US Servicemembers Abroad At Increased Risk After Trump Iran Attack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I will make a big leap and guess that most of America cannot locate Iran on this map starting at 0:22. Who would agree with me?

  2. lock him up! lock him up! lock him up! even if he gets locked up war will continue as long as the republicans and corporate democrats are incharge tho

  3. Wait, so you're telling me that professional war-fighters who are fighting wars in active combat zones are at risk? Are you sure about that?

  4. Ha ha ha.
    Now press is in Panic,Trump pulled the wool over their eye,
    Now they're in rush to get to Iraq
    I often wonder how many Men have lost their lives because the Blabbing Press told the Enemy where an what they were doing.

  5. Lol no way, we were getting attack by Soleimani all last year. Now the only difference is Iran is openly admitting to it. That awkward moment you state why this all started in the 1st place 1:09. Epic fail maddow. Way to contradict your “thought it through” script.

  6. The Dems are a little unhinged but there is no way they would ever defend a top Terrorist that killed hundreds of our Troops….

    Trump: hold my MAGA hat…

  7. I remember a missile that was launched from Iran in the first Gulf war, not launched from Iraq and it killed Dozen of US soldiers. The medium sized Missile was made in China. Our defense systems missed it. The News reported as it happened and then that story just disappeared as the war went on.

  8. I am not dovish, hawkish.. right or left… we don't have a policy at all. One day we support Kurds next day we sold them like nothing. One day we are angry with Turks and planning to kick them out of NATO next day Turkey is key ally. One day "Iran will pay for this", next day "let's have a deal with Iran".. We should support Kurds though 😀

  9. I guess Richard Maddow would prefer Trump give Iran billions of dollars and pallets of cash in the middle of the night like Barry Soetoro did. Sorry Ricky, Trump isn't a pro terrorist presidents like Barry was. Trump isn't a member of the muslim brotherhood and doesn't work for George Soros.

  10. Before I leave this comment section I must say so many of us are ready to fight whether we are called upon or we enlist.. the eagle has landed 🇺🇸🦅

  11. An American embassy was attacked. That is an attack on American soil. What this twit is advocating is to surrender to Iran.

  12. All of our troops are at risk they were at risk before they will be at risk in the future. Instead of
    supporting the actions of YOUR elected govt you people at MSNBC decide to take a most
    negative reaction and make believe you are concerned.

  13. This Iranian general basically led all the Iranian state sponsored terrorist groups. He gave approval for the terrorists to storm our embassy in Iraq. He led terrorists and he was a terrorist.

  14. This video is correct, the consequences are creating a more hostile and hatred for our servicemen out abroad basically protecting the interests if the rich people's resources. (Oil n natural gas n opium) etc

  15. Is it, is it profound Rachel? I mean, you're the professional in this situation, so I guess you are the answer to what we need to know. 🤬🤬🤬 Stupid Bit…..🤬

  16. No human '"SHOULD ever WORRY." This is one of the biggest and stupidest things people say. HOW can worrying help-with ANYTHING. Name one time in the history of humans that Worry helped anyone/anything? Only simple minds would ever tell people they "should worry." This woman is too smart to say such dumb things

  17. Jesus Christ MSNBC is a joke… They were always at risk. It is beyond stupid to blame trump because of this. That man should have been publicly tortured for days before being burned to death

  18. How does someone that lied for three straight years every single day still have her own television show? President Trump took out a terrorist.

  19. I am proud to have in president that has the balls to stand up against people that want to hurt the United States

  20. this just in: thousands of Iranians are at risk…. if that BS happens any more.
    Omar: some people did something… smh.

  21. Americans abroad are always on the front line, they are always more vulnerable to attack and retaliation from terrorists. It has always been like this and will always be like this regardless of who is the President.

  22. I am Iranian and endorse attack and killing the international terrorist. Keep up the good work. Next strike the basij milishia and pasdaran terrorist organisation bases. the rest people of Iran will complete the task of over throwing islamic fascist regime.

  23. Remember what Madcow's lawyer said as the defense in the defamation trial. "She is not meant to be taken seriously" or something along those lines. In other words she's full of Schiff.

  24. Liberal media want our troops to get hurt just so they can blame trump.
    How petty?
    When Obama murked osama y’all clapped and celebrated….

  25. if Obama would had agreed on 30,000 troops on Afghanistan in the first place I dont know what the outcome would be now. Eh, I'm no historian, what do i know.

  26. No matter where you are in terms of political views knowing that thousands of our soldiers are out there risking there lives to protect us from a country like Iran I think is something we must support. May god bless those brave men and women of the the United State military.

  27. Over 600 American service men were killed by bombs provided by Iran through the quds force. solomeni lived by the sword….

  28. That's there job as a killing machine. That's why they went after the job to be a military personnel. Are you stupid? They fight for the good of humanity.. and thank you to all that do so..

  29. It's almost unbelievable how salty all these tears are…. These people need their binky and a nap, while the adults conduct business.
    And why aren't they punting the finger at their fearless leader Obummer… He was the one that put Pork Salami on the menu for dinner. Trump merely ordered for an Uber Eats Drone to pick him up! Lol

  30. One bad move after the next..ALL of America is now potentially collateral damage ..not just the deployed troops… thank YOUR president.. you're ALL a target now…you were right, there's a war brewing..just not the Civil kind YOU were hoping for….

  31. Drump is the first person to START a war and the last person to GO to war. Drump is a FIVE TIME DRAFT DODGER. I am so ashamed of this country. Drump should be dragged out of office and the oval office should be disinfected, before we all end up with a incurable disease called CORRUPTION.

  32. So,. Did you want us to be too scared to take action on the worst mass murderer on the planet? Yeh, you would if you thought it would damage our President.

  33. Things Liberals are wishing for in 2020 in the Hope's it might make Trump look bad.
    a war
    a recession
    racial division
    terrorist attacks

  34. MSNBC the Fake News, Democrat activist and Enemy of the People now moves to fear mongering. It never ends with these idiots! Cmon Rachel, the USA is supposed to fear Iran? Give us a break! The ball is in their court, if they decide to continue to escalate, then we just take out their oil fields, then leave! What are they going to do, throw rocks at us? There would NEVER be a ground war! Wake Up

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