Tucker: Impeachment hearings don’t affect the average American


  1. This is more like a brainwashing tactics to their crowd. "nothing happened here, all you seeing is a dream, you will wake up and nothing happened" lol

  2. They're impeaching Trump in order to keep preventing him from moving the country in the direction the voters wish it to move to.

  3. Actually the elected officials control the country . The people do get to elect them , but that's as far as our control goes .

  4. It's quite amusing to watch the democrats in their vain and fruitless attemps to remove a president who they have no chance of beating in 2020.

  5. Wow what brainwashing propaganda.. unbelievable this is really dangerous these are pathological liars scared for people who don’t know better .. young people and die hard dems

  6. But wait!! We except the facts that if you spent as much time working than talking crap like senile old folks something might get done in this country.when year after year the same things don't get done .that's a clue it's insanity, and they don't actually know what to do!! Boring, clean house,White House and watch them cry like baby's!!!

  7. Fredo coumo coumo can't talk about trump , Because he is having and affair with his analyst.he needs to start talking about all the adultery he is committing.he is no better than Matt lauer.a lot's of Democratics wants him fired.

  8. No matter what, listen to the facts and rules then decide if they are true or not. Believing in someone or something blindly may affect 'your facts' but never 'the facts'.

  9. LOL Fox insults its viewers implying that they are too stupid to find Ukraine on the map, they don’t know Ukraine, and they don’t care.

  10. Wishful thinking and denial.
    In fact more and more patriotic Republicans start distancing from him.
    Barr refused to give press conference on demand of Trump. He cannot confirm that Trump didn't commit any crime.

  11. If Trump supporters are correct: This is a leftist coup attempt that threatens the very fabric of the Republic.

    If democrats are correct: Trump is the most corrupt president in US history, and a fascist.

    Either affects average American's lives. If neither are true, why does this video exist?

    Tucker is either an idiot, or a propagandist. Why does our society make people like him millionaires, again?

  12. Civil servants have enormous egos believing they control foreign policy. I’ve seen it, worked with these people and their arrogance knows no borders.

  13. I guess you if your going to drain a swamp , you have to get your hands dirty, mud will sling this way and that.trump 2020

  14. Fox News is like the National Enquirer.

    Sondland told Ukraine that they would not get their aid until they announced an investigation of Biden on television. Good luck with the spin though

  15. Roger Stone next in Jail..than Giulliani, than Pompeo and Trump and the rest of the corrupt criminals. Cleanind the swamp !! But what about Hillary..??? LOL !

  16. Average American. No just the huge percent of idiots that live in America. I'm Canadian and I had no idea that there were so many lunatics. Tucker you are a great example.

  17. I love the way fake news is compelled to tell Americans what their own eyes were seeing when they viewed the same telecasts themselves. It's almost a variation on the classic Richard Pryor 'Who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes??'! Also, I agree when Chelsea Clinton becomes POTUS diplomats will be carrying out her policies I just also believe they'll be snickering as they do so.

  18. In my former career, I dealt with people who were truthful, people who were confused, and people trying to hide behind words of deception. The Ambassador used his words like a person with something to hide. in my 40 plus years as a driver, dealing with strangers every day, I learned to size up a person in very short order. If the Ambassador was working on a dock, I would question his honesty and motives.

  19. Yeah it's boring politics don't even watch it Republicans hahaha great defense fox haha let's talk about something relevant haha wooow

  20. Fox has a boner for CNN they don't ask questions or have reporters they just bash other networks clips that are convenient to them woooooow

  21. If you don’t think they have a dog in this fight you are asleep. If a president try’s to reduce the size of government and it affects that persons paycheck you better believe they have a dog in this fight.

  22. well considering anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows this is fake impeachment nonsense, the average american has bigger problems to worry about anyway.

  23. What do you think the dems will rename the country they took over? There is no more america. There is no more we the people. Nothing will happen to these democrats. They can do what they want. No matter what laws they break no matter what the constitution says. America is dead.

  24. Here is how it went down:
    CNN, MSNBC, etc. Backed the Democrats from day one. Since the day it was announced DJT won the election. They made complete and utter fools of themselves for YEARS (3.5 to be exact ) making up lies, fake dossiers, etc. Anything at all to back their bitter hatred and calls for impeachment. Well…here we are one year before the election and the dems have zero shot of beating Trump at the polls… so they go for the grand slam of impeachment "inquiry" praying to place enough doubt in the minds of americans so when they CHEAT THE POLLS AND ELECT A DEMOCRAT IN 2020.

  25. A court yesterday found Roger Stone guilty of lying about Trump not knowing that the Russians were helping him and Trump fans dont believe that Trump is gonna cheat AGAIN to win an election? You guys are weird.

