Webpack3, CSS “fr”, The Illusion of Speed: #1.39 the latest News (the Good Parts of the FrontEnd)

Good news everyone! Webpack version 3 has been released.
Let’s talk today about Webpack version 3,
new CSS Units and the Illusion of Speed.
I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development.
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Last week Webpack version 3 was released.
Now it includes Scope Hoisting, that allows
to have a faster execution time, and “Magic
Comments”, the ability to pass chunk name
as an inline comment to your import() statements.
In addition the author promised to deliver
them in a faster, more stable release cycle.
Per Harald Borgen posted the article “Vue.js:
a 3-minute interactive introduction”.
Here you can find a nice, straightforward
introduction to Vue library and create you
first page using Vue.
“Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts
Today” by Morten Rand-Hendriksen explains
the concept of The New CSS Grid Mindset.
Quoting the author himself, “to start working
with CSS grid, you first need to set aside
the habits, assumptions and practices that
have enabled you to create advanced CSS-based
You can get acquainted with his work at Smashing
Harry Roberts also known as CSSWizadry gave
a speech “Refactoring CSS Without Losing Your
Out of it you can learn how to decide what
to refactor and when and how to avoid regressions
when adding new CSS.
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Kyle Henwood expressed his thoughts in writing,
titled “Faster Page Load Using Lightweight
CSS & SVG Animation (without JavaScript)”.
This tutorial covers the basics of CSS animation,
and the process of setting up an animation
an SVG.
CSS Grid has a new length unit called a flexible
length, shortened for “fr”.
Robin Randle explains the details in his “Introduction
to the `fr` CSS unit”.
More information about that are available
at CSS Tricks dot com.
Let me introduce another interesting article
“HTML imports are the best web component”
by Ashley Gullen.
This is a story about porting a Windows desktop
app to the web platform with hand-written
In this blog post you can benefit from their
experience of the Web Components usage, particularly
HTML Import.
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David Walsh wrote about “Two-Factor Authentication
with Node.js”.
Having read his post and using Google Authenticator
you’ll be able to protect your software.
Thoughtful David even added a demo clearly
to demonstrate how it works in the real world.
Mikeal Rogers provokes us with the headline
“Node.js Will Overtake Java Within a Year”,
that sounds like in some yellow sheet.
We should be tolerant to him as he has being
working as a community manager for Node.js
Foundation since day one.
In this interview Mikeal remarks on the growth
of the Node community
and ecosystem.
“The Illusion of Speed” is not about the performance
optimization or page speed load.
It’s more about our perception of time.
As author mentioned: “Nobody cares how fast
your site is.
Just how fast it feels.”
Also, you can read some horror stories when
developers have been forced, crying a single
tear, to decrease the performance.
This article is really exciting!
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