Virginia Roberts Giuffre talks about Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and plans for a baby

It kind of works like a pyramid scheme,
Ghislaine brought me in. I brought other girls in,
those girls brought other girls in. And no matter what Jeffrey constantly had
that open revolving door of young women, young teenagers, children, I like to
call them coming through his door for one purpose and one purpose alone. And he didn’t care what he had to do to
get that reaction from them to get them to have sex with him. Or get them to, I mean, sometimes he
would just jerk off in front of them and rub his nipples. Sometimes he would have
intercourse with them. Sometimes he make them give him blow jobs. Ghislaine participated in
these acts with him as well. And that was just the never ending cycle,
that was every single day. So we were at the island by ourselves. Jeffrey and me and Ghislaine, and
we had gone for a nice snorkeling event. I mean, in some ways we were
a little fucked up family. I mean, we would sit together and
watch Sex in the City together. And we would go hiking,
we would make things together. And we collected all this pirate treasure,
like just broken glass bottles and we’d make a table from it. We did weird family stuff. All right, so
it just wasn’t all about that. But that was how this works,
the inner goings of it. It was,
all right you need to have sex at least, Jeffrey needs to have sex
at least seven times a day. And have this happen at
least this many times a day. But in the meantime,
we’re gonna sit back and have some popcorn while you’re giving
a blowjob and watching Sex in the City. It was just really screwed up,
kind of a little family unit for a while. So anyways, one day we went
snorkeling on Jeffrey’s Island. And it was beautiful, it was a great day. I was exhausted,
it was hard to swim in the water. And we get up and we’re taking
off our flippers on the jetty. And Ghislaine starts talking to me about
how would I feel about having a child. [LAUGH] Having a baby? Yeah, it would be your baby, but
it would really be our baby. And we would have you sign a document that
says that you would have an allowance. We would pay you $200,000 a month,
and you would have a nice house. But this child was really ours, and we
can do what we want to do with our child. You could basically never
take this child from us. [BLANK_AUDIO] I said okay,
let me get my massage certificate, and I really want that,
that’s important to me. Because eventually when
you guys are done with me, I would like to have
something to do with my life. Okay, okay, well, we’ll work on that and
blah, blah, blah. So a few months later, he sent me to
Thailand to go get a massage certificate. Right, on top of picking up
another girl for him of course. [BLANK_AUDIO] I escaped, I called Jeffrey to let
him know that I was not coming back. And I was not bringing
the little Thai girl back. And he said you know what? Have a nice life and hung up the phone. [BLANK_AUDIO]


  1. Trump should just declare Martial Law adopt the role of a benevolent dictator and take every corrupt arsehole down.

  2. Can you imagine what third world countries children are exposed to When this is going on in supposedly advance nations..

  3. All of this EVIL deception in A m e r I c a ? !!! Your kidding me ! Sure thing , it was easy to pull off .All of the assholes are glued to the TV and ….FOOT BALL ! a nasty , mean , miserable ,ugly and non- politicly correct old US " black oil fleet " sailor


  5. Bankers make sure they have money for Islands while look at the economy of America SHOCKING one day Karma will get these evil greedy demons

  6. Or is this taking us of the trail of something else that we not even aware of? creat a story to divert us for the real stuff

  7. God help this poor young women heal. this young women is so brave. I'm praying faithfully justice will be done for her and her family.

  8. I'd very much like to reach out to Virginia for support. Probably the best way is through her attorney? Miami Herald do you have any info on who that would be or where to start? Thank you for staying on top of this as it unfolds.

  9. From what I've read to date, Virginia's parents 'sold' (leased) their daughter to Epstein/Maxwell – a practice far more prevalent than many realize. Girls like Virginia tend to be far more sexualized as children than average. Plenty of stories of Virginia's dad delivering his daughter to Epstein/Maxwell. The whole story should come out. Epstein is still alive IMO. Sexually exploiting underage girls is wrong, but at what point does it become legally prosecutable?

  10. This kind of stuff happens all the time. People use their social status for protection. The laws do not apply to most people. We cannot trust our government they are not here to helo us they are here for their own satisfaction. If you have money you have power that us not justice.

