Why the Left Think They are Better | Peter Hitchens

History morality favor the left or the right
at next. Vicar an ex Trotskyist when I was
a Trotskyist Of course I had no morals at
all which is the whole point of it. The new
of set out to do what you thought was right
at the expense of anybody or anything that
got in your way and how they ever been in
a position to do it. I would have done terrible
things to my parents on those grounds because
I believed so profoundly that I was right.
One of the reasons why I am now oddly enough
in the same church as Chris Bryant is because
I decided to put a stop to all that. I didn’t
think it was legitimate anymore to believe
so strongly that I was right that I could
even think of treating people as I would have
done had I successfully achieved the Bolshevik
Revolution which I sought so actively in the
nineteen sixties and 1970s. So morality in
politics seems to me to be dangerous. The
other thing about morality is it seems to
me to be increasingly as I get older and nearer
and nearer being dead than it seems to me
should be very much about yourself and not
about other people. The best definition of
morality I ever came across was morality is
what you do when you think nobody is looking.
And people sometimes get quite shocked when
I say that.
But it is it seems to me an honest appreciation
of what it’s about what politicians can do
about morality is they can quite often push
people into doing things they don’t want to
do because they the politicians think those
things are right or they can stop people from
doing things that they would otherwise like
to do. My great beef about this is that over
the past 50 or 60 years almost every piece
of legislation social or economic has been
designed to make it harder for people unless
they’re very rich to raise their own children
and particularly for women to stay at home
and bring up the next generation rather than
going out and being wage slaves. I will say
I will say one other thing that the left over
that period have tended to take the view that
simply by holding the opinions they have and
being on the side of what they term progress
they are themselves moral and that those who
don’t hold their views which I don’t. Are
themselves immoral. So I take for example
the fact that I happen to think that capital
punishment is sometimes justified in the case
of heinous murder. Now you can argue about
this as me and you can disagree with me about
it and I will happily take you on. But the
reaction of most self described civilized
persons in London to any suggestion of that
gun is to recoil like a salted snail from
me as a person because I am so evil that I
hold this view and this seems to me to be
a major problem in public discourse. You cannot
really debate against anybody who despises
you. And I find that very difficult. A lot
of the time to actually hold debates because
very rapidly the rules of reason and logic
and the the the presentation of facts and
support you flies out of the window and it
becomes about who and what you are.
And that seems to me to be a major problem
with almost all modern political discourse.
The Left think they’re right and not merely
that they think they’re better people.


  1. I used to think that I, and my lefty friends were all so tolerant and open minded. I found out the truth when I disagreed with them.

  2. I've seen and heard from numerous ex-lefties who've seen the light and shed their naive beliefs but I've NEVER seen anyone move from the right to the left. A number of lefty comments on here prove Hitchens' point: they're rude, aggressive, superior and, most hilariously of all, have the audacity to tell those of us who think differently to them that WE'RE dumb! There's even one lunatic here defending Marxism – the same Marxism that led to the deaths of millions.

  3. Well,at least Peter had his epiphany, a bit late for an educated man but at least he had it. Having a strong social conscience is not at all what Socialism is all about, but the young in particular are misled into believing it is.

  4. Well ,the older one gets ,the more most people have/aquire and so it follows the more right wing u become (I e , I had to work /kill myself for it, why should I support the less fortunate than myself) not exactly original.

  5. There is nothing more inferior than the those that seek to have equality bestowed upon them, and there is nothing more weak and divisive than the individual that uses those that are less fortunate than themslves as a foundation for their insatiable appetite for power in the name of altruism.

  6. Lefties don't think they're better. They KNOW they're better. "And if you disagree with me I'll just no-platform you and you and refuse to hear you".

  7. The cultured and considered counter argument from the left for anyone who challenges their world view seems to boil down to two words: "Shut up!" They deliver this compelling intellectual sermon with much force and vigor.

  8. Leftist Identity politics has caused the divide he is talking about because they want us to be divided so they can come in with their socialist marxxist. The leftist politicians are evil the leftist voters are just the stupid among us.

  9. The so called left in our country are yesterday's progressive warriors who worked ,fought and even died for rights and freedoms …such as rights to vote , to assemble and protest , to an education and to be paid decent wages …also freedom from child labor , racial and sexual harrasment , to serve in the military no matter your gender or beliefs and freedom from false arrests etc. etc.

