comparison with expenses is nothing and our budget deficit is growing why we r there we need to be strong and wealthy country

  2. If
    nobody knows what's going on, usually it is because of money. My
    opinion – Dems have to return 1.7 billion USD to Iran, because they
    took this money in cash, as bribery for time given to Iran to develop
    their own nuclear weapon. It was a part of so called "Iranian
    agreement". Iranians had time to do what they wanted, and dems
    took 1.7 billions USD from American taxes. Trump simply broke this
    dirty deal, and Iran probably immediately after that asked dems for
    money, for 1.7 billions of USD, for the bribe, because the agreement
    was broken. Dems couldn't do that – they forced the idea of
    impeachment, they asked Iran for time, probably they gave dems time
    up to the end of 2019. Do you remember, that John Kerry at the end of
    2019 suddenly visited Iran, without any reason and formal explanation
    why he did it? In my opinion he discussed possible solutions, he had
    to do that immediately after Iranians' demands. The impeachment of US
    President was one of the most promising solutions. Iran agreed to
    wait for the impeachment, but made rather short deadline – up to
    the end of 2019. If dems could successfully impeach Trump, for a
    while they could lead the country, and promote another agreement with
    Iran. In this way they could return to Iran 1.7 billions of USD, once
    again from citizens taxes. Dems couldn't expect, that President Trump
    will not participate in hearings – because of that some dems'
    provocations couldn't happen, and dems cannot accuse Trump in Senate
    for any reason now. They wanted to use Nixon scenario, catch Trump on
    lies during hearings, but it doesn't happen. Remember, as they
    formally asked Trump to participate in the impeachment trial? They
    insist, but Trump ignored them, and in this way saved himself.
    Anyway, they did what they promised to Iran – they "impeached"
    Trump. Doesn't matter, thatTrump is still in charge, and they still
    cannot return the bribery. They tried to influence Senate, they used
    big words – “democracy is in danger”, Trump is huge danger to
    USA, he is dictator, he pretends to be king of USA, his son will be
    the next king, and many other stupid accusations. They want to
    frighten US nation, and influence Senate in this way, by propaganda
    and Soviet's methods of rulling. If this theory is true, they
    probably discuss the topic with Iran just now, they just now
    negotiate with Iran in secret what they should do next. They made
    „light impeachment” as they promised, so Iran cannot make any
    punishment to them. If Iran started to negotiate with dems, in this
    way Iran took some part of responsibility for the case. Some
    representatives of dems probably went on meeting with Iranians guys
    at the end of December, they discussed or still discuss, what to do
    next. The group of representatives from both sides could meet
    somewhere in USA, in Europe, or wherever elsie. Maybe Dems promised
    to return part of the bribery, a few hundred millions of USD? Anyway,
    the decisions probably will not be taken by dems, decisions could be
    in fact Iranians' decisions. All the World is waiting for it. In my
    opinion, they might discuss even physical elimination of US
    President. To check my theory, watch, what will happen next, and
    check if it will be in accordance with what I said before…

  3. I'm fairly sure that these things are related to the military industrial complex. Saudi, Yemen, Iran, Russia, China. Enter the CIA and their lies. The USA should gtfo. But Israel.

  4. the deep state needs to go down along with fake news , thank you president Trump for your great leader ship WWG1WGA !!

  5. The government is the problem, they are destroying America. Because of this, the rapture must take place so god can remove all his people from this evil world. These evil people won't stop. God has to separate the good from the bad

  6. It’s amazing how most countries the US has went to war with have rebuilt and flourished except for all the countries in the Middle East.

  7. Oh Melania your hubby is truely handsom because his heart really shows at his rallies i hope the news channels stop omiting these i really do. Hallelujah Father.Glory is yours Jesus Christ name Amen ❤


  9. USA is acting like a coward. Iran committed an offence as US claims, then they attack Iraq and Syria. Lol feel more like a super power again attacking people with no military whatsoever. Fools in suits and tie.