  11. Her life will be forever marked by the theft of her childhood..her self worth totally wrapped up in having sex with whomever! I’m glad she got out but how sick is the narrative!

  12. Here's a photo of Britain's Prince Andrew with his arm around the waist of underage, scantily-clad Virginia Roberts while procuress Ghislaine Maxwell smiles approvingly:

  13. I wonder how many babies have been aborted? I wonder if all these young girls that have been trafficked are alive?

  14. Truth is, most nations in the world treat kids badly. Not "their" kids (necessarily), but everyone elses'. Sex trafficking of kids is really terrible in Asia, the general area near Russian, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and western hemisphere. Perps are good at hiding it and explaining it away, so decent people doesn't realize what they're seeing. What we really need is global awareness of this problem among decent people. Media rarely reports on sex trafficking, much less pedophilia. Both are far, far more widespread than we've been led to believe.

    It's also a sick truth that there are literally farms of sex slaves breeding kids for trafficking, and that the satanists who run these things also use these kids for child sacrifice. This is why you see such strong pushes for abortion.

  15. Why is Maxwell still free? Has anyone questioned bill Richardson, the king family, prince Andrew, etc? What the hell is going on? This government is garbage. It cant ren keep criminals in prison, Epstein & el chapo. The js willl Pay for this. Praying for God's vengeance against them.

  16. In my opinion Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend should be tried as well she committed accessory to Crime to solicit a tenant in traffic in young girls she should be held accountable is well because she allowed it she seen it and she heard it and she didn't report it to the police so she's just as guilty as he was in my opinion

  17. Thank you for your great reporting before almost all of MSM. Only Gawker and Vanity Fair are the other publications that covered this. Brave. Bravo!

  18. Most people have lived in a world of illusion our government and justice system is the most corrupt in the world.

  19. Let the massive cover up begin
    Opening Gambit Barr recused himself then after meeting with Trump un-recused himself

  20. I believe her in regard to Bill Richardson and George Mitchell because they are too random to make up. A girl her age would have no idea who those 2 people are. She wouldn't make up crimes about 2 people that 99.9% of the population wouldn't know.

  21. They need to ask the girls if ANYONE HAD A BABY!! FIND THAT CHILD if that happened. How sick. I hope if a baby was conceived then born, I hope it's still alive!!! This is insane!

  22. I'm feeling so strongly as if detective Joseph Recarey was Jeffrey Epstein's nemesis… Joseph said this was a 'sexual pyramid' and that means Epstein was the bottom leading up to the Top…that's a lottt of people and whose at the Top?? May God save our girls from such predators who prey on the beauty of the youth and virgins..

  23. I am angry beyond belief. and very sad for the survivors. the depths to which some people go is horrifying.

  24. Jeffry Epstein was close to giving up the true masters behind all the evil and corruption, but was suicided before it was allowed to happen.

  25. In the 1990's, UK TV company Yorkshire Television made a documentary about a paedophile ring based out of Boys Town Orphanage, Nebraska which went all the way to The Whitehouse. That film was FORCIBLY PURCHASED by US authorities from Yorkshire tv and ditched. Thankfully, someone at Yorkshire saved a cutting copy. This is that cutting copy. It demonstrates perfectly how paedophiles run the USA and have done for a long time. It also demonstrates why the Epstein case will come to nothing UNLESS Americans rise up and get rid of their ruling classes, peacefully, lawfully, but permanently:

  26. America is trash and they deserve everything that comes to them. Letting pedophiles get away with this is beyond corrupt.

  27. Are Epstein and his comperes muslims? Because I've been told by western propaganda that only muslims are bad with women. I've been told we judeo christians are feminist heros, please explain to me, I'm lost.

