1. Dear YouTube viewer, this story has been debunked as untrue ! Don't believe anything you hear from CNN, they make up lies to make the president look bad. No credibility at all.

  2. Fake story. I would love to know who's propping CNN up. There can't be many viewers left pretending to watch anymore.

  3. Hey liars…. The "classified" intel that POTUS supposedly shared with Lavrov in May '17, was reported on by you in April '17. Hmmmm… Your reporting of classified intelligence is responsible for this debacle by your own logic. https://www.cnn.com/2017/03/31/politics/terrorist-laptop-bombs-may-evade-security/index.html

  4. This video is a perfect example of the Lefts propaganda. It is a shame that soviet tactics are being used to destroy a mans character. CNN you are fake news to the fullest.

  5. CNN again and again proving to be fake news network. Clown news network openly exposed by CIA.
    When will CNN will start reporting facts. Such a fall.

  6. If trump knew he was there he would not have gotten out of Russia. Hopefully after he and his folk leave we'll find out trump was only given 10% of the things the intelligence agencies work on and look at how much damage he did with the little he was given.

  7. Here is a hint CNN, the actual CIA debunked your story. Looks like CNN got caught spreading fake news, again. All CNN did was weaponize this story to attack President Trump.

  8. Misguided speculation that the Presidents handling of our nations most sensitive intelligence which he has access to each and every day drove an alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate

  9. Msnbc just recently did a false trump-russia story and now cnn is trying it out as well. Maybe they're feeling left out of all the fake news action or they share the same source.

  10. Only this is all a lie, CNN was blasted by the CIA for this being a completely false report. CNN is left wing propaganda, not news.

  11. More lies! This story have already been debunked! CNN lies and hatred towards the best president in U.S. history is only helping all Republicans and hurting all democrats!! #CNNFAKENEWS

  12. Trump should be charged with Treason.If a soldier in the military leaked intelligence such as names, where positioned to a foe,they would face treason! This fake leader has been giving security info all along to foes.Best buddies with Saudi prince n Russia.Trump is not leading America, he works for Russia n Saudi.Trump gets all his loans thrust Russian banks n rich Russian oligarchs cosign for him.This piece of shit, refused to fight for America n then helps foe countries set up spy's here, his Trump tower full of Russians n his over 50mill deal to rent his US places to Saudis, the perfect set up!.Trump is a big mouth, but a coward n a very little man.

  13. LOL. More FAKE NEWS! CIA actually had a press conference and called this categorically false, he said it was "acreage reporting". What worse, a bunch of CNN sheep actually believe this Jim buffoon. Poppy Harlow ~"Great reporting, important reporting. I knew you worked a long time on this…" I can't believe how far CNN has fallen…

  14. Since Jim Sciutto is still at it, trying to "out" the spy, might be time to get Jack Bauer on Jim's case, and encourage Jim to reveal his sources and methods

  15. He begins by saying multiple Trump officials with direct knowledge. Wow, it is amazing how CNN makes up lies. This is why the CIA put the hammer down on them.

  16. Soooo, Mueller found tons of contacts between the tRump campaign and Ruskies and many of them suspicious, but not enough to charge him. Yet, the CIA was not willing to take chances on the big orange turd not outing the asset. Pretty clear what's going on – American spy masters think Chump is, knowingly or unknowingly, a source for Putin.

  17. Putin is gonna fuck them up… Putin said code He can forgive anyone but He will not forgive a traitor who will go against Russian motherland 痰

  18. CNN has guts and goes above and beyond to bring the truth to US citizens. Anyone that disagrees thinks that a violent serial rapist who has been proven to lie EVERY DAY is more credible.

  19. Oh boy…WRONG AGAIN CNN. At some point you would think this Fake News Factory would be recognized as a source of embarrassment and go bust. This station inaccurately reports time and time again, reporting what they wish were true vs. what actually is true. The amazing part is the TDS clowns will tune in again tomorrow to listen to the next big lie, what a bunch of dolts!

  20. I just learned the truth about this.

    "CNN tried to blame Trump for the loss of Kremlin source, when it was really the Obama administration that was responsible for the catastrophic leaks that burned him and did so citing a leak that did not come from Trump at all, but most likely from a former Obama official." (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/09/12/cnn-tries-blame-trump-obama-administrations-leaks/)

    Shame on you CNN. You people disgust me. Your contempt for the truth grosses me out. You would sell out our country if you thought it would advance your political agenda. I hope that some day you are able to feel the shame, the dishonor, the embarrassment, the disgrace that you have become – because you obviously cannot feel it now. In a just world you would be banished to a life of silent, lonely ignominy.

  21. Holy Crap, Still waiting for the retraction for this fake story….???
    CNN must have real evidence, or they would have retracted this story!

    I stand corrected, CNN, I'm sorry, I doubted you. The CIA must need to deny this for a good reason. Maybe still working to remove agents, and has to deny this story. CNN might be putting other agents in danger, by not retracing it. Too lake now, CNN may have blood on their hands.




  23. Wow, and let's not mention the Russians that are in Whitefish, Montana 不不不 I'm sure they're here just for very innocent reasons

  24. Knocked another one out of the park, didn't you cnn? You guys are IDIOTS! The spy was removed BEFORE Trump became President. Is there anyway you can be more pathetic? Maybe you should start showing cartoons. At least your ratings will go up. Once again, great reporting!

