UK could be better off outside EU says Corbyn

– Is it your view that Britain
is better off inside
the European Union, or better
off long term outside the Union? Which?
– It depends on the agreement we
have with the European Union outside.
– So we could be better off
outside therefore?
– Listen, what I’ve tried to
do all along is recognise
the result of the referendum
and respect it.
That’s what we said in
our 2017 manifesto,
which is why we voted before
that to invoke Article 50
in I think it was March 2017.
We have consistently put forward
what I believe to be a credible option,
which is what we call
the five pillars,
which is customs union,
the trade relationship,
protection, consumer,
environmental and workers rights
and of course the Good Friday
agreement and the peace process.
We have discussed those
several times with Michel Barnier
and others in the European Union
and through the socialist bloc
in the European Union,
heads of other governments as well..
I recognise the majority of
Labour party supporters
and members support remain
and supported remain
but a significant minority
voted the other way.

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