  10. It must be an unfortunate coincidence that right wing policies almost always go against the most moral approach then. Having said that, there is certainly a need for a more open field of debate from both sides without resorting to childish insults

  11. The far left are often ignorant and the far right arrogant.
    You see, the problem is, you cannot argue nor debate with ignorance !
    An arrogant person will still see fact, logic and still to s degree seek out the truth, and can be shown in due time that they themselves are not necessarily superior to others, as is often the case with far right persons.
    The far left however is different!
    They will never listen to anyone other than their own voice or another whom shares the same opinion as they do nor consider others opinions, listen to facts or evidence.
    This is why the left is so regressive rather than progressive because no matter what the facts or the argument they always choose to ignore.

    Imagine if you will being trapped in a situation with 2 work colleagues.
    One you know to be ignorant and the other arrogant. Now imagine you’ve been dealt a problem, you have the facts, tools and recourses at your disposal to fix the problem.
    The arrogant man thinks he’s better than you and can do it better just because. The other though, the ignorant man, chooses to ignore all the facts, evidence, resources because he believes himself to be right in his way of thinking.

    Whom do you choose to help you ?

    A: The arrogant man, who despite thinking he is superior to you and a better all round person, still, will listen, use facts and resources to do the job at hand and yet will still use it to strengthen his arrogance, but what needs to be done, will be done.

    Or B: The ignorant man who chooses to ignore all, apart from himself, reject the facts and evidence, not work with others in a team and use opinions as a source of strength to solve the problem, and therefore, never move forward?

  12. What is so sad, and IMMATURE, is that so many of the BBC interviewers are unable to hide the fact that they actually DESPISE many of the people they interview. Even if that person is eminent in their academic field, certain BBC interviewers arrogantly assume that they are their intellectual equal, and appear to feel no shame at making overt, their detestation of the person they are interviewing.

  13. "The political terms "Left" and "Right" were coined during the French Revolution (1789–1799), referring to the seating arrangement in the French Estates General: those who sat on the left generally opposed the monarchy and supported the revolution, including the creation of a republic and secularization, while those on the right were supportive of the traditional institutions of the Old Regime. Use of the term "Left" became more prominent after the restoration of the French monarchy in 1815 when it was applied to the "Independents". The word "wing" was appended to Left and Right in the late 19th century, usually with disparaging intent and "left-wing" was applied to those who were unorthodox in their religious or political views."

    Republicans used to be Leftists until the party was hijacked by Conservative religious fundamentalists.

  14. The road to hell is paved with good intentions – trying to do something good often has unintended consequences which make things worse

  15. I'm not on the left or right. Right in the middle and common sense which people have lost it's not about rich or poor it's about common decency and how you treat people and if you don't agree to agree you can discuss that you disagree which is fine but never take somebody's freedom off speech away.

  16. The left is that way the right is this , I’m stuck in the middle not voting because only time you can trust any politician is when there lips don’t move. Common Purpose builds the leaders of tomorrow. Most tv show are shite , also I believe in flat Sun theory sorry Flat earth theory No No Is Fat earth I believe In , and anorexic Sunday . wasted your time and my time but this is the way of the interweb

  17. For more from Peter Hitchens, watch our exclusive interview with him here on the limits of free speech and censorship today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFKkDQm49io

  18. I thought the West had fought communism, hadn't it? Why then, after the Cold War end, the communism is all of the sudden alight in the West? Am I missing something?

  19. I recommend you don't follow the link and watch the whole debate because the architypal feminist trying to shoehorn the angle of female oppression between every crack will make you vomit a little in the usual manner.

  20. I actually feel sorry for the Left. It's like they are only functioning with half a brain. They are literally unable to see their shortcomings and the shallowness of their beliefs. Luckily, for many of them, maturity and wisdom will eventually kick-in. Sadly though I've seen some liberals, through super-human effort and stubborness, remain stunted and firmly in the liberal camp.

  21. Leftist experiments in the 20th Century resulted in over 100 000 000 deaths… no argument or case can be made on the morality of the left.

  22. I actually blame Christianity itself for the rampant go-along/get-along hypocrisy today, as it pretends emotions are morals and exhorts people to see useless fear-based static pity (for all criminals as fellow victims) as the highest moral virtue, and all dynamic hope-based anger, useful for discouraging criminals from committing future crimes, (by reinforcing that they are not victims, but those who used their own free-will to victimize thereby innocent other people by having chosen to attack them first) as the most vile of "sins." Almost by definition (being told to use "Faith!" over facts and to defer their thinking about anything here to the alleged Next World) the religious are the most literally close-minded people, fact-averse, idolatrous thought-killing "psycho-paths" in this world.

