Violent Buddhists Target Muslims in Myanmar: The Daily Show

Let’s take a moment and talk
about the Nobel Peace Prize.
All right, there’s nothing more
prestigious that you can win.
It’s basically like getting an
Oscar for being a good person,
-instead ofacting
like a good person. -(laughter)
But the Peace Prize has been
on my mind, because
recently, Myanmar has been
popping up on our news feeds.
All right?
It’s a country
of 50 million people
situated between India,
China and Thailand,
-which means their food is,
like, really good. -(laughter)
And… and right now, they’re
having issues with their leader,
Aung San Suu Kyi, who is
a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
But lately,
there are people who are saying
that she should be forced
to give her prize back
because, well, there’s no peace.
MAN:Disturbing reports emerging
of a new wave of attacks

unleashed by government forces
in Myanmar

on the Rohingya,
a Muslim minority,

considered one of the most
persecuted groups in the world.

Reports of villages surrounded,
homes burned to the ground,
torture, executions and rape.

Nearly 150,000 Rohingya
have crossed into Bangladesh
since August 25,

with thousands more
at the border waiting to cross.

Yes, Myanmar’s army is
systematically targeting
the country’s minority
Rohingya population,
which is a horror
that is beyond belief.
What’s even more unbelievable
is finding out
who the villains are.
…one of the biggest puzzles

about her nation.
Hers is a Buddhist country,
which is supposed to be
the most peaceful of religions,

run by this Nobel Prize winner.
But it is roundly condemned
for its systematic persecution
of a minority,

a Muslim minority,
as it happens.

Here’s the puzzle for people.
They look at a Buddhist country,
uh, that is yet, you know,
persecuting violently
a Muslim minority.
Okay, I don’t know
about you guys,
but this (bleep)
is mind-blowing, right?
‘Cause I didn’t even know
that Buddhistscouldbe violent.
Like, this goes
against everything
I thought I knew
about Buddhism.
Violence is
the complete opposite
of what Buddhists
are supposed to do, you know?
Like, what’s next, we’re gonna
find out that the Kardashians
are secretly Amish?
Like, what are we gonna…
You know?
Just like, “Oh, my God,
mijn vader
was threatening
“to cancel myrumspringa.
“Hand me a pencil.
I’m gonna draw a selfie.
Mmm… mmm…”
Seriously, “violent Buddhists”
blows my mind.
Like, did I have the wrong idea
just because, like, Buddha
is so chubby and cute and…
No, he’s, like,
the Pillsbury Doughboy
of major religious figures,
you know?
And you know, and you know,
Buddhists would be
the most annoying people
to persecute you.
Because, can you imagine while
you’re losing your (bleep),
the Buddhist who’s, like,
burning down your house
will be calm as (bleep),
you’ll be like, “Hey, man,
you burned down my house!”
He’ll be like, “You cannot burn
that which doesn’t exist.”
“Are you (bleep) me? Everything
I own was inside that house!”
“It’s clear that
you did not possess the items,
the items possessed you.”
“Yeah, I guess
you’re right, man.”
Now, already, the idea
of a violent Buddhist
is such a mind (bleep).
What’s just as twisted
is a Peace Prize winner
in a position of power
watching the violence
and going: Shrug emoji.
Do you ever worry
that you will be remembered
as the champion of human rights
who failed to stand up
to ethnic cleansing
in her own country?
No, because I don’t think
there’s ethnic cleansing
going on.
I think “ethnic cleansing”
is too strong an expression
to use for what’s happening.
Oh, okay,
I’m gonna stop you right there.
I feel like you’ve already lost
the argument when you’re saying,
“Hey, we haven’t killed
enough people yet
“for it to be called
‘ethnic cleansing.’
“Yeah, think of this as more
of a light ethnic dusting.
Come on, huh? Yeah.”
Now, now, here’s the thing,
Myanmar is the kind of country
where– it’s
not like America, right?
It’s the kind of country
where the president
doesn’t control the military.
So Suu Kyi,
some people would say
there’s nothing
she can really do about this.
But a leader with this kind
of moral standing,
you know, I think New York
subway rules should apply.
If you see something,
say something.
-Right? That should be the rule.
-Oh, and if you…
and if you do, -(applause)
yeah, see something,
say something.
And I will add this in.
If you do say something, try
not to sound like Donald Trump.
I think this is due to fear
on both sides.
And this is what the world needs
to understand–
that the fear is not just
on the side of the Muslims,
but on the side
of the Buddhists as well.
You would accept the view
that the vast majority
of the victims of the violence
have been Muslims.
There is evidence
that they have been
-systematically targeted.
-Yes, uh, Muslims have been…
M-Muslims have been targeted,
but also, Buddhists have been,
uh, subjected to violence.
But there’s fear on both sides.
Did you hear that?
She just both-sided
ethnic cleansing.
I bet Trump
was watching that like,
“This woman is disgusting.”
“Because of her views?”
“No, she stole my lines!
She should no longer be
president of Marshmallows.”
“You mean Myanmar?”
“That one.”
Like, I don’t know, I…
Look, I’m not
gonna solve anything.
I’m not gonna solve Myanmar.
I’ve only got 22 minutes
on this show.
5:40. Done.
Uh, I do know this, though.
Maybe we need to change
who gets the Nobel Peace Prize,
and when.
Because so many people
have won the prize,
and they’ve benefitted
from all of its prestige,
and they’ve gone on
tonotbe peaceful.
Like, maybe we should only give
the Nobel Peace Prize
to people
after their career is over
and they’ve passed away, right?
It’s at the end.
We can call it
the “Rest in Peace Prize.”
Then we know
you’re not gonna surprise us.
You’re not gonna hurt anyone.
Unless someone trips
on your grave.
But that’s not your fault.
Like, otherwise,
if you hand the Peace Prize out
like it’s the Best New Artist
Award at the Grammy’s,
you shouldn’t be shocked
if someday you end up
with a Genocide Milli Vanilli.


