Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein | OFFICIAL TRAILER – BBC

I always imagine, like plenty of people in this industry,
that actresses slept with Harvey
because it was good for their career.
I went with no plan, no agent, very little money.
Here was I meeting one of the most powerful men in Hollywood.
I was going to have dinner with
him at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
He said, “Can we have a drink upstairs at yours?”
So, obviously, this is the part that’s very hard to talk about.
Harvey Weinstein was known to be a bully.
He could do anything.
He thought of himself as the sherrif in town.
He scared people, in the same way a gangster would.
When you read about rape, you read,
“She kicks and screams.”
I just froze.
I said, “No.” And I pushed him away, more than once.
And then I just stopped.
It’s the collateral damage, what it does to relationships.
It steals something.
When I tried to tell people, they’d say, “You better keep your mouth shut.”
Well, I saw a lot about how the machine works, in terms of burying scandals and settlements.
Nobody was ever going to win against this guy.
I was hearing stories which you could dismiss as rumour.
I was being told these women are crazy.
You have to do something.
Huge turning point.
I couldn’t believe they were telling this story,
as though they were writing about me.
Mr Weinstein intends to enter a plea of not guilty.
The most sinister aspect is that the system enabled it.
Power, everybody’s getting piece of it.
When you pick out the most grotesque,
there’s the sense that, ok we’ve
taken care of the problem.
It’s not over.
It continues.


  1. Wonder why press are so silent on his present situation? Wonder how he's enjoying 'attention' in prison… "the measure you measure out…gets measured back…shaken down… overflowing…

  2. Harvey Weinstein is out of the picture.
    He’s a ruined man forever 😈
    He deserves to go to hell when he’ll die.

    The Phantom Thieves will stole his heart

  3. If only Weinstein put a bit more effort into his seduction game, none of this would have happened. He would have been just another not completely repulsive millionaire with golddiggers hanging off of his arms.

  4. I don’t like how ‘powerful’ they make him seem, even if he was. Make him look like the pathetic little man he really is

  5. The Press is remarkably silent on this issue, probably because the CEOs are just like Weinstein. And they're very nervous, take Rodger Ailes for example!

  6. Its like I keep saying bbc you only talk about rape when its me too when its young girls around the country with muslim rape gangs its the victems being arrested.

  7. When you read about rape , you read she kicked and screamed , OMG tears ,it's so sad that they could only arrest him because I think all other agents and actors who knew were somehow agreeing with his behavior

  8. Like the creep hasn't made enough money off of taking the innocence of kids with a dream.. Hollywood is run by satanist who get people to sale their souls to be successful in the entertainment business. I sometimes wish we still had citizens justice unfortunate Our laws has to many holes that can opened to save the elite who can afford the slimy lawyers who dont give a crap about justice.. all about Bens..

  9. Interesting how they show POTUS, yet HRC, and her friends are left out of the trailer. I wonder if they are going to show the Dems that were sooooo close to this predator as to never miss a photo op. He and Epstein are just the tip of iceberg bigger then California. Is there a pattern with the “steins” or am I the only one seeing that?

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