  28. WOW X 1 MILLION!!!
    This is first-person testimony from (just) ONE of Epstein's accusers (whom I personally find to be totally credible — after all, who would make up such disgusting details involving oneself, but to expose a crime?) !
    And this young lady, as brave as she is for coming forward with her indescribably wretched situation, may (perhaps) be one of the more emotionally strong victims — as evidenced by the fact that she got away!!! What of the other girls, who may not have had her gifts or resources? God help them! And I truly mean that — as a prayer of mercy for his victims (or as the victims of any else loathesome enough to use his "services" — procuring innocent girls as sex slaves!!!)
    I, like most others in the U.S. (& perhaps worldwide) truly do not know if Epstein, the accused, is actually alive or dead. But in my heart of hearts, I certainly hope that, somehow, he is — so that he will be forced to stand and face his accusers in open court. These young women deserve, at the very least, the chance to tell their true stories in public — so that they can begin or continue their personal healing process.
    In all of this shocking morasse of evil, please be consoled — as I am — by the FACT that even if Mr. Epstein & his alleged "Madame" (Maxwell) & others are not brought to trial, they will — like every single mortal on earth, myself included — be forced to stand before the Holy Throne of our Lord on Judgement Day!!
    And please be assured, YHWH (symbolic name for our Almighty God, the Creator) does NOT OFFER PLEA DEALS!!!
    If, on THAT DAY, KNOWN ONLY to God, any of us has not repented of our sins, and is therefore not covered by the redeeming blood of the Lamb (Christ Jesus, or Yeshua), we will then be judged by Almighty God without a defense attorney (Yeshua, Himself!)
    The GOOD NEWS is the same as it has been for the past 2,019 years, since the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!!! If anyone who is in sin (that includes every single one of us, except Yeshua), will humbly call upon the name of the Lord — Christ Jesus — for forgiveness, he or she will be SAVED!! (That IS the Gospel Truth!!)
    Gentle Reader, if YOU have not made this most important decision that you will ever make, please do so today!!
    You can change your entire life — on thru eternity — by simply asking God to forgive your sins through the precious blood of Christ.
    Please do this TODAY, as the time is drawing near.
    Blessings to All.
    If you have read this far, it is because God wants to show you mercy! I am merely a mortal messenger on this earth, but I serve a Holy Lord who is INFINITE & ETERNAL!
    Think about it: There are no "coincidences"! God led you here to be saved. Now, please honor His infinite love & mercy and accept His Son, Yeshua, as your Savior!
    {Please read John 3:16 in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.}
    "He is risen indeed!"
    Let us rejoice in the Prince of Peace! Jesus is Lord!

  29. I'm glad the sick bastard is Dead how ever he met his end , just watch to catch a predator these sick fucks are everywhere .

  30. Please sign, support, and share … … … Thank You
    #MeToo #MMIWG #TrumpModels #IdentityStolen #TrustFundsStolen #Corruption #Drugged #Abducted #Tortured #Raped #Filmed #Trafficked #TajMahal #PornHarms #HolisticHealth #antihumantrafficking #EndIt #TimesUp

  31. TruReporting showed, and I then took a screenshot, of Wikipedia saying Ghislaine Maxwell died 8/18/2019. Yet, it is still a week away.

    Is this like the BBC reporting that Tower 7 went down 15 minutes before it did on 9/11?

  32. It is highly possible that Epstein bribed guards to help him fake his own suicide, autopsy, and escape from jail. I believe he is still alive so he can preserve his DNA. Keep in mind….his wealth can buy anyone and anything.

  33. It's all conspiracy theory .. nothings real…. nothing to see here…. move along … 3 days news cycle .. Russias involved…. next incident

  34. People will say they feel sorry for the victims until that day when their polictial and religious heroes like Donald Trump and Bill are called out for being a part of these perverted acts. Then the people will say it's all a lie. Hypocrites.

  35. I would hope these girls reveal who else they have slept with. Only until they reveal the other pedophilia this case will be stagnant and the criminals will continue

  36. The U.S. government is its own corporation established after the Virginia company from the 13colonies was “overthrown”.

    The civil war was about getting man and women to become “legal person” citizens of U.S. therefore giving them authority over man and women .

    Im from TEXAS the lone star state, We fought the civil war and never wanted to be part of the “u.s.”. We won the first battles but not after the u.s. conquered the maturity of the northern states.

    TEXAS Was forced to join the U.S. under threat of war.

    Which in the world of law makes the contract void since we were under duress.

