1. Please take me with you I will wear a red hat and pass them out . I got no problem doing that I am a nice guy just don't push me

  2. Shows you how DRUG addled and BRAINWASHED the left is…go down to downtown LA and see all their political accompliahments

  3. But they were all educated and nice people. I awaited some lunatics… but these people were … even charming. They all deserve a good future. Make it happen.

  4. How could anyone watch news that bash people without even knowing if its true? That's fake news period.

  5. Fox tries to get their viewers to hate anyone who disagrees with them …millennials, minorities and if you have no mind of your own, then you will be easily swayed. California has the majority of the population. You hate California. You hate America.

  6. They’re racist. That’s why they’re not liked in California. As you see, it’s diverse in California. You can spew your racist hatefulness in Kentucky, where it’s less diverse, and I’m sure sheep will follow there.

  7. California represents all the snowflakes in America and a society within the state that seems to be still high on the drugs they took back in the '60's. Liberalism at it's worst.

  8. Interesting, every guy she interviewed was homosexual, not one real man left there I guess. Fox news is great, alot of good looking women that are smart and are unbiased when they are on the mic, and guys that know what they are talking about when they report the news, and Fox was totally respectful to the man when Obama was president unlike all these fake news networks are to president Trump.

  9. tomi is so classic and deserves to have a train ran through her by the african nation basketball team but she hella bad

  10. Just a little FYI California's. Avocados are mostly grown in California and are imported by Australia, Mexico and eastern America. 76% of avacodos are removed from the tree by machines, its amazing that liberals and Democrats don't even know their state is a sanctuary state! Lmao!!!!

  11. Thank you msn ( main stream media ) and Hollywood, for poisoning the minds of countless Americans. Thumbs up to FOX NEWS.

  12. Me and my entire family love Fox news! The only real News… I live smack dab in the heart of LA County…

  13. California sucks
    Over priced way to hot to many people Earth quake's and now it would seem I'm the only republican , wish this craziness would stop

  14. Everyone to their own. and god bless them all, we never hear of subliminal messaging any more, fact it happens every moment of the day every day.
    "Wake up sheep"

  15. You have the facts and you have the lies and from me fox's news is more about facts than the other and people are ill informed if they watch cnn or MSNBC there are about lies

  16. This blonde from FOX is a very DISRESPECTING person. How can she , have a go on that guy , simply because he called her by her first name . Who does SHE thinks , she is ????

  17. From Australia
    I watch Fox News on cable because its real news not Fake like others
    Have a few real news in Australia including th Bolt report , need more
    Keep up the good work !

  18. Bill Barr was working at a law firm that represented him. Bill Barr's father hired Epstein to teach mathematics in a school where he worked knowing he had no degree for teaching. How much of the truth will we get with him being involved? I worked in corrections this was high profile they would have taken great measures to prevent harm. Something is not right. Barr should not have any involvement. This is a political hit as far as I am concerned. People need to protest Barr's involvement in this case. He has proved to be political and accusations have been made about Trump.

  19. LMAO! I always enjoy asking them what a bigot is! Cause they can all repeat what they heard on cnn but none have a clue what they are saying!

  20. Djeezus, if Tomi would want me to say i watch Fox news, I would fall down to one knee and say:

    Yes, Tomi, yes I do.

    She's fine asf mate, I would even say on national television I watch Teletubbies at work. She fine, and I lost it for her along long time ago. she fine..

  21. All those people who hate to hear the truth ….just want to hear what they want and that's what CNN gives them

  22. No one likes you because the views expressed by your peanut gallery represent the most insecure population here in the USA. Your not important enough to hate , people in California prefer imformation not based on hate. Say what you will if we (The Republic of California) were to secede from the Union the Union's economy would collapse.

  23. In fact if the Democratic west Coast states and the Democratic East Coast states were to secede and join one another as a true Democracy and not the Republic we currently live in, we'd be spectacular and you'd be without all the people you detest…sounds like a win win to me. Here's to leaving the Republic for a true Democracy!

  24. You guys are a joke, hillbilly's, deplorable. California has the BIGGEST state economy in AMERICA and is ranked 5th largest economy in the WORLD….so if you build a wall around California I'm guessing people there will be pretty happy about it, as long as you take all the deplorable Trump supporters that are in hiding like you say with you. Rest of the american economy might suffer
    and collapses with Cali gone but who cares right ? You have God's gift to the imbeciles, "Trump" he will save you all. But only after you smart taxpayers finish paying for his travailing expense tab of 1B+/4 years so he can visit Trump properties and Golfing at Maralago. Anyway Trumps a expert at going bankrupt he'll give you fools tips on making other people pay for your stupidity.

  25. So Hannity is sending Tomi out on assignments??? He always finds a way to brag or pat himself on the back….

  26. These people are off the wall. They are complete support of polices and politicians that have a once great state into what is now.

  27. What a brave girl. It’s like walking in a lion’s den. Be well guarded, though. Unseasonable people can be crazy.

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