  1. Myanmar Buddhists put up long enough with troubles caused by Rohingas until the flash point then shit happens!

  2. They'd kill soo many villages and no muslims would care,But when we fight back,muslims will come at us with tears and pretend like they're the only ones being tortured

  3. where is the Rohingya Origin? are they peaceful? why are they everywhere? did they cause havoc where they go?

  4. "She stole my lines" is the best one.I'm Burmese and I almost hate it but his performence made me to press like.

  5. I don't blame the presidents for ordering the kill on other countries….I blame the idiots who follow the orders advised by the high ranking military and "going off to a strike". Choices remember or is this thing selective.

  6. Even Buddhist people were attacked in Bangladesh so many temples were broken by these muslims…they started all violence things against peaceful people…what can Buddhist do if they only understand one language thats violence…such a disease for the planet.

  7. ah man, now us buddhists are dragged into this religious tensions too. But before it gets worse, this person who’s did this clearly does not follow the actual beliefs

  8. there are
    Good christians……..Bad christians
    Good muslims……….bad muslims
    Good jews………….bad jews
    Good buddhists…….bad buddhists
    Good atheists……bad atheists
    .(and all the other religions)
    So people stop saying that this religion is bad or that religion is bad ….that's illogical….It's like saying that if we live in religionless world there would be no war, or conflict and everyone would love their neighbor…….
    So in the end ….there is BAD PEOPLE and GOOD PEOPLE.

    and please stop saying that these people deserve to die or those people deserve to be burned alive and killed …(The things you says about others says a lot about you.)

  9. But those Rohingyas are really terrorists who have been involved in various attacks and massacre of Hindus who are minority in Bangladesh…….strict action is needed

  10. Even Buddhists irritated with Muslims… Just imagine how common ppl got disturbed with this religion….

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  12. If you see a religion fought by all the leaders of the world and tell their people that adherents of religion are terrorism and must be killed, know my friend that Islam is true religion

  13. I really like Trevor’s opinions on US politics, but not on this one.
    Before making a comment on this issue, you should have studied their history first.
    I heard the Myanmar buddhists have been suffered enough for long time by those Rohingyas…

  14. Rohingya Islamic aggression towards Rakhine Buddhists has been going on for a very long time. How long? Since the aftermath of WW2. The Rohingya appealed to Pakistan to annex their territory, but Pakistan did not do so. Subsequently, many muslims fought in a separatist rebellion, and this rebellion stretched all the way to the 1990s, with terrorist groups later splitting off and growing (with reported help from countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – worth noting that ARSA's leader grew up in Saudi Arabia, amongst its leadership is a committee of Rohingya immigrants in Saudi Arabia, and the group follows Islamic traditions, where recruits swear oaths to the Quran, address their leader as emir, and ARSA asks for fatwas from foreign Muslim clerics).

    In the 1980s-1990s, the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation was the main group that attacked Burmese authorities. In October 2016, Harakah al-Yaqin, another terrorist group, attacked Burmese border posts, killing policemen, and another attack in November of 2016. Also, 24 August 2017, where the same group (now re-named Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army or ARSA) attacked police and army posts, resulting in 71 deaths. This was supposedly to drive out the Buddhists in order to create an "independent" Rohingya Muslim state/region. The next day, ARSA attacked the Hindus in the Kha Maung Seik village cluster, killing not just men, but Hindu women and children as well (in total 99). The men were separated from the women; the 56 men were executed first; then the women were raped, and they and their children killed. The declared aim of the ARSA militants was the ethnic cleansing of North Arakan of all but Muslim inhabitants.

    In Rohingya-majority towns, there have been attempts by the Rohingya to subject all people, including the Buddhists, to Islamic Shar'ia law in the past, too. These attempts had to be stopped by the government.

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    She couldn't walk her talk.

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    Even buddh have to hold guns in there hand this show's what these mental slaves Muslims really are. Myanmar is doing really a good job 💯

  19. She should be striped of the title.Only mandela diserves the title dead and alive,mandela is from south africa if you don't know.