  37. This is the person that Dershowitz accuses of lying about him? She is 100 percent credible and he should go down, in a long, humiliating trial.

  38. Hey, Virginia. How many girls from Vietnam did you bring to Jeffrey? You too, became a dirty “little young girl”. You knew that what this man was doing was no good. Those girls you brought him, should be suing you.

  39. My heart bleeds for you
    I can't explain how sorry I feel for you and what you went through and all the other kids. This is not your fault. You are a survivor
    My prayers are with you and all the other victims.
    Miami Herald News
    You have to be the best journalist
    You stood Behind These victims
    And you are still behind them
    They should be more people like you

  40. Miami Herald News time to investigate the Royal Family
    In a statement today they stated prince Andrew will never get arrested and he will never be prosecuted
    How lovely is that is it because he's Royal
    Because he has money
    Or is it because the judicial system of the United States is corrupt. You have a victim that states she was raped by Prince Andrew in three separate occasions
    Then you have another victim that just came out of unsealed documents corroborating with the first victim and she also stated the prince Andrew **grab your tits with a puppet**. I know for sure that's called rape of a child and indecent assault and battery of a child
    If that was somebody in the United States that had no money they would be in jail right now

  41. Suicide was his only answer for what lay ahead. Void of any spiritual grounding he chose death, thinking that would be his end only to awake & find he has just begun eternity in hell.

  42. Maxwell is on the run.
    Time to put her into a closed plastic barrel so she can rot over and over again into her own dirt on the ocean.

  43. Cmon, is this woman's name really one that people can relate it to Jizz Lane so easily? Is that her real name? That's unreal.

  44. Jeffery is the Victim here he was murdered shot in the back of the head. Were these teenage girls victims? "yes" the first time but when they went back for money they became prostitutes and he became the Victim of his mental illness which the LBGQ likes us to claim is a lifestyle. Remember there were once laws against being Gay or committing sodomy.
    these women don't need money they need professional mental help. Let me be clear what Jeffery did was wrong but this was his lifestyle (mental illness) We are to blame we promote mental illness by calling LBGQ correct lifestyle. I am not against Gays don't take wrong they all deserve our love just as Jeffery did. We look at Hollywood they corrupt our minds look at Disney this is for our children Snow White gets married at 14 most of the others princesses are 16. Look at the Descendents 3 she is 16 marrying the king? our daughters loose their virginity younger and younger we are a sick nation Jeffery maybe a hero because if we can wakeup and conquer this sexual infection.
    Jeffery worked in the panty industry so he wanted to see these young girls in panties
    He became sick he was like a drunk he asked these women for beer and kept feeding him until he became drunk. Jeffery is or was sick this sickiness comes from Hollywood who glorify prostitution Pretty woman, 9 1/2 Weeks, 50 Shades of Grey, Eyes Wide Shut ect. We have Kamala Harris who wants to legalize Prostitution "women should have the right to sell their bodies" Democrats have feed Jeffery. Maybe this will make people think. In some States you can get married? it is okay for abortions even after birth if the woman and doctor wants it? Murder of innocence. We as Democrats encourage women being raped and murdered at our borders We act like we care. Lets not condemn Jeffery but to open our eyes to his sickness and the infection in this Nation. We need to separate love and lust? Wake up America I joined the walk away from the Democrats my eyes are open Trump was a Democrat not Republican The Democrats have gone Socialist which will not work never works? Trump 2020.

  45. Dump45 best buddy Epstein, real POS!!! ALL scum bags connected to this trash need to go to Prison!! Dump45 started Maralargo to find young girls with Epstein!! AG Barr's father gave Epstein a job at a Girls School??? Wonder about Him??? Like Father, like Son??? Justice is coming soon!!🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸


  47. This chicks a liar. Clearly trumo has Jeffery killed because trump is the leader of the sex trafficking ring. In between being a racist, sexist, bigot, he fucks kids.
    Source… The media 🙂 must be true

  48. When I read that Ghislaine was Epstein's pilot, a deep sea diver, an EMT and had other Action Girl skills, I thought, "You mean Lara Croft is real?"

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