Tulsi Gabbard slams Soleimani airstrike


  1. Stop wishing you can't defeat Trump at The Ballot Box. Why do you think the impeachment is going on. Because you can't win we won already Trump 20/20

  2. Tulsi Gabbard (D) and Rand Paul Paul (R) are Putin puppets. Iran is a Russian ally.
    So, I'm not surprised when they parrot RT talking points in Iran and Ukraine.

  3. Well, she needed a reason to stand against the Trump administration and doing this she totally muddled her message. She just put it out, if an American is in harm way just let it be. So, she is no leader.

  4. Gabbard, is another inept moronic dumbocrat, with stupid political words and phrases, America isn't interested in her Illadvised, ignorant views on military action, she's better suited working as a nurse, or in a domestic position. Could you imagine this cluck running the greatest most powerful country on the planet. I wouldn't let her run a trailer park HOA. She needs to sit down and shut up, such a phony.

  5. Maybe everyone here should suit up and go fight over there. Tulsi has already served in Iraq twice. You see things differently when your own life is on the line.

  6. They attacked us. No red lines like Obama liked to use. They poked a bear so we can’t have them keep up the attacks without a big response. We are the largest and best military in the world and we should act like it. Good job Trump.

  7. I look forward to history once again vindicating Tulsi's words here, as so often happen in retrospect.
    I'll check back to see how this all pans out and see who was correct.
    My bet is on Tulsi.

  8. Dems do not care if Americans are killed, some low life General gets killed and they portray him as a victim. Turn Iran sand to glass.

  9. I respect Tulsi for wanting to defeat Trump at the ballot box. That's honorable. What the rest of the democrats are doing with impeachment is a disgrace.

  10. Another one bites the dust ➡ Tulsi…She is playing into her campaign and her own agenda since her polls are shot. Using this as a sound bite to preach her narrative…she has no shame whatsoever.

  11. We already have Congress approval for actions taken in Iraq. Guess what….the strike was in Iraq. Get the hell out of the way psycho dems. Your all afraid and don't protect America which is why your going to lose everything

  12. Tulsi is asking the right kinds of questions. She asks
    –What do we want to achieve?
    –How can we get there with the least unintended consequences?
    –Where will our actions lead us given the context we are in?
    –Have we tried to find alternative and better ways to accomplish our goals?
    Tulsi has a brilliant strategic mind and she is well informed- just check the Congressional Committees she has served on to see the level of confidentiality of her information. I hope Pres. Trump addresses her questions.

  13. All that talk and all she said is I don't realy know what to do , but " orange man bad" she seems like the most intelligent of the lot yet has no firm solution to anything.

  14. Cadet Bone Spurs the psycho babbling non negotiator: “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate,” Trump said of Obama. “He’s weak and he’s ineffective. So the only way he figures that he’s going to get reelected, and as sure as you’re sitting there, is to start a war with Iran.” Obama never started a war with Iran and was never IMPEACHED.

  15. Trump has intel from the military that she DOESN'T yet she assumes this was an unprovoked act of war??????? sources say solimani was in iraq to plan an attack on american soldiers. (not to mention the DIRECT attacks on america and our allies prior). this was a response to irans terror not an unprovoked attack tulsi you dumb moron go to hawaii and swim with some sharks you moron waste of a human

  16. If she's saying this about a verified killer of Americans , imagine how she carried on when bin laden was killed , she's not in charge of the defence of America and will never be ! Thank god for that !

  17. Besides…Tulsi answers to President Trump! Like it or not Tulsi…you SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT. I bet THAT eats her lunch.

  18. Trump tries his hand at the many times succesfully employed politic strategy. Trouble at home? Let's create war abroad. We can hope he does not bungle this as bad as many of his other strategies.

  19. Ask her what she is doing about the homeless walking the streets in her district. I just moved to Hawaii and the homeless are everywhere. Some with obvious mental issues yelling screaming and threatening whoever is around. A president needs to be able to care for their own first, she is not doing it in her district now.

  20. Wow, the hate in these comments! She’s just saying from her experience as a soldier that this was not a very bright and strategic thing to do, and gets slashed down for it as a traitor. Iran is many times more powerful than North Korea. The US spent 18 years in Afghanistan, a country many times weaker in comparison, and didn’t win. Neither did the Russians. You’ve got to hand it to the Orange real estate Wig and the neocon warmongers. Here in Europe, we look at this in amazement. Might as well have been dreamed up in Hollywood.

  21. Iraqis: cheering on the streets. Free thinking iranians: cheering! Cabal democrats: cry because their friend died. Sad reality.

  22. another useless demoRAT flapping her gums for nothing. she has no clue what she is talking about. glad she is running for a demoRAT president.
    and nobody needs congressional authorization. she is an IDIOT. shows how unprepared she is to be the commander and chief. somehow clinton didn't ask for congressional permission, or reagan or bush or obozo. she is as dumb as the rest of the squad, only sounds more somber.
    go back to aloha land tulsi. you are done and irrelevant.

  23. She "was" the only Dem i would have considered supporting…not now, she should have kept her mouth shut on this one and she would have had a position in the White House after the election in November. She just dug her political grave…so sad.

  24. No one wants a war, and no one knows the actual cost of war more than a Combat Veteran. As one, it is easy to start a war, it is not easy to stop one. I can understand the "why", but "if" we are to confront Iran, then we need to do it without spending more "blood and treasure".

  25. I’m a hard core conservative… I love trump … I was all for this air strike when I heard about it .. but I must admit … the way tulsi explains it and when they said all the things this guy did and she responded with why it shouldn’t have been done it really changed my opinion . This women is someone that should be leading this country . I don’t know much about tulsi but she really seems to understand these kinds of things in a way no one else does … I love trump , I would not be upset if she became president… I would actually be very proud for her to lead us … but I know she will never win because of billionaires

  26. Yo Tulsi, go be one of their brides, give yourself to them, since you are such a supporter of their actions. But get out of the USA!!

  27. Sorry Tulsi, you just proved you have no place in the Oval Office. Do you seriously think that President Trump intends to let an Iranian war drag on? The Iranian leadership and people are CELEBRATING this strike!

  28. Like all democrats she simply wants to emasculate our president's power. The house is engaging in a pure power grab.

  29. Come on Tulsi do your research ask Ron Paul there only thrown soft ball questions . You should have a better response.

  30. I didn't think it was possible to be more grateful that President Trump was elected, but listening to these un-American, anti-Constitution and insane lefties, made it possible.

  31. Seems like she's pretty sure about what we should not do, but has no idea what we should do. If you don't have a solution shut the hell up.

  32. Whoopee ! We've found next years defence budget
    " Here we go ! Here we go ! Here we go ! Da da da .Da da da . Da da da. Da !

  33. Lost all respect for her….she’s not a warrior. She’s trying to ingratiate herself back in the Dem fold…VP DREAMS

  34. This guy helped America when they went into Afghanistan and has just defeated isis. America is the aggressor here. Have a think about what America would do if the head of the military was assented. This reminds me of the start of WW1.

  35. She is wrong about the war. We have been AT WAR since September 11, 2001 with Terrorists Worldwide. Democrats must RETELL their lies, according to the DNC talking points they ascribe to at all costs. Because she is a veteran, does not make her a good judge of a President who is defending This nation.

  36. The Commander and Chief of the Military doesn't need Congresses permission to strike an enemy in a country we already occupy…

  37. The more they argue this was not the right thing to do, the more it appears President Trump was right to do it. 🇬🇧

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