Trump promised no more “endless wars,” but his actions risk another Middle East conflict

We’re going to begin in Washington, D.C.,
with Trita Parsi, executive vice president of the new think tank, the Quincy Institute. His most recent book, Losing an Enemy: Obama,
Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy, he’s also the author of A Single Roll of the Dice:
Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran. Welcome to Democracy Now!, Trita Parsi. Your response to the assassination of Soleimani? I think a couple of former Obama officials
on TV yesterday put it best when they said that this is an act of war. And it’s an act of war that took place without
any consultation with Congress, any approval from Congress, any authorization from Congress. It’s fascinating to see that the last couple
of days Pompeo has been spending a lot of time talking to the foreign ministers and
the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel, and not until today did he actually start
making phone calls to the Europeans and others. So, this is something that is going to be
a major point of escalation. It’s a decision that I think ultimately
has made America less, rather than more, safe. I think that’s clear from the decision by
the State Department today to urge all Americans to immediately leave Iraq. Rather than ending these endless wars, that
Trump promised his base that he would do, he is sending more troops to the Middle East,
he is doing things that is further destabilizing the Middle East, and that will probably trap
American servicemen and women in the Middle East for a longer period of time. John Bolton, the former national security
adviser, tweeted, “Congratulations to all involved in eliminating Qassem Soleimani. Long in the making, this was a decisive blow
against Iran’s malign Quds Force activities worldwide. Hope this is the first step to regime change
in Tehran.” Trita Parsi? So, it’s clear now that even without John
Bolton in the White House, Trump has surrounded himself with so many neoconservatives, or
people who are very close in their thinking to the neoconservatives, that he is continuously
getting advice that is very similar to the advice that the Bush administration was given
when it came to the invasion of Iraq. And Bolton has for long urged not only war
with Iran, but regime change in Iran, and has been pushing the
United States to go in that direction. And I think part of the reason why many of
these war hawks are celebrating on Twitter today is not because they think that this
actually was a decisive blow to Iran or a decisive blow to the IRGC; I think it’s because they view this
as a point of irreversible escalation. After this, there can only be more escalation
and, ultimately, war. And that’s what they’re celebrating.


  1. Trump and the republicans in congress are a clear and present danger to America and the world. They all know Trump is unfit and yet they still support him why ?

  2. Trumped talked about Obama falsely creating a war with Iran to gain support for a white House bid, only now it's him (Trump) that is Jesuit puppet creating fake flag attacks to justify going to war with Iran!! You can see these people MO's plain as day! These are the same people that orchestrated 911, Sandy Hook, Miami night club, Las Vegas shootings, all in the name of breaking the Constitution of America! You better open your eyes and hold them responsible before it's too late!

  3. I'm Canadian and I'm sick of American foreign policy and its actions around the world I'm especially sick of the Democrats who actually do the same thing. When Democrats or Republicans make war around the world because of American exceptionalism it's just a sad thing for the rest of the world and I understand why some countries hate America so much it's just too bad that my country is involved in the killings of innocent people and also involved in illegal conflicts

  4. This tells me Bolton has secret power to work behind the view of the American people even though he is not in office. This is his idea, war with Iran and more wars, wars,wars!

  5. 100% Bullshit . We know this story well. A polititian claims righteous intent knowing it will end in tragedy. He filled his cabinet with war pigs for 1 reason.

  6. Rest assured that if Bolton were ever to testify at Trump's Senate trial his mind has now been won over to Trump. Bolton gets ejaculations over wars.

  7. Trump is a dangerous fool and has proven to be an especially useful idiot for the moneyed interests that control the US political system, including Israel.

  8. Well 45* is a known LIAR so whatever he says…go with the exact opposite! He must be REMOVED from office. He had no business being there in the first place!

  9. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Bunch of candy assed chicken littles who never learned to stand up for themselves.

  10. A new war to start the American year on a high note! War …a culture that gives them meaning as hedges said.

  11. They just voted to keep the NDAA which gave trump the power to do this what this shows is how treasonous our government is they gave up congressional authority to the president just so we the people could have no say about their treasonous acts and they could act like they didn't support this move but majority of them been longing for war with Iran

  12. The "Demented Don" Trump illegally assassinates an Iranian leader for killing a hired mercenary "contractor" to start a war so he can avoid impeachment and win reelection. Plus his rabid evangelicals get the war they hope will bring on Armageddon. Humanity has never been closer to extinction than we now are.

