Tucker: Is the Trudeau blackface scandal really a surprise?


  1. Have you ever heard of a Prime Minister who both figuratively AND literally two-faced?
    He's the son of Fidele Castro: which explains everything.

  2. Any time a leftist, regardless of their color, calls you a racist, they are telegraphing to you they since they themselves exude racism, then that HAS to mean that YOU MUST be a racist.

    It's the exact same projection that goes on when a woman constantly insists that her husband is having an affair, when in reality it is she who is doing the same.

    Having been in both situations, once you experience it, it is easy to spot forever.

  3. wow these people make a big deal out of everything how about staying in the house don't look out the window safe space forever lol these people are insane

  4. I have done it a few times ….. Blackface….. but I'm no head of state. I even used that fire engine red lipstick. Thanks to inspiration from Spike Lee's " Bamboozled "….. god that movie is a hoot ! People always looking for something to offended by. relax already .

  5. Who cares if megyn kelly did blackface. Who cares about newscasters and their behavior anymore. The time of walter cronkite is long gone. Video killed the radio star and the internet killed the big media corporations so who cares about what she does they are not relevant anymore.

  6. Those assholes don't want to follow God's commandments, but, yes, they wanna create more commandments to the ones GOD already stated officially.
    Bunch of Reprobate… Black Lemon?

  7. Don Lemon defends black face!! As long as it's someone on the left he'll defend. Unbelievable what a hilarious two faced hypocrite this piece of crap is

  8. Hm, I never blackfaced myself, but it also does not bother me If someone is running around in Lederhosen, or is wearing traditional asian dresses (let's say for Judo or TaekwonDo or Muay Thai) or he is calling himself a smurf.
    But if you are the type of person, who thinks that everything is offending …You should be more careful about your personal pictures.

  9. Past mistakes doesn't represent current views. It's the same with Trump, it's the same with Trudeau. This is absurd media tactics.

  10. You know more about Trudeau Tucker than 50% of Canadians. That's the problem we Canadians have in dealing with this hypocrite.

  11. To be honest, I don't care much about the blackface thing, and I am NOT a supporter of Trudeau. It was 15 years ago, like people have to be allowed to grow.

  12. Again, with Tucker, he accuses others of doing what he does, which is exactly what he accuses them of. It's an interesting loop. He says that Lemmon excuses Trudeau because Trudeau is a powerful leftist leader. True. But on the right, people forgave Bush and Cheney when they racked up massive deficits and lied the country into a disastrous war. They also reflexively give Trump a pass.
    He's rather correct about people who wear their morals on their sleeve being actually quite rotten at times, but he says "always" which isn't true. "Usually" would be the accurate descriptive, or "almost always." Further, doesn't this observation also apply to the Christian right? Again, a group that reflexively defended Bush and his gaggle of DC-insider idiots and their catastrophic policy pursuits?
    Tucker also supported Bush's war, but at least he later gave a fairly detailed apology about that, explaining how he took for granted a lot of foolish assumptions that were being spoon fed by our political elite in Washington.

  13. LMAO his logic is baffling. If they call you a racist it can ONLY be because they are racist.. but only if they are from the left.

  14. Remember when India asked trudi to leave after dressing his entire family like a Bali wood movie lol. I still laugh about….sigh

  15. Justin Trudeau is an idiot. There is another black face picture of him, this time he shoved a banana down his pants….hmmmm. He is disgusting and I am praying that he will not win the upcoming election, the one that will make or break Canada. seriously! He sends most of our money – us taxpayers that is…..to almost every countries around the world except Canada – there wasn't much left over for us. Trudeau sends money to Iran and Iraq, also sends high 6 figure $$$ to study the Iranian school system. The jackpot is that he is sending money to China for them to use to pay off their carbon bill.

  16. Canada 🇨🇦 has a fetish for fetish prone leaders❕
    You’d think after years of his parents, that would have been enough !
    But no.

  17. I'm from England so we don't get Fox News anymore so I have to come onto YouTube for this. I love Tucker's air time, especially when he's destroying moronic World leaders like Trudeau. He's the weakest Western World leader in history…….I'm sure Canada is truly ashamed of this fella, I know I would be.

  18. A sanctimonious, arrogant prick. On behalf of Canada, I apologize for this absolute joke of a “world leader.”

  19. Tucker "The news media are the dumbest people in the world"
    Tucker I have a question for you – have you met any Hollywood actors lately?

  20. Who is this man you are interviewing he is not Canadian he is English. if he is in Canada get him out what is he rambling about ….For gods sake shut up from England….

  21. Good to know Don Lemon thinks it’s ok to blackface up multiple times along as you apologize and blame you whiteness.

  22. This SOB will never take responsibility for any of his betrayals or lies, he’s proven that over and over again!

  23. Trudeau is a compulsive lier and takes no responsibility for any mistakes. It’s always your fault not his . He bought Canadian media for 1.6 billion $ that buys a lot of media protection.

  24. You’re a moron tucker . It’s hilarious how the black guy on CNN isn’t a offended about something but you are.

    Trudeau was in his 20’s. Northam was decades ago. Kelly was last year. Northam and Trudeau appologized. You sound like a snowflaje

  25. That is why 80 music and MTV were crushed and Boy George was thrown in jail, It was the blackface scene in "do you really want to hurt me?" song.

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