  10. Q the truth. Time to end these endless opium wars and all nonsensical wars used to laundry trillions of dollars and keep people dumbed down and divided. Time for Christ love ❤️ to shine on the truth.

  11. Get out of the Middle East, ASAP! We have NO business there other than to keep the stolen oil-fields in hands of D.Cheney and the Rothschilds. -> Genie-Energy

  12. Iran is still been leaded by Obama, as he always did.
    As he said to Russia, I’ll have more power after the election, not so sure, Barak…

  13. Yes, that's the extent of their military training, tearing down signs…..this time we should not " O Da ma…but rather Trump, Trump, Trump their asses…..Get Some!!!

  14. Thats not a protest but is it? Its more like an invasion or a seige to me…and one of their facilities got a deserved knock on the roof as a warning.

  15. If that's called protesters, than I suppose German protesters went to the French border may 10th 1940…

  16. What the stupid Iragi government is dong for USA. USA must creat Kurd independence to have influence in this area both Iran Irag not good in the long run

  17. Why USA embassy is not strong enough to hold back the protesters. Terrorusts can come any time Wall should be high enough and gates should be strong and high If ordinary protesters can that easily into embassy terrorists all explosives gear can come ten times easier. Many USA embassies have been destroyed in the world but still seems like not many lessons have been learned I. Securing the embassy. Cost to fix the damages have to be carried by they Iraqi government

  18. DEEP STATE ORCHESTRATED EVENT. This is only news to educate the American population at what the deep state will do to maintain power and corruption. GO TRUMP. 2020.

  19. US Troops  just killed General Solomani  of IRAN ???  CNN /BSNBC  and USA Today won't show it  cause it was NOT Bengazzi ??  Its all over FOX ????? Sweet ?????




    U.S. troops from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, began to deploy to the Middle East, Wednesday, January 1, amid a rise i…

  21. if anyone believes that these nitwits are Iranian backed militants… I have to say… you are a Federal Government backed brainwashed idiot…. the sad part is you have the internet at your lazy little fingertips…. research something… anything… please

  22. I need help, is trump against Iraq or allies with Iraq? And if their not against Iraq, who are they against. Iran?

  23. Nothing to see here folks, move along now. tRump's got this. Unless it goes bad, then it was those dumb Generals that don't know what our Supreme Leader knows. "The buck stops with everyone" but him. Of course, he's got this. Unless it goes south

  24. Why would Obama send these people 150 billon dollars in cash on pallets loaded in an airplane in the middle of the night I thank God president Trump won.

  25. You know what time it is, it's war time. It's like clockwork! Everytime a Republican, is in office. Pro-life Republican's, make sure you sign up all of your children.

  26. I could care less about the U.S.! they murdered, and Iran won't stop till they get REVENGE! What Donald Trump doesn't know is he should NEVER EVER mess with Iran, cause he doesn't know they are gonna get another country to help fight 🙂 America's already in debt what can Trump do? You can't blame Iran FOR ANY OF THIS, DONALD TRUMP KILLED IRANS MILITARY LEADER, AND NOW HE'S BLAMING THEM FOR IT. Go die Trump.

  27. Iran has murdered well over 2,000 Iraquis in the past 3 months, attempting to position itself to control Iraq, and eventually seize power in the region. The mullahs are increasingly desperate as turmoil grows at home.

  28. Breaching an Embassy is an act of war….by international law it is US territory and should be protected,,,,given that it obviously is not US marines should have the right to use lethal force

  29. propaganda. “blames”? no, they DID attack the embassy. we aren’t blaming them, we’re taking action. killed one and left multiple wounded. theres nothing else for us to do unless we hit them back and show them that we’re stronger, and if they want war, they can keep those mouths open because that’s exactly where those bullets are boutta go.

  30. Does this mean more refugees for Europe? Is this bombing to protect Israel?
    Well it is Bloomberg, Not Iranians, that are trying to unarm Americans.

  31. Did you say Trump told Iraq to defend against Iran for America. Good luck. You dumped our soldiers off in Iran on their way home, from Syria. You intentionally put Americans in harms way. You are forever a wanted man, By MANY

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