TV News Report On If This World Is A Computer Simulation | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. If reality is a computer simulation, I have a request for the programmers, I could benefit from some friendship and love, human connection yaknow?

  2. Not sure if it's simulated, but POSSIBLY multiversed…. Someone asked me "What if when we die, we actually 'wake' up?"

  3. It's statistically more likely than not that this is an ancestor simulation. There's probably no way to tell.

  4. If this is a computer simulation, they need to run CCleaner and Malwarebytes, because there's a lot of crap, bugs, and malware in this one.

  5. If this is a simulation can we get a new Game Master to write better storylines without kids in cages, racism, wars and…
    and and.

  6. I could see it being some physics simulation or experiment done by something beyond our understanding, maybe seeding the physics potential for our universe in another dimension and standing back. The computer simulation does not make sense unless I am one of the few fully functional people in it, and everything around me comes to life and fools me when needed. Trying to do all the people, other living things, the planet and it's environment without lots of obvious errors is too big.

  7. TRUMP / PENCE IN 2020

  8. If Andrea Greenspan gets ahold of the Time Dispalcement Vortex Generator She will travel back in time to before the big bang and merge her consciousness with DARK MATTER and try to become GOD and make it a MSNBCannibal UNIVERSE but what ANdrea Does not know is my future self in another dimension will be waiting in the vortex to smack her in the mouth and then seize her chainsaw and SAVE THE Universe from her MSNBCannibalHolocaust Agenda!!!

  9. its zero. on a scale of 1-10, its zero.
    first of all, any time anybody compares the universe to the latest technology, theyre wrong. there will be new technology soon that the universe is like.
    second… my god damned nephew can program a cooler simulator than this. why would they go with the worst version. where everybody is average and bored. wtf.
    and third… if they actually create an entire universe, then its not actually a simulation. i dont think you understand what a simulator is.

  10. not a computer simulation
    but a holographic projection, and if you do a modicum of research
    the argument is compelling…
    just a tidbit of info here, from PBS Space Time:

  11. Yes, but the "simulation" isn't what people think. Our "knowledge" is the simulation. When one does not know Ultimate Truth, they live in a kind of fake world, but they don't know that. I believe man has placed their own selves in a kind of fake reality. When you do discover ultimate truth, you will be rejected by most people still operating in their programming. There IS a way to break out of it though, but it cannot be so much taught as desired. One must personally desire Ultimate Truth to leave their blind eyes. So, my answer is yes. Most people live in a simulation. However, some do not. I won't explain that unless someone wants me to, but most people cannot handle —- Truth. They're too programmed. They are sheep. Only a few Neos will know, but you must choose which pill. And yes. When certain people fulfill their purpose, they are moved to The Higher Plane. This life on the lower plane —- is a test.

    Very cool video, MSNBC. Very cool topic. Impressive thought life there! 👍 Very interesting.

  12. Two things:

    1. If we were living in a computer simulation, we wouldn't know we were terminated because our thoughts cease immediately.
    2. See #1

  13. Yes, we are living in a simulation, but it is not a COMPUTER simulation. It is much deeper than a mere computer simulation. It is just REALITY playing a joke on us: We are not who we THINK we are. What we THINK we are is the simulation. What we REALLY are is something else.

  14. Its possible, much like it is possible that anything is possible despite our knowledge teaching us some things are impossible. History has proven that much.

    But does it really matter? Not to me. Its entertaining food for thought, but thats about it because whether or not it is a simulation, it doesnt change my reality. And if they terminated it after I finished this comment, I would never know – and neither would any of you.

  15. my guess would be zero chances. If the best some super intelligence could do was create humans then their a failure .


  17. Doesn't really mean much. If real is not real, then simulation doesn't mean simulation (not in terms of a computer program). To experience it as a simulation implies you can perceive it at a higher level of "reality"; like participating in a play and knowing that you are an actor and you have a "higher" reality where your existence has more "reality" (when you finish the play). That's what we already ascribe to our spiritual self…a higher level of existence that transcends the present "real" reality (which we return to by the "dying" mechanism). So there can be many levels of existence, where each one can be described as a "simulation" respect to the higher one where it was birth from, until you reach the top level, which is commonly called God/Godhead/Creator, which then is the only "absolute" reality, and which all other realities have been described as dreams in God's mind; or you can mathematically describe the nature of existence as fractal.

  18. “Now I do not know whether I was then a a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.”

  19. Inez Qtaish don't eat cat fish or any fish with bones, only fish I would eat is talopia, perch or fish sticks, I haven't had tuna salad in a while.

  20. considering the popularity of sim-games and other type games where people determine the actions of the characters, toons, or sims it seems a reasonable hypothesis oh yeah and let's not forget Tron.

  21. As Ari Melber and his guests may agree. It is 'Nothin but the dog in me'
    "Yeah, this is a story of a famous dog For the dog that chases its tail will be dizzy."

    Nice Matrix thought experiment. It does point out absurdities in the new sense of unsustainable ethical armor. Here is George Clinton to remind us what matters.
    August news doldrums. If it were possible that we do now live in a simulation, we shouldn't upset the crop of batteries. How ya doing kiddo, your voltage production is down? Relax you took the blue pill.

  22. From this basic who be-Holden —out for stimulation=not simulation.
    Simulation is to imitate/to copy=not felt. I don’t know about y’all, but the most beautiful things this life has to offer has been the opportunity to feel. gravitate to what is real. Now, maybe the brain’s response to simulation is the same? But if that were the case, wouldn’t it all be good feedback? Life can be painful.
    I tell you what’s painful…Scarface and Goodfellas-I couldn’t feel anything for these characters, Godfather 3 was better than Scarface🎯
    Plus-maybe those future beings/architects are the ones making those robo calls🤔🤣

  23. Ari, you are making a fool of yourself, and pulling Mr. Dyson in this mire of idiocy! You spoke for too long about Trump's lunacies and got contaminated.

  24. The "theory" that we may be a mere simulation is nothing but an excuse made up by degenerates who want to engage freely in all forms of evil without having to feel guilt. Everyone knows very well we are alive and are not a simulation.

  25. I've always thought this was the most likely things…based on the fact that we all seem to keep redoing previous peoples' lives but with small changes in the variables. Who else would need to watch this repeat itself over and over?

  26. Sooo very cool…that this same idea….is in fact,….getting such better traction today…..

    Because from the very moment when I came out of the theatre…after watching that first Matrix movie…..

    I KNEW….that we've always been living within such a Matrix …but this isn't a computer simulation …it is an atomic, sub-atomic reality …creation…..which was in fact created by the Almighty God…..

    And when we "wake up" from this Matrix,….computer generated,…God created reality – we will realize….we were never just that body or universe …that was created by somebody else..

    And no…this is not meant to be unknown…because like the Matrix …we are meant to wake up to this deep, eternal truth…

  27. Good hackers of the world, if you're listening, we need for you to delete trumpf's twitter account. I'm sure you will be mightily rewarded.

  28. It is only a simulation for the person reading this comment. To find out how far you want to continue to go in this current simulation given the various increasing pressures.

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