  13. NO. This action is by Deep State, who operates independently, and often deliberately to oppose and to destruct, the Trump administration.

  14. Only in the leftist mind are confirmed terrorists suppose to live out long happy lives practicing their trade of indiscriminate violence and should only be dialogued with.

    Never, ever should violence be visited on the violence initiator .

    Diggle berries

  15. I think everyone that has voted for Trump and supports Trump should be the first to go over there and fight the war.

  16. TDS. Top Iranian General in Iraq? Iraq is a war zone deemed by Congress in 2003. Any Iranians in Iraq are a target. Iranian people hate this General. TDS.

  17. I dont know what's worst.. the ppl who believe trumps lies or the others that just believe its trump that's wrong ,and only him.. The nocons, and neo-liberals share same values. Truth is when the ppl wake up and not pay ,or let the MIC steal 740billion a yr…through theft from our taxes. What I wonder could they do with all that wealth, and power!! "Oh the never ending war on terror.. slogan is kicking off again." $$👌 WARisaracket

  18. As our empathy is pushed to its limits, we stop functioning like adults. We’re more likely to retreat into the infantile-narcissistic obsessions for which this age is famous, looking at pet pictures on Facebook, shouting at people on Twitter, and so on. But people who’ve regressed to those behaviors can’t really…change anything. Our regressions put us right back to being wounded, baffled, terrified infants at the precise moment we need to be mature adults, capable of acting with wisdom, courage, truth, beauty, empathy. You can already see death playing out on the global stage. Some revealing the darkness in our hearts, too the stupidity, selfishness, ingratitude, and desire to reign supreme, even if it's only over a world of ashes. And unless we find our way back to the light, my friends…the simple fact is that we don’t have much of a future…..Do we?

  19. Most recent declaration of War by Congress: Between December 8 and 11, 1941, Congress agreed to declare war with Japan, Germany and Italy.

  20. Somehow I missed the War Crimes tribunal, adjudicating and sentencing Qassem Suleimani to death.
    Apparently the assassination of a foreign leader (who annoyed both the Ayatollah and conservative/regressive members of the Knesset, and surprise… Saudi Arabia hated him too) is legal? Pandering to religo-fascist powers is an appropriate use of USA military forces?!?

    Not saying I'm a fan of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, just is this Justice?

    Considering the source of the go ahead, a lazy minded, ignorant compulsive lier who loves only stories which engrandize his reputation… HE makes life and death decisions?!?

    Both the structure and quality of the electorate in the USA are garbage people. By actions you manifest your madness! Pray… for sanity? Nope, that requires independent thought over time; It's a work, not a gift nor blessing.

  21. Soleimani was a legitimate target, in an active war zone. The so called Soleimani "assassination" is a wrong interpretation of his death. Soleimani was actively creating acts of war outside of his country, Iran, making his presence in Iraq an act of war against Iraq. The Media is making a Big Deal out of one of Iran's Terrorists being killed.

  22. It was awesome when Hillary's rebels sodomized Kadaffy with a bayonet and then Europe ended up getting flooded with miscreant refugees!

  23. Who said no more needless wars?DIRTY SORRY ASS DON THE INCOMPETENT LIAR AND CON.
    He wants to start a war.
    Dingy George W.Bush was kept in office because of his messy war.
    Trump thinks a war will save his job too.

  24. All of these Generals and they let this MENTAL MIDGET give them commands. America is in trouble!
    We are definitely living In the last days of democracy as we once knew.

  25. We all know how much Trump and his war hawks have wanted this war! Its a perfect distraction away from all the crimes and corruption that are being exposed now…it keeps the money flowing where they want it….maintaining their stronghold over our economy….and it will continue to rip the country apart, drain our resources, and keep people feeling hopeless, powerless and drained….we must not let this continue!–we must rise up and for sure VOTE against TRUMP, to end this continuing insanity and downright TREASON to the constitution and all America used to stand for.

  26. Got to be really stupid to believe any american president … For that matter every leader of every big nation is a violent psychopath lair.

  27. This is one promise the dotard is actually trying to keep, that there will be no more wars. Russia is Iran's ally; thus, the dotard is hoping for the war that will end endless wars, that he will cause the thermonuclear holocaust that will end all wars by ending all life on earth forever. So, afford the dotard the benefit of attempting to for once in his life to tell an actual truth. 👌

  28. Liberal sh!t-heads are even what this sensible action! What does the lib sh!t-head expects a nation to do against a bully like Iran?

