1. 14 days is no where near enough. It can take up to 27 days for symptoms to appear, and in the meantime the person who flew in from another country is contagious.

  2. Let’s send Pence to China, Iran, Italy and Japan to ensure the numbers are correct. And, you don’t need a mask Mr. Vice President. When you get to be President, then we’ll give you a mask. Average people just don’t need masks

  3. Oh, no, not again, Trump, the Sociopath? More like a virus in the Republican Party Body Politic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKgq0rnIR7g

  4. It was very clear he was talking about the COVID-19. All you have to do is listen to what he said. But don't worry. Pence will pray the virus away.

  5. For still xinophobics cruel people. And for the compassionate, empathetic understanding human beings. I do see China to once again begin production of needed supplies for America. 2 companies are operating in building more exrays equipment to make tests that result in seconds instead of a week on kits tests. That is why there is hope for meds and so on not to run out. https://youtu.be/pmr9ZnkKXM0

  6. "Urge" see that's the problem. Just flat out say "no b*tches, those countries are restricted until further notice." Why do you guys play around like you going to hurt somebody's feelings.

  7. Inez Qtaish sa Ly 59 Ly you white triangle pointing right Ly right arrow pointing right pointing down television Ly

  8. 43 million masks.
    There are 350 million of us.
    And I don't mean this in any political way, but how many illegals?

  9. Anyone who's a Trump hater hate they self. What did Trump do to you? He better than Obama!

    Vote for TRUMP.
    And all you foreign trolls, go away.

  10. trump mocking S korea over oscars win of parasite yet he did not make travel ban the country…
    hes straight hypocrite… ?

  11. The choice and the use of the word hoax was poor nevertheless the context in which it was used was very clear.

    At times like this the president really should stick to the words that's on the paper in front of him.

  12. Remember people, when listening to Trump talk about anything pretend he is stuck in a dimensional rift called "opposite world" and believe the exact opposite of what he says.

  13. She asked him about using the word hoax, which he did, except he didn't use it in the context they portrayed. This is exactly why they get called fake news.

  14. I dont get it why do we need a travel ban or close the Mexico Border if this is as harmless as the common flu? 22 infected 1 death, ask Pence what percentage is that?

  15. The medal of Freedom guy told me this was like the common cold and him and trump said dems were blowing it out of proportion, so why close the borders and restrict travel?

  16. China takes only 4 weeks to build a new hospital from the ground up to cope with Coronavirus. Trump can't build a small functional portion of a wall in 3 1/2 years. The USA is not the greatest country in the world. When will U.S. Surgeon General VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H. take a leadership role in coping with the Coronavirus pandemic? Americans are dying. A man in the state of Washington died today.

  17. No reason to panic? A new hoax?
    A hoax that has costs thousands of people their lives? Was the American to pass away of Covid 19 in Washington, just a hoax as well? I'm sure the many who lost loved ones would not call any of this a hoax.

  18. This is so stupid. He very clearly said the Democrats trying to blame him for a pandemic that hasn't happened yet was a hoax. Anyone with ears and a brain could have determined that. Why is MSNBC always lying, and making up words to make the president look bad?

  19. “The average American does not need to go out and buy a mask” Hey guys he’s right we shouldn’t buy a mask and just be around the people who are sick cough right next to us.


  21. on all continents we are human as fragile as we are or vulnerable, we are strong united no matter what we face it should be faced together head on, and without fear, i see doctors and nurses, cnas, med aides people who clean streets, to people that serve food. to others that are homeless, to many are passing the buck instead of being part of the solution and taking action problem-solution+action, ultimately all of us that are afraid of this virus or the misinformation are looking for Hope
    We need to
    work together and see what we can all do to keep a clear head, as a whole every person you run into. we need to give hope no matter what it takes

  22. Those n95 mask have a bypass valve that doesn't filter the air when you breath out, it only filters when you breath in. That mask is Pointless for someone that is infected to wear.
    Being pre-paired isn't the same as panic.

    Panic is when you go to the store and rob the n95 masks with a weapon.

    Be pre-paired to take care of yourself and your family.

  23. China never apologizes but blames everybody..They attack S Korean protesters in S Korea in broad daylight. Now they say virus might have been originated from US. They act like international gang.

