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While I was thinking to
make this video popular,
Video’s about youth, vulgarity or having
both of these elements have been viral
I will target youth later but initially we
are starting with beautiful vulgar video.
We have included many incidents in
this video which happened last year.
People who know such kind of
words can watch this video.
Please do not scold me for
doing these kind of videos.
Watch this video. It will be superb.
Subbu, Subbu.
Who is he? Looks like someone who robs
shampoos and soaps from five star hotels.
He is going to give good
ideas to make us popular Subbu.
Hamsa, Parama hamsa,
Publicity paramahamsa.
I have made many useless fellows popular.
Now I have come to make you
and your channel popular.
He says that he made useless fellows
popular. I’m I useless fellow?
Yes Subbu. Our channel which
is in very worst situation,
I will take it to the higher standards.
Please help me.
Im very upset with very less views.
Tell me what to do.
First change your name as Chandrakonda.
Make it as Chandrakonda.
-Vijay Devarakonda, popular actor.
Kartikeya Gummakonda, hero in the
movie RX 100. He is very popular.
Srinivas Bellamkonda, producer’s son.
Even he is very popular.
So my dear, change your name
as Chandrakonda from Chandragiri.
Anyhow, Giri and Konda means the same.
Have you gone bonkers?
Why would I change my surname?
Please change it Subbu, even politicians
are changing their parties for position.
They are changing names
for fame and popularity.
Whats wrong in changing your surname?
Please change it Subbu.
He will change his surname
sir. You can please go ahead.
Your channel subscription
request style has to be changed.
A beautiful girl will
be walking in a beach and
she will stretch her body like a bow.
A boy wearing short will come
to her and hold her Waist tightly.
Then we will request audience to
subscribe our channel Chandragiri Subbu.
Bell icon will be shown
below that guy asking audience to
click the bell icon for more
videos and notifications.
Hey, what kind of videos you
want to post in my channel?
Keep quite Subbu.
Don’t disturb his creative flow.
Take Ashwini to Sabarimala and
upload that video in YouTube.
Have you both decided
to close my channel permanently?
Whole national level media have covered it
but none of the YouTube channel tried it.
You will become the first
person if you do that.
Definitely we will go.
By the way should I pray to god?
If you do such kind of things,
I will break your teeth.
Relax, get relaxed.
Look Subbu, I can’t assure clicks for
content but we get clicks for controversy.
Whatever it might me.
I will never do those kind of videos.
Please keep quite. I will talk to Subbu.
You please continue sir.
Inform to Ashwini’s family
members that you both are in love.
They will attack you with knife saying
that your caste’s are different.
Then you have to start
a revolution for lovers.
Will they kill if I love? Yes, I have
failed my 10th standard because of my love
Not like this. For people who
start love since school days and
for the youth who spoiled
their career because of love,
government has to announce
love allowance immediately.
As a part of this,
government has to give 5 lakh rupees and
double bedroom flat to lovers.
If anyone dies unfortunately,
the other person should get
MLA ticket from any constituency and
his family should be taken
care by government only.
Apart from this,
they have to teach how to love and
If they fall in love,
teach them how to do romantic things
secretly right in the school itself.
I publicly demand the
government to provide it.
It’s really fantastic Subbu.
We will do such kind of videos.
We have a big sword in my home.
I will tell them to make it very sharp.
They will directly stab into your liver.
Automatically we will become popular.
You crazy girl. Will you stab me in
liver stating that I’m your lover?
How can you plan attack
on me for popularity?
Be calm Subbu. Don’t scream like a humming
bird or shout like an old man. Let’s do it
Don’t be so crazy.
What kind of popularity it is?
The same news about Amruta and Pranay has
become a huge sensation last year.
Even you will become popular
for sure if you do that.
No matter whatever you tell. I
will not accept for stabs and all.
Then make a web series on Ashwini’s
swayamvara. Even it is trending nowadays
Most of the popular faces were
been ignored by TV viewers.
Who’d be ready to look at this face?
-Then do Kompalo Bhagavatam.
-What does it mean?
Keep ten people at one house.
Create disputes among themselves
and capture their reactions.
Wow. No one will watch it exept me.
Are you mad? It will be a sensation.
Fans will form as army and navy’s too.
Who will be that free to do all those?
There are many people who watch
those episodes and approach you.
They might come to kick me for
making such a stupid videos.
Subbu, there are less views
for value based videos but
there will be a lot of demand for
unnecessary stuff. Trust me.
When a girl blinked her eye,
whole country has watched it.
If a girl removes her shirt,
whole state has watched it.
But no one has watched when
our soldiers were attacked.
Trust me Subbu.
We will do it Subbu.
Even I will shoppe and get ready.
You are acting without makeup in this
video. If no one scolds you in comment box
then if our budget cooperates,
we will do such video’s.
Let me know your next idea.
You have to disturb your
sentiments sometimes.
Sentiments? What are those?
Have a look at it.
If any food item tastes good,
we would say that *** in telugu.
So one particular caste name is
used to define that. That’s not wrong.
But, our caste name is no where
used in any our languages.
So, you have to create
something with our caste name or
you should delete that word ***
totally from telugu dictionary.
We demand our government
behalf of our community.
Hey man, what kind of logic it is?