  26. Not accepting facts that are facts???
    From the side that says men are women, genders are infinite, and babies in the womb aren't babies??
    From the same side that's been trying to find evidence of wrong doing for 3 years and keep being told there is none? We dont accept facts?? These people belong in an asylum.

  27. Tucker Carlson just hopes that the average American is to dumb to understand the complicated matter and to busy to care for the corruption done by Trump. He might be right. But maybe the US citizen will surprise me and him and wake up and impeach the Con man.

  28. But shouldnt we be taking the law and constitution seriously? I think they have serious concerns that something illegal has happened that could undermine our institutions… Really? Is it really all hoax?
    I am starting to worry more these days.

  29. We need to listen to the news more and be less swayed by any dramatic, skewed opinion people. maybe we should stop listening to Both FOX AND CNN. Start listening or read a few balanced news outlest and make up our own minds. Its getting dangerous.

  30. The AVERAGE American who wants to see and hear the news, isn't watching Fox "news"………this is like RT a LIE, DENY and NEGLECT propaganda channel for Trump. Nobody wants to listen to 3000+ lies in as little as 3 years from a so called "leader".

  31. I gotta give credit to tucker, he is very sharp, and I kind of wish that somebody like tucker would actually fight and represent what is right and just in this country because he’s got the talent to persuade and convince of what he’s in favor of. And believe me he is not in favor of the average person.

  32. What do you mean average American Tucker Carlson? Does it mean gullible Republicans who believe in your lies and Trump lies? Who only whatch your news channel because you only tell what is good about the government 😂😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂.. don't sanitize everything just for your own good and your president interest… Be fair and think about what is best for America…

  33. It will if the plot succeeds by the leftest democrats and they get elected; then it will mater to the Average American but by then it will be to late! So for your own sake, pay attention, do your homework, seek the truth, be informed!

  34. No wonder the US and your ˋsupreme leader´ are the world’s laughing stock!Thatˋs by far the most deranged news broadcast I have seen for quite a while…

  35. Oh no don't waste your time on a Constitution process that has only happen twice in the history of this country! Please Fox watchers wake up to reality and watch the hearing for yourself. Tucker is a propagandist.

  36. Hannity and Tucker Carlson are the biggest Bovine excrement spewers EVER! Supporting Vladimir Putin under the guise of supporting Putin's puppet. WE WILL REMEMBER you traitors. FOX is Putin's North American state ran media. Lying to the world!

  37. As an average person (retired software developer) I've read the July 25th transcript and listened to Presidents Trump and Zelinski proclaim that there was no quid-pro-quo during their phone conversation. The impeachment witnesses have presented no conflicting, direct evidence, only their opinions and emotions concerning how they think things should be run.

    I understand that the Main Stream Media can't make a buck by stating nothing to see here, folks, so they have to gin up controversy and play to their audience. I get it. Still, it doesn't make it right.

  38. So witnesses that get up on stand, lie and mislead the American people into thinking the president did anything illegal – effectively throwing their lot in with a grandiose farce that seeks to dismantle our democratic society – are now “Patriotic.” We need to thank them for their service before we eject them from this country.

  39. OMG those mockingbird fake news media changed the meaning of patriots so for them patriots are believer of hearsay and those who create untruthful narrative. Hell with those fake news media fully financed by George Soros to spit more lies as they read their daily teleprompter coming from Avid Technologies owned by the cabal like lucifer in flesh George Soros — how can you believe those jerks.

  40. I want to know what they said that was so compelling that would get our great president impeached. Hell to me Taylor could barely speak he sounded like a idiot to me

  41. If Trump can sue Bill Mayer for calling him an orangutans then when he is out of office she should sue him personally for trying to humiliate Yovanavich and slandering her in public.

  42. I can't swallow Trump smearing these bipartisan public servants who have given decades of their lives serving every one of you in America queitly and respectfully (one of whom dodged bullets for the country) while Trump only dodged the draught. All his mates are criminals and are getting locked up. He slammed corrupt Clinton for not keeping her stuff private , but then he spurts out foreign policy (that actually not only runs against US policy but FOR PUTIN ) on an UNSECURED PHONE !
    Hell Putin has done well out of this . . . . . . .

  43. The bottom line is that the Democrats don't have the votes to vote for impeachment and send this mess to the Senate. 30 House Democrats are in swing districts that went heavily for Trump in 2016 and they risk the wrath of the voters; and you can bet that Trump will be holding rallies in their districts. The Democrats have boxed themselves into a corner. This whole impeachment thing will come crashing down on their heads and probably cause them to lose control of the House.

  44. Mindless drones, pond scum, they're not Americans in my opinion, they don't love this country have no respect for the office of the President or The Republic, Our Constitution or the Democratic election process. I suppose mob rule is the new norm! Unbelievable!

  45. Carlson. Fake tan, perpetual look of confusion. A person who has the back of a filthy criminal. A scum bag who has done nothing other than putrid since conception.

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