  24. Why didn't he put Dr. Ben Carson in charge,not puppet pence? Having a nonmedical person in charge,that is the hoax.

  25. Why they called it corona virus? Korona (polish) pronounced corona translates to crown like a king wears a crown ?

  26. Maybe it is hoax. We only hear what the media telling us. I still see reporters never wear mask when their in a country supposedly having the virus. We only see other people wearing masks. Seems like the reporters are not scared of catching the virus. Whatever it is i pray for a cure.

  27. They Exercise Population Control (War, disease, Man-made Natural disaster) right in our faces..
    Yet in 2020 people are still too ignorant & low vibrational to think their Government would ever do such a thing. If animal population is managed to ensure Balance, So are Human Populations.
    Open your minds to the Truth.

  28. For once I actually agree with the orange- do some research on pneumonia- 50 thousand deaths a year alone in USA-50 k
    So divided by 12 it’s aprox 4,166 deaths a month- now check corona virus si far aprox 2900 that’s world wide folks!! Soo question is WFI is going on

  29. It's common sense to block potentially sick people from coming here … and Democrat judges are already trying to block the President from keeping us all safe from the corona-virus.

  30. Apparently, no one in the WH ever played Plague Inc. before.
    You have to close your border completely to stop this virus from spreading.

  31. I know republicans and democrats say they are not fighting, they're just fighting back. But can they quit fighting back until we get a handle on this coronavirus. Its like two parents having a shouting match while driving in the rain.

  32. Mike Pence will just say coronavirus be gone and everything will be okay. Trump can say the coronavirus doesn't exist and it won't exist.

  33. Slow clap for the Chinese, the only thing they produce themselves are global pandemics. Great job guys. Great job.

  34. USA as the most powerful country in the world still fail to take proactive actions. How about other weak poor countries?

  35. No one can keep you safe from this virus. That window has all ready closed. Tightly!!!

    This virus is now part of our world! PERIOD!!!

    A vaccine will not really help because it can mutate—quickly and easily!!! They aren't going to develope a vaccine for every mutation. Nor can they because it mutates so quickley.

    It it has a mortality of 2-4%, so you takes your chances. Most likely you will fly through it just fine. It kills more old men than any other group.

    .01% of 8 billion people is 80,000,000. So maybe 160,000,000-320,000,000 people might die. A year from this.

    What can you do??? Just live with it. And take your chances!!! You most likely will be fine. 2-4% (chances of being dead) are really excellent odds. You would have to be VERY unlucky to die from this.

    So far 1 person has died in this country. 1!!! Meanwhile over 14,000 americans have been killed by influenza this year. But you don't hear a thing about that number. But everyone is afraid about the corona19 virus. It makes no sense at all. (It also seems to not affect children!)

    Disproportionately older men die!!! How old is heelspurs again???

    What are the chances????? Hmmmmmm….!!!

  36. A mask will help protect you if you are very skillful with it's use. If not skillfully used, it will hurt you more than not!

    But why are masks reserved for healthcare workers??? And patients??? But not others????

    Seems odd to me!






  38. By now, it's reported 79 968 people were infected by coronvirus, 41 675 were cured and 2 873 died, in China. So I belive the death rate is 2 873/41 675=6.7% rather than 2%. This means, if America govement do not performance better than Beijing, more than 22 000 000 people will be killed by this deadly coronvirus in U.S A.
    …I am wandering why Mr. Trump can not find this risk….

  39. The virus is a democratic party hoax!!!

    Or so says the republican president.

    Our science educated president!

    Of all people!!!

    The one that dyes his hair because it makes him look SSSOOOOOO much younger!!! More virile!!!

    ORANGE hair, it has been proven, is a huge turn on— for ALL women.

    Trump is known as our science president!!!

    The best, most wonderfully prepared president in science—-ever!!!

    Trump knows more science than all of his science advisors. Combined!!! It is a fact!

    And he knows more than all his generals, too!!! You remember when he said that, don't you!!!

    Shortly after the generals boast he also told some of his science background, as well.

    Our stable genius!!! He is sooo smart!!!

    A real MENSA candidate, for sure!

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