  20. oh man, you have to come to Bangladesh to see Rohingya peoples, you will get goosebumps by hearing their sad stories. We Bangladeshis are trying our best for those suffering Rohingya peoples. The whole world should stand for Rohingya peoples…they should have the right to live in their own country Myanmar.

  21. I stopped two drunk guys fighting and from falling and cracking their skulls, can i get a nobel peace prize? (they were really fucking alot!)

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  23. Hmmm … dis interview shud explain why ppl hate islam…

    Never the less… it doesn't mean we shud become like dem and start killing innocent children and women… Some muslims don't care what's going on… All dey want to do is live peacefully without dis drama…

    Because of what few do… whole race suffers.

  24. Horrible bitch! I hope she gets what's happening to those Muslims there. So, she'll understand. She could at least show some sentiment.

  25. I've only just come across Trevor Noah. Intelligent, whitty, deaply humane. Great chap! !! I cannot quite fathom why he chose to live in the US.

  26. I live in Burma and she's doing her best to solve the Rakhine border problems. The problem is that Bangladesh cannot control their birth rate and there are millions of Bengali (According to the news, they are also called Arakhan) immigrants over flowing the borders of Burma and India. To those people who have been telling Aung San Su Kyi that she's acting ethic cleansing and she's ashamed to got her noble price, well  you guys should check her biography before judging her. She has sacrificed so much for Burma and only Burmese citizens know about this. I am not a racist guy but anyone who has threaten the national securities of the citizens should be maintain before it has become worse. We cannot just let these millions of immigrants to stay in our country. There are a lot of rich Muslims countries and even they cannot let the immigrants to stay at their place even we offered the entire millions of immigrants with "FREESHIPPIGN"! I'm not a racist but these Bengalis are forming groups, terrorizing the Rakhine regions, salvaging villages after villages, raping women, and slaughtering government officials. These kinds of threats are disturbing the National securities.Therefor the Burmese officials have to control with force to settle the peace between locals and those Bengali immigrants form Bangladesh. Of course there are casualties, and the NEWS NAME THEM AS "ETHIC CLEANSING"! Well, she's not what u guys think and the WORLD IS FACING MAJOR TERRIOST ACTS ON MOST of the MUSLIMS COUNTIREs, NOT IN BUDDHIST COUNTRIES like Burma.

  27. Can u stop making fun of other philosophy? It is ppl, not their religion that create evil. If your mind is not 'pure', then they should remove their robe.

  28. I am from myanmar and there is many citizen of myanmar who believe in Aung San Su Kyi ,No matter what religion. over 60 years civil wars is too much pain to all ethnics.You are just a youtuber who want attenion for run ads. She give her whole life against devil military goverment.
    You really don't know about buddhism and myanmar.

    Again!!!!! You just make a video for attention your channel.just like some troll on internet.Talk is cheap Do somethings at reallife.

  29. Buddhist have packaged their religion. Very cute.. But if you do a research you will find that Buddhist are not paccafists..

  30. Extremist Hindu in India supported all what's happening in Myanmar
    And you Rakesh are one of them
    Hey but Obama didn't attack within his own country
    Second Your shit comment doesn't justify what's happening there

    Why don't you compare the Myanmari ethnic cleansing to those attacks and killings of Muslims that occurred in 2002 in Gujarat by extremist right winger piss drinking Hindus

    So instead of justifying it by Obama shit
    Try justifying it by comparing it to your own shit hole

  31. Good job Trevor Noah on being yet another western media outlet to ride the self-righteous waves of ignorant hate without trying to present both sides of the story. I doubt you even did research on the military and their strategic tactics to oppress EVERYONE in the country including Aung San Su Kyi. But you probably just wanted to crack a few jokes and sound like a smart ass when ure as informed as fox news regarding these issues.

  32. TREVOR.. O man you are not American not African not Canadian… U are actually a international man.. The whole world is yours… Cause you dnt love land you love human being… Love you

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    But can you say something about Christian prosecution every Muslim country ?

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  37. I used to like Trevor's comedy because he is very clever and was always educating people with his humor. But this episodes is such a disappointment! First of all, you are labelling Buddhist just like how media is trying to get attention. We have a lot of ethnic minority and I do understand that there were a lot of wars going on in Rakkhine State, however, it's "People kills other people," not "Buddhists kill Muslim." When we try to label the situation, the attention become diverted and we won't be able to find the source. And I do believe that the lady, not only herself, her father, is our country leaders and they have committed their whole life for the country. And yes, ethnic cleansing is a strong opinion to describe that. I am not saying that we don't enough ppl killed yet, but emphasizing that the word are very powerful (even more powerful if you are a famous person.) and we should n't be describing like that.

    And most importantly, Trevor, you show your opinion just from the news and media _ I admire and respect you, but for this episode, you are not good enough yet to express like this. However, do know that your words are also very powerful.

  38. Trevor Noah a comedian isn't completely qualified to judge someone like Syu Ki. He doesn't even gain a college degree. Just let him🤣

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    Please Do a show on Kashmir as well

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