Trump says calls to investigate Biden is about fighting corruption


  1. It's easy to get rid of bots and haters in chat. Hit the report button then spam then ok and it removes the hateful bot or the hateful haters.

  2. Joe Biden is a criminal and a big hyprocrite. ..his son Hunter has several dropped charges for drug use and drug selling…what in the hell is he doing handling affairs internationally …besides having an affair with his dead brother's wife. ..

  3. Dems don't care how badly they hurt our country , here or around the world , as long as there cash cow remains open . Dems , you will ROT for this .

  4. President Trump is simply the best – and thank goodness for the world that we have this amazing and brilliant gentleman in charge of the US.

  5. Hearing a major world politician talk about 'corruption' is like watching a carnivore talk about not eating meat, give me a break. Corruption is the only reason any of these guys are in power, they wouldn't of been put in power in the first place if they did not have at least a little bit of corruption involved in the process.

  6. You can say that again it is extreme corruption and the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves get nothing done Democrats trying to put the blame on our president The Democrats are being exposed for the rats that they are and trying to blame our president for their corruption that stems back to Joe Biden his son and Obama and Hillary good grief the corruption is being exposed and Trump is going to get to the bottom of it go Mr. Trump you got my vote 🗳

  7. A tremendous leader. The time is right for such a man to lead this great nation out from under the censorship and threats to our democracy from the fake news and swamp politicians. MAGA! TRUMP 2020!

  8. A President who has concentrated on building the business called America. Flush out the corruption and help marginalised Americans get jobs and security.and what do all the biased press care about?? …

  9. There is even a treaty with Ukraine adressing corruption signed by Bill Clinton in which is written the President even is obligated to investigate corruption! He did not only do the absolute RIGHT thing, he was even obligated to do so.
    And the coup on this President is ending 2020!!! The investgation on corrupt democrats is just beginning and many “heads” will roll…..justice will be done!

  10. Why all questions are not relevant for the USA peoples??? Why not questioning the President on real issues??? Infrastructure, scholing systems, inner city progressive. healtcare, housing programs, opportunity zones……THAT is what i want to hear in they’re questionings…not the useless crap which is no issue after the 2020 elections anymore

  11. I've been a slave for 37 years. I never stood a chance against a federal government that prepared for me since the civil war ended to make my life a living hell . still I revealed the most valuable truths in history. And not one reward for leading the entire world in invention of weapons of ultimate pain.

  12. He knows how to handle the worthless press …. that's for sure. He's got more patience than I would ever have with these rude, repeat-the-same-question, mouthy press rats.

  13. He speaks zo easily, because he is right i think.
    I'm not American, have nothing to do with American domestic policy, but very happy for you to have such a person as a President

  14. Is there a Harrier jet hovering overhead or something? What is that sound? Is there a large fan somewhere countering the wind for Trump's hair?

  15. I love My President ! Rolls like a rock star , talks like a Boss , totally in charge , ALWAYS 5 steps ahead of everybody.. God Bless Donald Trump

  16. What mr. Trump thanks to the Democratic party for acting the way they've been acting with you cabinet members and those who support you is the reason why I will never vote Democratic ever again as of yesterday that party has been crossed off my list and the Republican party has been at it on I am now a full-fledged Republican thanks to the lack of Duty and like and misrepresentation from the Democratic Party

  17. these reporters are the rudest people I've ever seen…I stopped watching them years ago and this is why…nasty


  19. I'm not saying what he's saying is wrong but me personally. My wages haven't increased 3 percent. I should things are getting more expensive but I continue to get paid the same

  20. Pigs ? Farm animals on the White House lawn ? Sounds like it. I wonder our president could hear one question asked ?

  21. As someone who voted for trump in 16.. I am disappointing with chump's conduct. The Democratic policies are frightening because they have too much control over the media…. Not left, not right… BUT FORWARD!!
    Andrew YANG 2020!!

  22. Brad C he get his energy from his love and passion for his people and his country and working hard to do the right things for us all President Trump 2020!!!!

  23. It's pretty bad when a sitting U.S. President has to go to a foriegn government for help in investigative matters about a former sitting vice president Joe Biden and his son. Can you imagine if he went to the FBI? which is what any president should be able to do and get a fair shake but no not Trump they the FBI and other intelligent agencies are all out to bring him Trump down, Shame on the DNC and CNN they are trying to hurt this country because they can't get over the fact that they lost in 2016.

