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  1. Andrea Mitchell, how is it completely wrong to love one's country and to celebrate those values which make us unique as nations? I think that all globalists should listen to this speech and think about it.

  2. This is why democrats and their donors and the fake news hate President Trump….they all work for their own interest and are all deepstate just like the globalists around the world…President Trump and Patriots KAQ

  3. What do these people do talk? Theres very few that accually give a crap about there nations. Nobody does nothing. Lets have another conference.

  4. You need help what you screwed up. You need help. Isnt it London that banned the mere discussion of the origin of the languages we use today in 1872 so no one would find out that you altered definitions so world leaders could get around the penalty for false leadership and national sabotage. All the kings horses and all the Kings men couldnt fix the problem so they forced the world wars to create such chaos that no one would notice you were creating false historical curriculums that would separate every person in the public body from their cultural inheritance that you still to this day have not administered to the world. There are no kings in this world. You lost your titles long ago and now you put on this circus so the historical record continues to grow causing the youth to believe in your wretched path to no where relative to our species. All you had to do was tell the truth to prove you were not members of the orders proven to be the enemies of our species yet you are also human which has driven people so mad they replaced your faces with little green men and hide your abductions in images of flying saucers. Your power to put the perverted ideas of what we are into the minds of men through education has caused mass suicides because you are disgusting inside. There is no Islamaphobia. You mean religion and they are all umwelcome on this planet but only because they are used to alter the message of the messiahs our holy books were suppossed to be used to bring to us. You are illiterate, all of you and Im still waiting to hear the one thing you covered up to veil what you truly are and still you have said nothing and still your curriculums and administrations mock those born with the ability to see what you are hiding. No one wants your new systems until you have atleadt one example that is on a small scale but you never do. Our problems are the problems you created and you dare claim to act out in order to fix what you have always claimed to be fixing yet its always your flaws. I pray you all die in a ball of venomous wrath smashed into each other before your eyes pop out of your skulls.

  5. It is my deep anticipation that speeches should be match with actions. Continue conflict around the world help no nations.
    Please unit and save the world fellow world leaders.

  6. Ban Pakistan from UN and sanctions must be applied against Pakistan. Terror sponsor and the most dangerous country as described by Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

  7. none of these radical leftists make any sane point in any logical level, and their Marxist brainwashing is an insane Knot to unravel

  8. Climate finance/Green bonds is what it’s all about. Eu banks in trouble. Lend “money” to the poor keep them paying. This is why history is very dangerous. We are condemned!

  9. Thai prime minister now !
    Prayut chan-o-cha He has stolen the idea of the former prime minister, That is thirty baht, can cure all diseases.
    Because Prayut chan-o-cha is stupid and no idea (No brain).
    Current prime minister, His name is (Prayut chan-o-cha).
    Former prime minister, His name is (Thaksin shinawatra)

  10. As much as im not a typical Trump hater , Trumps message was … this is the bad guys (Iran) and this is good guys (North Korea) … LOL SMH . O F ing K then.

  11. The UN is now a useless organisation it is full of clowns taking enormous amounts of money and doing nothing with it just building larger houses for themselves

  12. E escrevel e não ajudou beneficiar para as crianças e família o fumo cavalinho entrou sem guspe e serto pelo serto com deus não brinca com deus

  13. Well said , also excellent speech Mr president of federal republic of Brazil 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    I do visit your country from time to time Brazilians are good and treat foreigners with respect and hospitality no matter what color or believes , the only problem is violence. Crimes from a Brazilian social minority . That is the only problem cause we can not walk confortable carrying my cell phone and my credit cards and some cash ., these acts are the major problem from loosing millions of world visitors

  14. Wow !!! Americans , Mr Trump is not playing in the White House Excellent speech and world , He is Totally Right , well said , a First Powerful nation is not Using it S Power but defends its well comfort and want others to play fair . ( Message of Mr Trump ) 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍other well said and important Message from United States of America from its leader Mr Trump . To weak nations is do not attack the U.S but instead be fair with yourselves as nations and repair your nations in order to be in level 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍Excellent speech and Message From Mr Trump ( U.S.A)

  15. Wow ! What a courages strong and determined words from Mr Trump !!!!!!! Excellent President who really has his Head thinking and planing Healthy way 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Well a car will run good when all parts are in good health !!!?? That exactly why Mr Trump insist that first every country needs to be correct inside before talking about global matter he is totally right , journalists they did not get it you criticize what Mr Trump cause you do not understand what I
    He is saying .,

  17. Monaco hahaha !!!! Fancy spot lives luxury life from collecting legal and illegal wealth👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  18. so trump spoke about pride, trade,Iran, Terrorism, Immigration, Venezuela etc. However, what about empowering our children to be kind and spread love and peace, no matter what background. If we teach our children to be kind and respect one another, we have less of the issues. Talk about how you cut funds Mr. President. Talk about how children witness violence in your country and you do nothing but cut funds from school who help. Talk about how teachers earn little to nothing and are at the front lines of making your nation a better place.

  19. Alsisi it is non of your business to talk about Libya first arange your country and then come and talk about Libya

  20. Pakistan PM, Imran Khan had best speech . Pakistan is lucky to have such kind of leader, No doubt. One of the best speech at UNGA..

  21. The U.N. needs to enact laws prohibiting childhood vaccine mandates and punishing severely those who try to enforce such mandates and who try to support other encouragements of groundless lawsuits.

  22. president Tayi b Erdogan , may Allah increase you in power , you raised critical issues that the muslims are suffering worldwide. May Allah free the oppressed people ameen

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