Subbu, sentiments are very easy way
to publicity and cost of effective.
Does it make sense if we ask them to
ban a telugu word with the name of caste?
Okay, then what about this?
When a high budget movie is produced,
and if there is no single
word about out caste,
It indirectly means that people
from our caste are useless.
So our comminity people
sentiments got hurt and
we want to know the caste of
hero as well as villain and
also the priorities and roles you
have given to our caste people.
It should be declared on priority. If not,
on behalf of our caste,
we demand our government to ban this film.
Yes, to become popular in public,
easy way is our sentiments Subbu.
We can hurt our sentiments from
Insect’s name to PM’s platform.
That’s our wish.
It seems that you have decided
strongly to imprison me.
Leave it. Let Ashwini file a
sexual harrasment case on you.
Yeah, I will tell that he has harrased me
and I will cite it in ‘me too’ movement.
Instead of harrasing, killing and beating
please suggest me something which I can do
I will narrate a story called
Natakam(Drama), Make a video of it.
1 kiss in the initial stage, 3 kisses
in the Interval. 6 kisses at last.
Why to have these many kisses?
Im I supposed to do a blue film?
Is that the question? You idiot.
If there are these many kisses, It will
be titled as Nakatam(Licking) not Natakam.
No Subbu, Vijay Devarakonda
kissed and that was a big hit.
Kartikeya Gummakonda.
Even he kissed and that was a hit.
I request you both. Please give
me ideas which are possible.
Then direct a biopic. It’s very trending.
There are making biopic’s on everyone.
-Oh god, I have no budget.
Then booze a lot and ask traffic police
whether he knows the publicity spelling.
I don’t booze and I don’t ask.
Then make children speak
vulgarly and post it in YouTube.
I never encourage
children doing like that.
Then take a movie review
from a girl vulgarly.
I cannot encourage girls
for doing all those.
Then make a mad woman
speak something in mike.
Hey man, what is this?
What is this Subbu, every one is
increasing their subscribers instantly.
But you have been remained in
the same position where you were.
Because of your snakehead fish ideas,
we remained here without popularity.
-Snakehead fish?
-Wow, wonderful.
Ashwini has proved that we can
scold others with fishes name too.
Subbu, we get views even if
we make girls scold like this.
Hey I have few ideas.
What at they?
First we have to change
thumbnails for our videos.
These kind of simple ideas
would be easier. Tell me.
You will get wet if
you watch this video.
-Hey, what is it?
-Tears subbu.
Nowadays we are doing
emotional videos right?
If they watch these videos,
they would fall into tears.
Oh, it’s ok.
It will be soothing if
you press there at night.
What are you talking about Ashwini?
Play button Subbu. I mean to say that if
they watch your videos before they sleep,
they would feel relaxed and soothing.
-Oh, ok.
Subbu likes that shot very much.
Hey what are you talking?
I mean camera two shot subbu.
If we take camera two shot,
we will be together in one frame.
moreover, you prefer to capture in two
shot so that shoot will be done very soon.
-So I’m discussing about it.
-Im very scared about your thumbnails.
If girls do that,
Subbu will give a chance immediately.
Hey I don’t know anything.
I’m no where involved in it.
I’m talking about tea Subbu. On sets, you
will be asking girls to prepare tea right?
Once try to post these kind of thumbnails.
Our channel’s popularity level
will increase to higher extent.
Oh my god.
Look at me Subbu. When people are watching
Mia Malkova and Mia Khalifa’s videos,
why people would prefer to
watch Shakeela videos Subbu?
These days where people are
romancing in metro lifts,
why do you script as Mr.Chittor
Nagaiah movies like birds kissing
while couples meet and fruits
swinging on branches Subbu?
Yes Subbu.
Please try to reform a bit Subbu.
Oh god, both of you don’t torture me now.
-Lets do a comedy video in next episode.
-What would you name it?
I will name it as Kitakitalu.
Name it as Hum Denge
entertainments in Hindi.
You will get more views if there
is vulgarity Subbu. It’s proven.
Place it Subbu.
-Titles dear.
My friend had a hole on his belly button.
If you all share my video,
Mia Malkova promised that she would
pay 5 paisa for each share.
So I request you to concentrate and
share this video as per your sources
through whatsapp, facebook, instagram,
YouTube and where ever you can.
Please share it.
I hope you will save my friends life.
Today is my god’s birthday.
Im telling you right
now to share this video.
If you don’t do that, Im not responsible
for what’s gonna happen.
For next seven months, same gender
people will harass you to love them.
Keep it in mind and
start sharing this video.
Who is he dude? We never saw him earlier.
Yesterday I watched in TV that
child kidnappers are roaming in our city.
He might be the one of those kidnappers.
please wear this and go to shower.
Where would I wear this?
To the waist.
My whole world would
be out if I wear this.
What are these copper jugs and glasses?
Are you conscious about health?
Nothing like that brother-in-law. If
anyone comes, we would manage very easily.
Oh, Nice
What are you all doing here
with your brother-in-law?
Brother-in-law got a medicine
for body pains mom. We are having it.
Please give me little medicine.
Even I’m tired working since morning.
Don’t forget to subscribe my channel.
After subscribing,
there will be a bell icon beside it.
If you click on it, you will get
notifications once we upload the video.
Please share this video.


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