‘You have failed!’ BBC’s Kuenssberg locks horns with Boris Johnson over Brexit deadline – News 247

 Boris Johnson attempted to explain why the Uk failed to leave the EU on the October 31 deadline, during an interview with BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg
The BBC political editor criticised the Prime Minister for “breaking his promise” and questioned why “anyone would believe” him now
The Tory leader defended himself by claiming Parliament was an obstacle. He told the BBC: “If we can get the deal over the line with this election in the middle of January then we’ll have it done
” Ms Kuenssberg asked: “Why would anyone believe you on that when you have broken your promise already when we should have been out of the EU yesterday? “You’ve failed on that
” The Prime Minister apologised and assured that he “bitterly” regretted missing the deadline
  He said: “I bitterly regret that we haven’t come out. “But, on the other hand, people said that we wouldn’t be able to get a new deal at all
” Ms Kuenssberg referred back to when Mr Johnson first became the Prime Minister: “In your first speech in Downing Street, you stood outside there and said ‘the buck stops here’
 “Now this has gone wrong, you took your deal away from Parliament like taking your bat and ball away from home and now you’re blaming them
”  The Prime Minister said: “With great respect Laura, I don’t think that Parliament were going to work with me
 “I think that MPs were never going to deliver that deal on that timetable.” “Not just by October 31, it was clear from what they did they wouldn’t have done it by Christmas
 They wouldn’t have done it by January 31.”   Trending  In a separate interview with Robert Peston, Mr Johnson also hinted towards why he will not back Nigel Farage’s electoral pact, indicating he disagreed with the Brexit Party Leader’s clean Brexit stance
 He told ITV News: “What we’ve got is a fantastic deal that nobody thought we could get it delivers everything that people wanted from the Brexit referendum so taking back control of our money, borders, laws plus the whole of the UK coming out able to do proper free trade deals
 “And, the better thing that after 3.5 years it’s a deal that parliament has actually said it’s a good deal though they then refused I’m afraid to implement it so that deal is, as it were, is ready to go, it’s there, it’s oven ready as soon as we get back in the middle December, we can put that deal through
 “And the problem with voting for any other party is that the risk is you get Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and I’m afraid that their programme is totally mystified
 “They want to have another negotiation lasting months and months and months then depending on the result of that negotiation they want to have another referendum which Mr Corbyn may decide to campaign against his own deal

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