  24. lie lie lie. lie lie. tremendous lie lie lie biggest ever lielie lie. lielie, lielie lie. lie lie, people are saying, lie lie. lie lie, stable genius lie, lie. lielielie, lie.

  25. down with the dems, jail , prison , military court , life with out parol, firing squad , hung by the neck till dead….take your pick……dems have alot to hide , ……will be so dissapointed , if comey and his buddies , obama , clintons , biden , schiff , ….wow ….heads got to roll


  27. What a great president Trump is. I love the fact we have a shrewd successful businessman doing the negotiating when it comes to foreign politics. It's too bad so many people are trying to smear him.

  28. I am certain that Trump – being a 'stable genius' – knows exactly how to fight corruption:
    1: He should sack his whole staff and administration
    2: He should resign
    That's all it takes 🙂

  29. Greetings from Portugal. If you love the USA, you must love this President. In Europe, we are also bombarded with fake and distorted news about Trump. It is a shameful bias. Every tweet, action or intention is always distorted to make Trump look bad. If you love your country you should vote Trump. You will make a favour to all peoples of the world. Democrats are crazier everyday. Good luck with that!

  30. Keep on them, Mr. President! We support you getting to the bottom of the democrat's crimes against you and the American people. ❤❤❤


  32. The pastors need to quit demonizing cannabis and disavow the drug war, waged across America, that has become the sole precipitator of the police vs citizen mentality.

  33. China is sending their trade delegation on October 11. If no trade deal is reached, tariffs on some of their goods are due to rise to 35% on October 15.

  34. Why all these scams and plots to distract The American People at these critical times?

    Why all this cross-culturally politically motivated scams and plots continuously netted to negatively affect President Trump and Colleagues performances and popularity?

    Why all these uncivil malicious behaviors and practices to distract and to shake up the trust of The American People in their President and leadership performance and resolve?

    Why all these scams and plots against The American People and their Leaderships never stop and disappear to let The American People and their Leaderships move forward towards leading The United States forward towards peace, role of law and prosperity?

    Again as usual, it is sad to see The United States Democratic Party becoming a platform for cross-cultural Demagoguery, scams and politically motivated plots to distract, waste times & resources and to destabilize The American People and the world at large dreaming to smear and to shakeup the reputations, credibility, popularity and outstanding performance of President Trump and Colleagues.

    It is unfair to witness The United States Democratic Party becoming a platform for the entire world mules, fabricating, setting up and making up politically and economically motivated scams and plots to shake up and to smear The United States and their Leadership.

    We wonder, when The United States Democratic Party restores its accountability, reputations and credibility to focus on The United States best national interests and people's well beings, instead of becoming a cross-cultural platform for the entire world mules negatively shaking up and harming The United States performance and image in the world arena as a leading nation?

  35. Sorry for changing the subject but I didn't see President Trump sweating at all. I wonder why Deniro said he does?

  36. I was never somebody who really believe din God, but now I realize God must have sent this man to save our nation and rid us of the vile soulless scum who had taken over every branch of Government.

  37. China is gonna make a deal.
    They are also gonna gonna get truck and railroad more beautiful technology and across the sea they will ship it as well and as well as all the east is going to abide to the rules of the Holy scriptures

  38. I like these press conferences, just wish he would do it farther from the helicopter, the engine sound is annoying.

  39. Dems cannot believe that anyone could have any motive beyond power and winning an election. The idea of fighting corruption is the last thing on their minds. Trump has no personal reason to be concerned about Biden; Biden was never a threat.

  40. So Republicans are basically saying that a sitting president can ask a foreign country to investigate his political opponents with no questions asked and no accountability to the American people. Isn't that what banana republics do?

  41. I watch the facts.
    I synthesize the data over 60 years of receiving news.

    I don't NEED to be told what to think. Cause I think!

    Propoganda, Dogma, Rhetoric are being pushed by ALL media outlets everywhere.

    Add up your facts and invest your funds accordingly.
    False facts will cause you to loose your investment funds.

    Believing is NOT knowing.

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