    So, telling people and proving to them that their emotional self-image, which they have had constructed for them all their lives, is completely wrong, will be quite the daunting task indeed.

    But it must be done – and, as all the complicit actors in this ongoing farce share the exact same motivational root cause, they both have to hear it. Even islam itself was a reaction to and thus an extension of Christianity. And Christianity was and remains an extension of nihilistic Buddhism, grafted onto the self-righteous existentialism of the Judaic traditions. The exact same source is the fount of all of our "cultures" (social educations) from birth onwards – and thus they are all wrong.

  23. This is true, the left are dangerous because as Peter Hitchens alludes to, they know they are right.

    The right are dangerous because they have a shared idealism that they are right.

    The centre is full of doubt because they can see that both the left and right are wrong.

    Pity drives the left

    Insecurity drives the right

    Self doubt drives the centre, which is hardly a surprise with jokers to the left or you and clowns to the right.

  24. This is true, the left are dangerous because as Peter Hitchens alludes to, they know they are right.

    The right are dangerous because they have a shared idealism that they are right.

    The centre is full of doubt because they can see that both the left and right are wrong.

    Pity drives the left

    Insecurity drives the right

    Self doubt drives the centre, which is hardly a surprise with jokers to the left or you and clowns to the right.

  25. Civil debate, sadly, is a lost art.
    Angry arguments and name calling won't change anyones mind. In fact – It'll only make the opponent dig their heels in deeper.
    Both sides lose.

  26. Democracy always will be in danger untill the books of koran and manifesto exist.

    Two ideologic supremacy books and worst now they are allied.
    Muslims the most genocidy ever in history of mankind with over 300 million deaths and the socialists, the most genocidy politics in 20 century. More the 100 million deaths.

  27. I was lucky. I was raised by a father that was always the second you.
    I am so thankful for the soft but uncompromising and decent conservative man my father was.
    Thanks for reminding me Peter.

  28. hitch,most think their better as they suffer from high trait narcissism…….which is why marxism is tailored towards these types…..they are,in fact,just useful idiots , pack dogs with low moral characters..

  29. NYT Mao who killed 45 million people is good, executing a murderer is bad – the left.
    Pol Pot Post-industrial Cambodian Utopia of zero carbon footprint and removal of anti-revolutional threats good.

  30. So he flirted with left ideals when he was young but gradually realised he was wrong. And now he is older and closer to death he turns to the right for ideals and feels he is right in his position.

    On the contrary we should always move towards the social and common good for everyone in this nation and indeed everywhere on the planet. We need progression for the majority. I want to see this as I get older. Therefore I will always move more to the left politically and sustainably.

  31. So true love the morality is what you do when you think nobody is looking. As many in the Labour party send their children to public school because they can but fly the rhetoric flag of supporting the working class which they have never done. We have gone too far down the road of P.C. and far left control and those people are shocked that there is a right wing backlash , history alone should have taught them that much . this time though it is different because political precedent has been set which means that actions taken can be used again and we should wonder will the next peoples vote be respected or the next vote or the next? Britain is indeed at a cross road and we could drive straight on over that cliff edge and i do not mean that Brexit so called cliff edge.

  32. He nailed it. Absolute unearned moral and intellectual superiority. Just listen to the BBC, NPR, BuzzFeed, Salon, Media Matters, Democracy Now, Now This, Vice, etc. …

  33. This is absolute lunacy. Peter Hitchens thinks the left is all-powerful and despotic? BS. The right, particularly in the USA, are nothing but shills for the billionaires who own the banks, the judges and the politicians. The uber-wealthy succeed because right-wing voters are too lazy to think anything through for themselves and gladly swallow whatever hateful, racist, sexist, fascist garbage is shoveled down their throats.

  34. He's so much more better than his brother Christopher , who was obviously a fucking idiot. The only thing he got right was religion (which pretty much anyone can figure it out themselves). Glad he's no longer alive.

  35. Love from India! The so called left needs a major reform to continue. It is self destructive and harms society. I am a 16 year old student and our education system in India is completely Marcotte in nature. All we are taught is to hate out culture and how capitalism is the worst. Also , I am in no way against English , it's the global language after all, but all the students in our class literally cannot speak our own language (Hindi in North India). They all bash religion without any logical reason just to seem "cool" and "progressive". This is not a good society. Major reforms are imperative or the collapse of this global order along with its values and morals is inevitable.

