1. I think either both HBK & Goldberg come out during Miz V Zigs to help Miz orrrr *Card Subject To Change πŸ₯΄

  2. Even if its Buddy Murphy, he'll just lose because Reigns is Vince's favorite. He pushes him so much that he put him over Samoa Joe, who is a better entertainer/performer

  3. 4:20 i came for this segway.. wwe confused by their own plan for Ali to get his title shot

    creative 1 : i wrote Ali script to get wwe title
    creative 2 : wait i still working on Kofi vs Orton
    creative 1 : so what should i do? his promo about it already out tho
    creative 2 : didn't we set IC for "step up" championship carrer??
    creative 1 : well ok then… Let's have Ali vs Nakamura feud again

  4. Saw the bit with The Iiconics, Fire & Desire, and Kabuki Warriors on WWE's YouTube channel wondering why that match between Iiconics and Fire & Desire never happened on SmackDown. My guess is that will be a Triple Threat Women's Tag Team championship match on the SummerSlam Kickoff show.

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  6. Vince doesn't not like Ember Moon, Auska, Kairi Sane or Rubi Riot because they're not Blond, so there is no escape from the ( WWE Blond Bimbo Agenda).

  7. Several big problems on SD this week.
    1. Why have Drew loose to KO? Why not instead have him cheat, get help from Elias, or get DQ?
    2. Why have Ember get pinned by Alexa? The same Alexa who seems like she's scared to face Becky Lynch, who she has beaten several times in the past btw. Again, why not have the faces win this one, or at least have the heels cheat for the win? Why not build Ember up some more?
    3. We got no women's tag team title match!? Although it was promised the week before? So what happened? Card subject to change.
    4. The biggest mistake, why, or why, have AJ loose clean? I know they're trying to build Kofi up, but you can't do that by putting down the US champ cleanly. Again, why not have AJ win, with some help from the OC, or have a big brawl, and they all get DQ'd? I think having Kofi loose once, would actually help build his match against RKO. It would make the fans believe that Kofi could loose.
    This episode gets a low Smack Bang in the middle. If these things would have changed it would have been SmackNificent!

  8. Dolph Ziggler said β€œIt should of been ME” as Roman’s attacker!!🀜

  9. Omg WWE 😲 actual getting better again that segment with Roman Reigns leaving makes you want to watch the next episode of SmackDown but I agree him getting up from getting hit with that steel barricade makes it look really cheesy and fake how do you get up from something like that and like I'm fine he should have stayed down or Raw to figure out what's going on this is the suspense that the WWE has been missing from the Attitude Era they praying this Arabic and they should have been had this era back thank God the WWE is now waking up there going to get the hardcore fans back if they continue with this do to Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff

  10. And Murphy will be fed to Big Dawg as usual… so what's the point? Whether it's Brawn Strowman or Murphy or X, Y, Z it doesn't matter, the babyface will always have to win!!! It's good that Dean Ambrose left.

  11. Still no Kabuki Warriors so another Smackdown ruined.
    Now how does Drew profit for helping Shane? Im dont see a championship belt on him after months of beating up people for Shane.

  12. Has anyone else realized that 8 different champions have been beat in the past six weeks without the belts changing hands

  13. We got to see Both Funhouse Bray Wyatt & THE FIEND!!!! πŸŒˆπŸ°πŸ˜ˆπŸ™Œ BEST PART AS ALWAYS!!!!

  14. I enjoy the prestige kofi Clownston brings to the WWE Championship… Now I know why certain people like Jendar mahal couldn't get over.. no pancakes or lame jokes.🀑πŸ₯΄πŸ˜’

  15. At least Smackdown might not be one of the shows on Fox under Disney (if that's how WWE feels). I'm still uncertain of that, but I'm assuming that this is accurate.

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