WWE NEWS – Roman Reigns Attacker Revealed/CM Punk Responds To Cody Rhodes/Ronda Rousey Hand Injury

Here’s your news for
August 21st, 2019
WWE NEWS – Roman Reigns Attacker Revealed
CM Punk Responds To Cody Rhodes
Ronda Rousey gruesome injury
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We’re kicking off with some news
from Monday Night RAW this
week, as the amount of people
tuning in to the red brand
took a dip this week.
That was to be expected, as last
week’s show was coming off the
heel of an explosive SummerSlam
Pay Per View, meaning there
was little to no chance this
week’s show could match that.
This week’s show drew an average
2.53 million reads, down slightly
from last week’s 2.72 million,
with this week’s three hour event
seeing the start of the 2019 King
of the Ring.
Breaking that number down, Hour
one kicked off with 2.54 million
homes tuning in, which rose to
2.63 million in hour two, before
settling on 2.42 million in hour
3, where fans saw Seth Rollins
and Braun Strowman become the
new RAW Tag Team Champions,
defeating the OC.
Over to SmackDown Live now, as
this week’s show saw a huge win
for former Cruiserweight
Champion Buddy Murphy.
Meeting Daniel Bryan during this
week’s show, Murphy got a huge
upset victory over the former
WWE World Champion, though
the Australian’s celebration
was short lived.
During a post match interview, the
self proclaimed best kept secret in
WWE was attacked by Bryan
and Rowan, still bitter after Murphy
accused the pair for being respon
sible for the backstage attacks
on Roman Reigns, as it seems
this feud is far from over.
Speaking of the Big Dog, Reigns
finally got some answers this week
about who has been attacking
him backstage, but it probably
wasn’t the answer he expected.
After being crushed under some
scaffolding weeks ago on Smack
Down, and being hit by a car on
RAW, someone clearly had it in
for the Big Dog, and according
to Murphy recently,
that man is Erick Rowan.
On this week’s show, Bryan and
Rowan revealed the culprit of
the attacks, and though it wasn’t
Rowan, it was someone who
looked identical to the
bearded Superstar.
The duplicate, sporting a red bushy
beard just like Rowan, was clearly
nervous as he watched the
Superstars surrounding him, and
Reigns himself couldn’t hide his
confusion either.
Though the man behind the attacks
has seemingly been revealed, this
has opened more questions,
as fans are wondering who he is,
and what is beef is with the former
World Champion, but it seems
we’ll just have to wait until next
week to get some answers.
More news from SmackDown Live
now, as since capturing the
Intercontinental Championship at
Extreme Rules, Shinsuke
Nakamura has had one of the
quietest reigns of all time.
That changed last night though,
as Nakamura aligned himself with
Sami Zayn, who appeared on Miz
TV thanks to the Wild Card rule.
During the segment, Zayn spoke
about his frustrating loss to Cedric
Alexander in the first round of
the King of The Ring tournament,
and said he was going to start
giving back to others, starting with
the King of Strong Style.
When Miz tried to get some
answers out of the Inter
continental Champion,
Zayn accused the A-Lister of
quote “Not getting it.”
Leading to the Miz receiving a
beatdown from the Champion.
Though it’s unclear why WWE
have paired these two together,
some fans will remember
that these two do have a
history, as they faced off
at NXT TakeOver:
Dallas in 2016, in the Japanese
star’s first WWE match.
It seems that Zayn will work as
Nakamura’s mouthpiece for the
time being, but time will tell
whether this strange alliance
benefits either man’s career
in the long run.
Over to AEW now, as though Chris
Jericho is busy preparing for his
World Championship match
against Adam Hangman Page
later this month, the legend
still had time
to poke fun at his former
Yesterday, the WWE confirmed the
rumor of their NXT developmental
brand moving to the USA
Network later this year, as the
show will also extend to two
putting it in direct competition
for viewers with AEW.
Taking to Twitter, the first ever
WWE Undisputed Champion
told the developmental brand
brand “You’re Welcome” as it
seems Jericho is taking credit
for getting AEW off the ground
and for NXT moving to the
USA Network as retaliation.
Whilst it’s obvious that Jericho’s
star power definitely helped AEW,
the company’s success so far has
come from several factors, but
that hasn’t stopped the
cocky former World Champion
from seeing it as solely his
Though Jericho never appeared
in the NXT brand, Y2J did appear
in the first season of the original
version of the show, working as
the mentor of Wade Barrett,
who won the reality show to get
a contract with WWE.
Though many fans praised Jericho
for his tweet, one person who
didn’t take too kindly to it was
William Regal, who has served as
the yellow brand’s General
Manager for several years.
In true British style, Regal was
passive aggressive in his
response, claiming that Jericho
was right for taking credit for
NXT’s success, despite it being
the British Brawler
who had worked tirelessly
on the brand.
Though it doesn’t look like Jericho
and Regal will battle in the ring
anytime soon, it’s clear that a new
Wednesday Night Was has just
begun between AEW on TNT,
and NXT on the USA Network.
From two legends of the industry
to another now, as former WWE
Diva Tammy Sytch could have
some good news coming, after
having trouble with the law.
Sytch, who fans will best remember
as Sunny, has had brushes with
the legal system multiple times
over the years, has been
incarcerated since March, but
according to the PW Insider,
parole hearing tomorrow in
Carbon County, Pennsylvania,
and this hearing had previously
been pushed back.
In February this year, Sytch had
her parole revoked after she
missed a drugs test,
and also failed to report her
whereabouts to authorities.
She was also supposed to make
restitution payments of $120 each
for October and November 2018,
but failed to make such
payments after that.
Obviously, Sunny wants to get out
of prison after five months locked
up, and hopefully tomorrow