  36. morality favours no side if christian doctrine is true and there is no one righteous. the Left's aspirations are meaningless for aspiration is always meaningless when attainment counts

  37. What tripe and lies from a fascist prat. Twats like this idiot believes anyone who disagrees with the hate filled far right is a commie. That is his sole argument and pathetic mantra. If you are not hate filled intolerant far right you must be far left. Man is a nasty little nobody.

  38. The left actually believe they have higher morals then the rest of us. They believe we should be treated as children and told how to think. All for our own good, as they see it.
    This is why debating has been taken out of the education system. They don't debate things anymore.

  39. Because the left seeks easy solutions (entitlement), it is easily defeated by its own delusion. However, it won't go down gently.

  40. The Left are fascist, intollerant, racist and violent, everything they say they are against!
    Their goal is of course the extinction of the Judeo-Christian culture and morality which has created the civilisation that we enjoy in the West. The EU is party to this as its a thinly disguised Fourth Reich. Of course the Left love the EU.

  41. When the left winger reaches maturity he or she realizes that they don't hold any greater a moral position merely a structural position.

  42. Thought police!! I nearly lost my job. I had to go to the probation office alot. I noticed a classroom for nonces. And was one of very few times staff were on site. After I expressed my opinion on what should happen to them. I found myself moved area by my boss. I get feeling they wanted me out my job. Pathetic.

  43. It’s amazing that religious people, who claim to have an exclusive hold on morality, are the first to espouse the death penalty, whereas heathens like myself believe that all murder is sin. Besides that, as societies change, so to must our politics. The left will never be perfectly correct, but the right will always have flaws. We must work together for the benefit of our planet and the people who thereon reside. Somewhere in the middle is the answer, but the best line in the middle will constantly have to shift.

  44. Like Hitchens most of these young, leftie activists will grow up and change their views, the rest will join the Labour party

  45. Do we want to live in a country where the Government controls everything we do, or do we want a country where our individual freedoms are respected by our Government. Labour or Conservative, the choice is yours. Oh yes, and the Liberals if you aren’t sure and need someone to tell you what you think.

  46. What do these scientific geniuses have in common? The man who developed the Scientific Method, Sir Francis Bacon; the brilliant scientist, mathematician, physicist and inventor, Sir Isaac Newton; the rocket scientist and Director of NASA who invented the Saturn V rocket that carried men to the moon and satellites into space? ALL of them believed in the God of the Bible as the Creator of life. Newton even said, "All my discoveries have been made in answer to prayer." I trust those three brilliant men a trillion times more than all atheist idiots. Read their words for yourself! https://www.azquotes.com/author/751-Francis_Bacon https://www.azquotes.com/author/10784-Isaac_Newton https://www.azquotes.com/author/1841-Wernher_von_Braun

  47. Peter is about learning. And I can learn from him. His brother seems to be about contempt, ridicule, and there is NO knowledge or learning associated with Christopher.

  48. The death toll from trying to implement their policies from Stalin to mao to pol pot the numbers and misery are horrendous

  49. Just look at the hypocrisy on morals , religion , family values , civil rights , wages and taxes and the circumventing of the constitution and established laws by the Right every time they have the executive office and the Senate . And when they don't have the executive office all they do is obstruct …the left needs more politically passionate and fast talking and yes younger representatives to be elected and fight the far rights strangle hold on progressive advances .

  50. The left or people who consider themselves to be leftest are revolting against themselves and no one else! Because they are immoral they fight against their own immorality and so it goes on!

  51. Peter – you are conscience of many silent majority in the UK. What evil has God done to this country that they should forget him and all his benefits and follow after vanity and lies. I see churches in every street and it is not visited by people atleast on a Sundays. The only thing we can do is to intercede for the people in prayer. These things are meant to happen in last days where truth appears to be a strange thing and lies are accepted and celebrated. God will be with you and give to the grace to fight the LORD's battle.

    Jeremiah 1:18

    For, behold, I have made thee this day a defenced city, and an iron pillar, and brasen walls against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, against the princes thereof, against the priests thereof, and against the people of the land.

  52. Morality is humans adaptation to survival. It was an ethical code of conduct developed and adopted over period of times consent by the majority in a society. However a powerful institution may also impose a morality code over the population rather gradually changes and adopted to fit the current climate, this is when morality can be dangerous and irrelevant.

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