  25. Ok the US got an assist so close he could 'see Putin's desk'
    So… Putin got an assist under the desk in the White house
    Yet again he wins…

  26. Fact checked…fake news again from cnn…why people keep giving credibility to such a bad resource?

  27. Does this qualify as a tall tale or fake news? Only thing this video is missing is a background full of clowns riding by.

  28. Lol you guys are too funny still on the Russian collusion lol it's been almost 4 years lol cnn trying there hardest

  29. True or not, why the hell would you publish this story? The dude just got extracted 2 years ago. You literally just published thorough timeline info in which the Russians could identify the spy by referencing the time people left in 2017. You just published his death sentence, good work CNN.

  30. Hey Jim, I thought you had good sources.
    The NYT and a former CIA say your wrong. That this is a false story.
    They planned to extract the spy before Trump and say it had zero to do with Trump.
    So, why do you keep telling the lie?

  31. Sorry but even the NY Times and WAPO report this "story" is wrong…..ooopsie but Im sure CNN wont correct this…they will just claim conspiracy or some other garbage

  32. The secret that Trump revealed to the Russians was that someone was saying that terrorists might try to hide devices in laptops. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.This is some kind of high-level secret passed to us by the Israelis? They've been scanning laptops since 9/11, and before they figured out that the only terrorists are plainly obvious weirdos set up by the FBI and CIA, they used to ask everyone to turn them on in order prove that they were working machines. How fucking dumb does CNN think you are. Oh yeah… You're the same people who voted for a cock-sucking CIA-created guy named Barry Whatshisname, who somehow became the most qualified guy in America to run as a Democrat, perhaps because he'd been a nobody trouble-maker living in Chicago who had never held a real job in his life.

  33. Real Russia sy story. Told by Russia.You guys and gals will love this. Owned by Gazprom ,That Hillary …
    45) Back to Top
    Russian pundits vary on possible impact of spy scandal on relations with
    USA – Ekho Moskvy Online
    Sunday July 4, 2010 21:08:55 GMT
    Russian pundits vary on possible impact of spy scanda l on relations with
    USAThe spy scandal involving the arrest of 10 alleged Russian agents in
    the USA is gaining momentum in the USA. It coincided in time with a
    rapprochement in relations between Moscow and Washington, anchor Vladimir
    Kara-Murza said on his weekly programme, Grani Nedeli, broadcast on the
    RTVi channel and editorially-independent Ekho Moskvy radio on 2
    July.According to historian and journalist Nikolay Uskov, the spy scandal
    will have no major effect on Russian-American relations. "In my view, for
    the United States we have stopped being an important player in the
    international arena. And, in my view, we are considerably more interested
    in good relations (between Russia and the USA) than the USA. We need
    money, we need investment and we need to restore the confidence of the
    global business elite in the Russian economy and the Russian political
    system," Uskov said in an interview with Grani Nedeli."Most likely, the
    scandal will be forgotten," Uskov added.Journalist Mikhail Shevchenko was
    puzzled by the spy story. "It is very strange," Shevchenko said on Grani
    Nedeli. "What can Russia spy on in the USA which it cannot achieve, obtain
    or find out in conversations etc. Perhaps it was about some money
    transfers from Russia and the Americans decided to block this money
    flow."Journalist Viktor Shenderovich is convinced that the people arrested
    in the USA were Russian spies. "For me the main thing in this story is
    that American counterintelligence has indeed caught real Russian spies.
    They are not high-ranking, not like (Aldrich) Ames (a senior CIA officer
    who in 1994 was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and later
    Russia), but spies nevertheless," Shenderovich told Grani Nedeli."This
    real achievement," he continued, "is in sharp contrast with the (alleged)
    achievements of our… general (Nikolay) Patrushev (former director of the
    Russian Federal Security Service, the FSB), who headed the service (FSB)
    for many years. (It was claimed) that hundreds of virtual terrorists and
    spies have been caught, while there has not been a single court case – it
    was all fabrication. All these British spy rocks – no Briton has been
    brought to trial. As for (Igor) Sutyagin (a Russian arms control and
    nuclear weapons specialist who in 1999 was sentenced to 15 years for
    spying for the British), and (Valentin) Danilov (a Russian physicist who
    in 2004 was sentenced to 14 years for spying for China), it was all
    fabrication," Shenderovich said.Journalist Yuliya Latynina, commenting on
    the spy scandal on Access Code, her regular slot on Ekho Moskvy, on 3
    July, said the alleged agents had been involved in "an imitation of
    espionage". In the same way as there is "an imitation of democracy and an
    imitation of an empire" in Russia, she said.She ridiculed the
    unprofessional methods which the suspects had allegedly used and described
    them as a "network of international conmen involved in the 'carving up' of
    the Russian budget under the disguise of espionage".Latynina said there
    were no reasons to engage in espionage. "One can spy during a war or one
    can spy to get some military secrets. But one cannot spy to find out the
    political intentions of a democratic government," she said."In order to
    find out the goals and views of the Obama administration, as they (the
    alleged agents) were instructed to do in coded messages, one does not need
    super-spying gadgets. All one has to do is go to the White House website
    and read its briefing," Latynina said.(Description of Source: Moscow Ekho
    Moskvy Online in Russian — Website of influential station known for its
    news coverage and interviews of politicians; now owned by Gazprom but
    largely retains its independence; URL:http://www.echo.msk.ru)
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  34. I used to be proud that CNN was in my hometown. They've become an irresponsible tabloid with a political agenda – everything a NEWS organization is not supposed to be. CNN, you are disgusting!

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