will be good news for the former
WWE Diva, as well as being the
first step
on a fresh start for the former
Back to SmackDown Live now,
and the King of the Ring
continued on this week’s show
with two huge first round
During the show, Andrade got a
decisive victory over Apollo Crews,
whilst the main event of the
show saw Elias beat Kevin Owens
after Shane McMahon made a
fast three-count.
Looking ahead in the tournament,
Andrade will face the winner of
Shelton Benjamin vs. Chad Gable
when the two former tag partners
face off, whilst Elias will battle
either Ali or Buddy Murphy.
On RAW, Ricochet and Drew
McIntyre will face off to qualify
to the quarter finals
and so will The Miz and
Baron Corbin.
The finals will take place at
Clash of Champions, as it
seems the king
whoever it’ll be, has a long
journey to their throne.
Speaking of the tournament,
current SmackDown Women’s
Champion spoke about
the King of the Ring on KSFY’s
Morning show, and had plenty
to say.
During the show, Bayley spoke
about how disappointed she was
when the company got rid of the
tournament years ago, saying:
“It was like, ‘Dang. That was one
of the coolest shows.’ There’s so
much pressure on all the guys.
There’s so much history to it.
The fact that they brought
it back
is a dream come true for a
lot of those guys.”
The Huggable one also said
how she’d love to see a
Queen of the Ring tournament
happen in the near future.
With WWE’s Women’s division
being arguably the most
talented it’s ever been,
a Queen of the Ring tournament
could be interesting to see,
and though Charlotte Flair
already calls herself the queen,
who’s to say the show isn’t big
enough for more than one
Back to NXT now, as though the
news of the developmental brand
moving to the USA Network is
huge news, there have already
been hiccups with the
Not long after the news broke,
SmackDown Live’s Andrade sent
out a tweet about what was said,
though it seems the message
wasn’t meant to be posted.
The tweet read ““Hey, as a former
NXT Champion can you comment
on this? NXT is goin live on USA
Network on Wednesday’s” and
it’s likely this message was
sent to
multiple Superstars on orders
of the company.
Though Andrade was quick to
take the tweet down, it wasn’t
quick enough, as fans were
able to catch the awkward
tweet before it got deleted.
Whilst NXT moving to the USA
Network is great news for fans,
people should remember
that this will put them against AEW,
as the two shows will air at the same
time on Wednesday Nights.
This week on Twitter, AEW’s
founder Cody Rhodes sent out
an ominous tweet for life,
which got a response by none
other than CM Punk.
After Rhodes told his near 1 million
followers to cut sh**ty people out
of their lives, the former
WWE Champion replied with a gif
of Rhodes himself, leading fans
to once again speculate on the
Second city saviour joining the
new promotion.
This isn’t the first time fans have
claimed Punk was joining AEW,
and probably won’t be the last,as
whether the former World Champion
ever enters a wrestling ring again
remains to be seen.
Though CM Punk may never return
to WWE, one Superstar who is more
likely to come back is Ronda
Rousey, though the former RAW
Women’s Champion nearly
suffered a huge injury this week.
Whilst filming for her appearance
on Fox’s 9 1 1, the Baddest Woman
on the Planet nearly several
her finger when slaming a door,
and though this required a trip
to ER, Rousey remained in good
spirits about what happened.
In a post on Instagram, Rousey
said how due to her work as a
WWE Superstar and UFC
fighter, she has gotten used to
not showing pain, though
admitted that modern medicine
that modern medicine amazed
her after being treated.
Hopefully the show will be able to
work around her injured digits, as
the Hot Rod continues to keep a
busy schedule after taking a
hiatus from the WWE
following her WrestleMania 35
loss to Becky Lynch.
Though Rousey won’t be competing
for any titles anytime soon, one
Superstar who will be is
Charlotte Flair, as the Queen
is hoping to win her
10th Women’s Championship at
Clash of Champions.
During A moment of Bliss on this
week’s SmackDown Live, Flair
said how she was more deserving
of the blue brand’s women’s title
than Bayley, saying the Hugger
worthy of representing the
company on the red carpet
and at other functions.
This unsurprisingly caused Bayley
to appear, who accepted a title
match challenge by Flair for the
Pay Per View, as these two old
adversaries are set to battle
once again, this time for the
top prize in SmackDown’s
Women’s Division.
And we’re ending with some news
from Randy Orton today, as the
Viper took his feud with Kofi
Kingston to the next level
on this week’s RAW.
During the show, Orton aligned
himself with the Revival to assault
the New Day, forcing the WWE
Champion to watch as the team
of Dash and Dawson hospitalised
Xavier Woods.
According to Fightful select, the
new team known as FTRKO was
well received backstage, saying:
“There were a lot of people happy
through the curtain about the
Randy Orton, New Day, Revival
angle on WWE Raw.”
This isn’t the first time Orton has
been in a stable, as Evolution, the
Authority and Legacy all featured
the Viper, and this new team could
be exactly what the feud between
Kofi and Orton needs.
Orton is now showing a new
viciousness fans haven’t seen in
years, and with the Revival
by his side, can anyone
stop the Viper?
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
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  1. Well… I guess Ronda's return is delayed for another few months. Thank God she didn't lose her finger though.

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  4. Orton is as charismatic as a cup of pudding!I still can’t believe Orton was named the face of the authority in summer of 13, over punk,just ANOTHER poor decision from McMahon,the clueless out of touch old man

  5. My brother posited this: what is shinsky Nakamura not good at? Speaking English.
    What is Sami Zayn good at? Talking English.

    It's perfect.

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