  29. Now the U.S. is holding the WMD(Trump) trying to tell us something that we already knew. What has the taxpayers been paying for all this time for security around the world? This proves yet again the new lows that Trump and the GOP will go to.

  30. Amy when did you become such a hypocrite? Just a month ago you were complaining that Trump was deoccupying Northern Syria and 'abandoning' the Kurds. What kind of progressive supports occupation?

  31. Starting to understand why none of you understand basic politics….you get your news from people that don't know either. No Muslim ban, no declaration of war.

  32. He stopped a Major terror attack!!! This is what a Potus is supposed to do!!!! God bless our president!! Need to start rounding up democrats they are enemies of the republic!

  33. Trump is a rogue maniac running our country we need to get rid of him.we are now definitely less safe. Trump has violated congress again. He has made a very poor move in world diplomacy and he's betrayed the people yet again on his promise of no wars.

  34. What did you expect was going to happen when you attack a US Embassy that is not under the Obama Administration. He didn't want a repeat of Benghazi 2.0.

  35. The target is coming elections not Iran. Coetrie is the same, whether Bolton or not. Arms sale and oil plundering is priority, not lives of Americans.

  36. Who was this contractor that was killed and do we have proof that the militias did it? Or is it a made up story?

  37. Most dangerous Senators and Congressmen
    1. Lindsey Graham (King of MIC)
    2. Tom Cotton
    3. Michael Waltz (Cheney Puppet)
    4. Adam Kinzinger

  38. Iran has been killing westerners and diplomats for years in the Middle East. This attack on the general came after the general authorised an attack on the US embassy in Iraq. Iran has militia right across the Middle East. Why dont people complain when Iran kills diplomats and politicians in Iraq?

  39. Warmonger America wants to create just another Afganistan but hopefully it’s gonna be another Vietnam for them. There won’t be peace in the world with america that’s clear

  40. Of course it's an act of war but more importantly it shows the American people and the rest of the world that Donald J. Trump is not the leader of the United States but Israel that's in charge…

  41. USA attacked iraq based on lies, they are in syria iln violation of international law…..sad to see the usa not being true to its foundaing principles of working against empire instead of serving it…tump just made 1000 more solemini's.

  42. I really hope for an American Draft if we go to War. Send your progressive ('edumicated') children into a involuntary war.

  43. Tank you very much democracy now, à big happy new year, please no more war, citizen of America week up you hare the world like human don't use your energy for a man sinking about is election, don't bee like animals farmers, but like a good human being wee hare tired of war destroying life tank you very much Amy Godman en all the staff merci beaucoup pour les nouvelles

  44. I am so terribly disappointed by these turn of events 🙁 Can we have just one president without starting a war, please? An you know they are going to F it up, just like they did Irak and Afghanistan! .. (and basically every single other war they have started since WW2)


    They are now risking starting WW 3, and for what? So their idiot president can ride another 4 years?


    I have lost my last scrap of faith in the US, and I am officially becoming anti-american over this. It was an interesting social experiment while it lasted, but it's time to admit it has failed. RIP America, you will be missed 🙁

  45. When s it all going to end, surely the american people nust be sick of this endless killing, its time for them to think next time they go and vote, your going to have to vote these warmongers out, and think about voting for sanders and gabbard, because these Dems and repubs are just going to waste your taxes creating havoc around the world,think what could be done at home with all these trillions of dollars, all these old dinosaurs have had there day, nothings going to change.

  46. Trump is a typical American. You can't trust anything coming out of their mouths. Lying is the most popular pastime in the US, they lie to the world, to themselves, to their families and to their priests. They lie to everyone, they are genetically predisposed to lying.

  47. The legal precedent for Targeted killing or "Signature Strikes" (assassination by executive order) was set by Bush II, and massively utilized/normalized legally by the Nobel peace prize recipient Obama. And when it comes to Russia and Syria, DemocracyNow is basically just another wing of the counterintelligence program.

  48. America hasn't won a War since WW2. Korean War ended in Armistice. Vietnam America lost. Irak? it's sitll going on and just gotten worse. Afghanistan America lost.

  49. The USA wants Iran's resources and has for a while any excuse they can use they will they don't give a shit about anything but money

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