VGATW Latest News – Parent fears Apex Legends will turn son into transsexual

Hey gamers!
This is Gian of VGATW and oh geez.
Video games have been accused of some of the
stupidest things ever since their birth.
We’ve seen politicians and the media say that
it turns kids into violent criminals.
We’ve seen religious groups say that video
games are the devil, especially from Pat Robertson.
Everyone knows that video games do not turn
people into violent criminals and does not
turn them into devil worshippers EITHER!
Now, here’s the latest news story folks.
Apex Legends is a free-to-play multiplayer
game and it has become very popular.
Still, some people prefer Fortnite or Overwatch
more than Apex Legends.
I’ve played the game and I gotta say it’s
pretty cool.
But recently I just saw a really, really dumb
A Twitter user was browsing the Xbox store
when he decided to look at the one star reviews
on the game Apex Legends.
What he found was a review so ridiculous that
many other Twitter users just couldn’t resist
roasting it.
The reviewer called ItzHalo said the following:
My son has been playing this game recently
there is only one problem.
He keeps using the female characters.
I think this game is turning my son transsexual.
I am not the only one that thinks this everyone
in my Facebook group is having the same problem
in this game and others.
Another reviewer called PigtailedSlime reviewed
it giving it a one star and said that it was
full of SJW garbage.
It’s probably the most polished battle royale
out there but it’s ruined by a liberal agenda.
So you think that just because your son plays
mainly as female characters that’s going to
turn him transgender?
Well I guess you won’t like it that he loves
playing as Lara Croft or Claire Redfield.
I’ve been playing video games my entire life
and I remember playing as various female characters
such as Samus Aran, Chun Li, Sonya Blade,
Lara Croft, Nariko, Kitana, Regina, Tifa Lockheart
and so on.
That does not make me think that I am trans.
I’m a male and I love playing as male and
female characters in video games.
Many on the Anti-SJW side can act like the
people they despise.
No doubt about it.
Quoting Aaron Eckhardt’s character in The
Dark Knight, you either die a hero or you
live long enough to see yourself become the
Here’s the thing.
I believe in representation of demographics
regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation.
I don’t care that Tracer likes girls and I
don’t care that Birdo from Mario is a trans
I can also say the same about Poison from
Final Fight.
I don’t care she’s trans.
Just because your son plays as females in
video games doesn’t automatically mean that
he’ll become trans.
I can say the same for girls that love to
play as male characters in games.
No wonder you got roasted bro.
It’s kind of like saying that someone becomes
gay or lesbian after watching movies like
Brokeback Mountain, Milk, Carol, Imagine Me
& You or seeing Caity Lotz making out with
Chyler Leigh in Crisis on Earth-X.
Come on!
I’ve seen these and they did not change me
at all.
But you know what bro?
When Tracer was outed as a gay character,
I gave my support and so many others did.
However, there were some who said something
similar about Tracer being a lesbian that
it’s forcing some hidden agenda.
While others who demanded these things were
ungrateful saying “Oooh!
It’s for the male gaze” crap!
Jesus Christ!
Now, given that I do not like SJWs or NPCs
as they are called because they love to crap
on everything and dictate what writers, game
designers and artists can and cannot do with
their art, don’t think for one second that
Apex Legends is an SJW game.
Many Anti-SJWs accused Wolfenstein II of being
an SJW game when it’s not.
And to those Anti-SJWs who call Apex Legends
SJW, you’re acting like the very people you
claim to despise.
Quoting Harvey Dent again, you die a hero
or you live long enough to see yourself become
the villain.
It’s mind boggling how some people act like
this when it comes to art, while others are
so fragile they get offended by something
which is even worse.
If you guys got something to say about this.
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This is Gian of VGATW.
Have a good one!

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