Wednesday Weekly World News 15th February 2017

Alreet and welcome to another edition of the the weekly world news. We are looking at which are happening around the globe and we’re thinking about how we can protect ourselves from them in our preparedness. So we first of all turn to North Korea who conducted a missile test the United States is now calling for collective action to hold North Korea accountable for the ballistic missile test obviously these hypocrites and the people that are in charge of America they obviously don’t like people developing technology which could defend them from their extremely aggressive posturing and clearly we see in retaliation to the missile test they then execute someone in public and it’s Kim Jong-Un’s half brother Kim Jong-nam he was basically poisoned by agents and you know there would have been many witnesses to this assault in public he was basically murdered in retaliation. We turn now to drone technology and golden eagles and other birds of prey have been trained to hunt down drones but i would like to see is a program to hunt down the rogue drones that the military uses to take out targets and have no regard for the collateral damage. Women and children are killed and other innocents are killed in their use of drones yet they have the arrogance to restrict the public’s use of drone technology. The country of Palestine and the people that live in it and Palestinians in East Jerusalem are battling for their homes they’re facing the constant threat of eviction from the extremely hostile invading Israeli forces these people have been subjected to genocide for tens of years now and it seems that the international community and people are just accepting it and letting it happen. The problems for north California could increase as there is the strong possibility as reported by dutchsinse that the region is going to be hit by a potential earth quake it basically expected an earthquake and to make sure that your routes of escape from the area are clear or you should in fact already be evacuated due to the problems that was happening with the dam in the area and obviously if you’re being relocated if you’re being forced from your home as the residence in this area were they were basically stated to get out and we saw people taking ridiculous things with them like didgeridoos and you know musical instruments and you know these things have absolutely nothing to do with surviving away from your location your home environment so I would just urge people in the area and all preppers to make sure that you have what you need if you’re being forced from your home for a period of 24 to 72 hours minimum and obviously to pack a small amount of resources in there in case your away from your home for an extended period beyond that. Finally as it’s still winter you know we’ve seen areas getting hit by bad weather, New York and New England were hit with blizzard-like conditions the other day and obviously the weather is not something that man can influence can affect you know the only thing that powers the weather is the Sun the Sun’s the only thing that can affect the global weather and in fact is the only reason that we actually have weather and the reason that we have a planet for the weather to exist on so you know the weather is something that we can’t control, man will never ever completely control the weather system so we just have to plan and to prepare for the weather we generally have in the areas that we live in where you in a temperate zone or if you’re in a desert all you know you’re way up in Alaska and you experience mostly wintry conditions you know we need to be equipped and prepared for these conditions and for any abnormal conditions which may occur, the weather is not something which is set in stone around the year it’s not something that can be predicted with any form of accuracy although there are conditions within the weather which can be guessed about and some of those guesses do tend to be correct some of the time


  1. According to Aljazeera the half-brother of Kim Jong was poisoned by two North Korean female operatives.

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